Craig Silverman Show, Robert Blaha, February 6, 2016

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Date:      February 6, 2016

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HOST CRAIG SILVERMAN:  Let’s find out about Robert Blaha.  I’m going to hit you with a lot of quick issues and I’d like quick responses, if it’s possible.  Immigration:  what’s the Blaha plan?

BUSINESS MAN, FORMER CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE, AND CURRENT CANDIDATE FOR THE U.S. SENATE, ROBERT BLAHA:   Uh, close the borders.  Immigration is a great thing.   We’re a country of immigrants, but you cannot allow people from terrorist and rogue nations to emigrate to this country. The issue really is one of vetting. If we can’t vet people, Craig, and know who they are, know their backgrounds, and feel comfortatble [that] they’re coming to our country, we can allow it. Period.

SILVERMAN:  What is your tax plan, Robert Blaha?

BLAHA: Well, first and foremost, get rid of the IRS.  The IRS is a dysfunctional organization. It doesn’t work. It needs to be, at the very minimum, greatly downsized.  We need to get tax rates that are consistent, that will make us competitive in a global environment.  And it’s not 35% for any type of corporations.  We’ve got to get down in the 20s, and we have to have a much more competitive tax rate for all the rest of us and for the working folks around the country that are supporting this country.

SILVERMAN:  Any estate tax — the so-called ‘death tax’?

BLAHA: It’s got to be eliminated.  What the death tax does is it dis-incentivized people from having family businesses.  People can take generations – I’ve talked to people around this state, Craig, that have for decades – in some cases, a hundred-plus years—had family businesses, ranches, et cetera. The death tax  is a bad thing, it needs to be eliminated.

SILVERMAN:  Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

BLAHA: Pro-life.

SILVERMAN:  Any exceptions?

BLAHA: Uh, when you say ‘exceptions’, you mean, exceptions for–.

SILVERMAN:  Life of the mother? Incest?  Rape?

BLAHA: I will allow –.  Yeah, I will allow for an exception for the life of the mother.   But, you know, there is two sides to that issue.

SILVERMAN:  What about incest and rape?

BLAHA: Well, I only have the one exception, and that’s for the life of the mother.   But let me make a comment about that, real quick.  It is – I think a lot of us would say it’s a 10th Amendment issue.  Roe vs. Wade was a bad decision. We need to allow the states to vote and to get back in to the discussion on that.  It’s an issue that people should be able to debate  there and get back in that the discussion on that it’s an issue that people should be able to debate. They should be able to discuss.  It should have never been decided at a federal level and we need to get it back to the states. And I would support any and every effort to get it back to the states and let the state in the people in the states decide that issue.

SILVERMAN:  What about Colorado and marijuana?  How do you stand on that?

BLAHA: Well that’s a that’s a tough one, Craig, and I’ll tell you why:  because the people in Colorado have stood up and I feel a little bit different.  I have no problem with medical marijuana. I think the jury is still way out on what’s going to happen with recreational marijuana.  I’ve read studies on both sides of it.  But I don’t think, Craig, — maybe you’ve got some information you can share with everybody.  I have not seen any conclusive studies that say, you know, what actually is happening with the legalization.  But just as a general theory, as a general theory, I don’t think it makes sense to inebriate a higher percentage of society. I don’t think that’s probably the best idea.

SILVERMAN:  Right, but isn’t it a 10th Amendment issue?

BLAHA: It is!

SILVERMAN:  Shouldn’t Colorado have a right to do the same?

BLAHA: Yep, exactly!  It’s a 10th Amendment issue, and that’s why I said what I said to start with:  the people have stated what they felt about it.

SILVERMAN:  What about Islam?  How do you feel about the religion of Islam?

BLAHA: Well, I’m a– I’m a strong supporter –I’m a Christian, and have been, you know, the majority of my life.  I’m a strong supporter of religious rights, but I do think that, at the end of the day, this is a country — the United States — that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and that is what draws drives our system. It’s what the foundation of our legal system was, and so if people are from other faiths and they’re willing to come and live here and integrate into our society and respect our laws, I’m fine.


SILVERMAN:  How do you stand on guns?

BLAHA: Well, I’m a strong 2nd Amendment advocate.  I believe that it’s a foundational principle of our country and I’ve spoken out pretty broadly about that for a lot of years.