Dan Caplis Show, Bob Beauprez, September 26, 2014

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Show:      Dan Caplis Show

Guests:    Beauprez

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Date:       September 26, 2014

Topics:     Michael Huttner, Negative Campaign Ads, 527s, Independent Expenditure Committee, Democratic Governors’ Association,  Bank Fraud, FDIC, Regulators, Full Disclosure, Bank Manager, Colorado University (CU) Colorado State University (CSU) Football Game, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Making Colorado Great

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[The following represents notes and transcribed portions from this interview.  All portions, except where identified as transcribed sections, are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]


  • Appearing at Heritage high school 4-5:30
    • Bob beauprez
    • Mitt Romeny
    • Mike Coffman
    • Cory Gardner
    • Cynthia Coffman
    • Don Ytterberg
    • Jill Repella
    • Parking lot opens at 2:30
    • Doors open at 3:00
    • Program starts at 4:00
    • That could be a lot of fun


  • [laughs]
  • It could be a lot of fun
  • Easy logistics
    • One significant change
    • It’s Monday afternoon!!!


  • Glad you corrected me on that
  • [Caplis’ son] Joey was so impressed with Romney and into the whole thing, the last time you appeared together at a Ford dealership….I’m glad you guys are teaming up again


  • Fun to draw on the energy of a crowd
  • Looks like we’ll have a great crowd for this
  • People are energized about this election
    • Opportunity we’ve got to bring back common sense to Colorado
    • We’re excited as well

[The following section is transcribed from XXXXXXX interview.]

CAPLIS:    Yeah, it was interesting — I was mentioning to folks, if they had missed it, the big Washington Post piece this week. There have been a number of national pieces now, you know, talking about the strength of your campaign and the real chance that John Hickenlooper will be defeated in Colorado.  And, as you predicted, I think we all saw it coming, the — despite Hickenlooper’s promise to run a clean race, and everything else, you’ve now — you now have all these negative ads being run — you know, ostensibly by other groups, but give me a break!  You don’t see John Hickenlooper stepping up and saying, “No! Don’t run these!  I condemn these!”  You know, it’s just more of his phoniness. But, are these taking a toll?  Or at this point, do you think the people of Colorado know the real you?

BEAUPREZ:  Well, at least from what we can measure so far, they’re seeing them for what they are, you know:  completely over the top.  Dan, you’re a lawyer, you understand this.  The most recent one accuses me of bank fraud.  That’s a very, very serious violoation.  If there were a shred of truth to it, there would be an FDIC investigation.  Somebody would have probably prosecuted and put me behind bars, if there was any truth to it, whatsoever.  Of course, there is none.  That doesn’t matter to Michael Huffner who put the ad together, and the Democratic Governors’ Association, who’s paying for it. You know, it’s just implications, but I think people are seeing it as just grossly over the top, and really a pretty sad indictment on the desperation of John Hickenlooper.

CAPLIS:  Truly! And I’m really hoping here, Bob, that there’s a major backfire factor, since Hickenlooper — and again, this is me speaking, but I think he’s been a phony from day one about who he really is, et cetera.  But, but, but Hickenlooper, who carves out this image of being above it all and taking the shower to wash away the filth of negative ads, I think there is real potential for a backlash, now that that campaign has gone negative.  And they may want to get up and say, “Oh, it’s 527s, not us!”   But I think most folks will get it, and hopefully Hickenlooper will be blamed for that.

BEAUPREZ:  Well, I hope so, too.  I mean, the stuff that they’re –that they’re implying, directly accusing me of in the ad is just totally false.  [It] couldn’t happen, frankly, in a bank sale that is so scrutinized by regulators, multiple exams, total disclosure.  I mean, it’s absolutely ludicrous, the claims that — and I wasn’t even in the bank! I was in a management role in the bank, and still they say this.  Yeah, anywhere else in the real world, somebody would be answering to the lies that they perpetrated. This is the crazy world of politics

CAPLIS:  No, and it’s remarkable, more broadly, in that the left — the Democratic Party– you know, at this point, it’s like the truth means nothing to them.  You know, no matter what issue they’re talking about, whether they’re trying to slime you or slime Cory, it really is like the truth means nothing.


CAPLIS:  Or Mike!  Yeah, good point.  I saw a couple of those the other night.

BEAUPREZ:  Yeah, They’re going after Mike, as well.

CAPLIS:  Yeah, which is kind of a compliment to Mike.

BEAUPREZ:  Yeah, you know, you mentioned the wisdom of voters, Dan, and I — this is what we’re bumping into.  We went to dinner late last night after a couple of events we had, and we stopped by a restaurant and three people came up to us and saw us and said, “You’ve got my vote!  I sure wish you well, and it’s terrible, the things they’re trying to say about all of you guys.” But it was clear they were reading through it.

CAPLIS:  Yeah.

BEAUPREZ:  And, you know, desperation is just that. Think about a football team on the field and they’re throwing Hail Marys in the middle of the fourth quarter.

CAPLIS:  Right.

BEAUPREZ:  They know they’re in big trouble.  That’s what these are like. It’s, you know — it’s throwing Hail Marys and people are recognizing that’s what the team that is behind is doing.

CAPLIS:  No, that is a great point.  Our next governor, Bob Beauprez, [is] our guest.  Again, if you want to hang out with Bob […]  [announcing the event at Heritage High School on Monday]  Bob, it seems– I would guess — just tell me if I’m wrong on this, but I would guess that you are not getting booed anywhere that you go, or am I wrong on that?

BEAUPREZ:  [laughs]  Well, I did actually, in one parade — uh, in one parade, I had a guy turn his thumb down as I walked by.

CAPLIS:  Oh, it’s — some guy is drunk, give me a break!

BEAUPREZ:  [laughs] No, I haven’t heard a ‘boo’.

CAPLIS:  No, I’m talking about — I’m guessing, I’m guessing you haven’t gone anywhere where you’ve been booed so loudly you couldn’t finish your remarks.  Am I right?

BEAUPREZ:  Uh, that’s correct.

CAPLIS:  Okay, so now, what we’re talking about is a sitting governor who was booed off the stage at Mile High before the CU-CSU game — couldn’t even finish his remarks.  So, what that suggests to me, that the major drivers in this campaign, right now, you know, have deep roots with the people of Colorado.  They’re seeing this guy Hickenlooper for who he really is and, you know, he can tell all the lies through his leftist buddies he wants about you in these TV spots, but I don’t think that’s going to change the arc of this thing.  I think people now get it, and that’s — you know, it’s unscientific, but how often does a major political figure in Colorado get booed off the stage at a football game?

BEAUPREZ:  Yeah, not often.  And you know, typically, we have great respect for our governors, for all of out elected officials, especially in that kind of a venue. Uh, and, you know — it was quite telling.

CAPLIS:  Very.

BEAUPREZ:  And I wasn’t there.  I wasn’t able to be there.  But I understand it wasn’t subtle.

CAPLIS:  No! [laughs]

BEAUPREZ:  It was quite direct

CAPLIS:  And I think what’s going on in Colorado right now is quite direct and it’s not subtle at all.    People have figured Hickenlooper out and I think people — you know, you have been involved so long in Colorado in so many different capacities, I think that people have a well deserved comfort level with you, and trust level with you and all of these lies, I don’t think are going to be able to undermine that.  […] [announcing the event at Heritage High School on Monday]  Look forward to it, Bob.

BEAUPREZ:  [it’s] going to be a fun day!  Thanks, Dan!  Thanks very much to your listenters, and [I] look forward to seeing a big crowd there

CAPLIS:  Thank you, and I assume the website  — is it bobbeauprez.com?  dot-org?  How can folks help?

BEAUPREZ:  Dot-com.  BobBeauprez.com  [spells out the URL].

CAPLIS:  All right.  Keep knocking them dead

BEAUPREZ:  Thanks, Dan.  Take care!