Dan Caplis Show, Erin Behrens, May 22, 2019

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Date:       May 22, 2019

Topics:     Roe vs. Wade, Right to Privacy, United States Supreme Court, Pro-life, Presidential Race, Georgia D.A., Ballot Initiative, Late Term Abortion, Millenial, Abortion, Warren Hern, Boulder Abortion Clinic, Cory Gardner

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AUDIO CLIP OF UNIDENTIFIED GEORGIA D.A. [00:00:12] “And right now, the Supreme Court under Roe vs. Wade has decided that we have a fundamental right to privacy. And so as a district attorney I believe it’s my obligation to make sure that I do not enforce a law in Georgia that I believe is unconstitutional under the United States Supreme Court.”

HOST DAN CAPLIS [00:00:32] Wow. It is amazing, this whole tipping point phenomenon in America. But as a guy who’s been talking about pro-life on air for 25 years now and my Mom, and Joe’s grandmother– Joe [Caplis, Dan’s son]  is in studio with me today, back from college — who was literally a founder of the pro-life movement to now see this moment come in America where it has risen to the very top of the political conversation because the pro-life side is winning — the pro-life side is winning, the pro death side is losing, and they’re freaking out. And so now it’s the centerpiece of this presidential race. And you and you get comments like that one from the Georgia D.A. basically saying, “Hey!” you know, “‘Blank’ the law! I’m not going to enforce that law.” This is a moment in America. You know, we are on the verge of winning and we’ve got to find the right way across the finish line. Glad you are here. [The studio phone] lines [are] on fire. Everybody on the line, we will get you on air. And then I want to keep throwing out, there’s so much creativity and wisdom in our audience as we decide what our first pro-life billboard is going to look like, to meet the pro-abortion billboard that’s just gone up.  And then we hope our campaign explodes into the entire state being covered with these positive, effective billboards. So we’re getting a lot of great suggestions from the audience. I will continue to pass those along. In the meantime, let me pop over to the VIP line and welcome Erin Behrens.  Erin is sponsor of a ballot initiative to ban late term abortion in Colorado. Erin, welcome to the Dan Caplis Show.


CAPLIS [00:02:03] Sure! Tell folks a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing here.

BEHRENS [00:02:08] Thanks! Well, I’m a mom. I’m a millennial. I’m a bit of a political activist. And over the past couple of years it has been very concerning to me — I am learning about Colorado’s laws — and lack thereof — around abortion.  And so I have been working to create awareness that Colorado is one of the worst states in the entire country — it’s one of the worst places in the entire world — for late term abortion.

CAPLIS [00:02:48] Yeah, tell people about that what the state of the law is in Colorado right now.

BEHRENS [00:02:53] Well, the problem is that there is no law. There is no law in Colorado about when you can get an abortion.

CAPLIS [00:03:00] So, no limit. The state of the law is no limits.

BEHRENS [00:03:01] No limits. So that means that we are one of only seven states that has no law. And our law is — or lack of law — our situation is less restrictive than New York or California or Massachusetts or pretty much any other place in the world.

CAPLIS [00:03:21] Yeah, and that’s why you have a Warren Hern operating out of Boulder?

BEHRENS [00:03:25] Yes.

CAPLIS [00:03:26] Yeah. Yeah. And so tell folks what you are going to do about this, with their help.

BEHRENS [00:03:31] Well, with their help, we are going to put an initiative on the 2020 ballot to finally restrict late term abortion in our state. We are going to put a very reasonable limit of 22 weeks — which is about five months into pregnancy — [after which time abortion services would be limited or banned completely].  And we think that this reasonable limit will pass overwhelmingly in Colorado. And we will finally be brought into the 21st century. We will finally be among all the other states that have reasonable limits. And we will finally not be the late term abortion capital of the United States.

CAPLIS [00:04:12] Yeah, and [it is] very worthy goal, and I want you to succeed. Question:  obviously, you know [that] these campaigns — just getting on the ballot — is so expensive, are you going to have those resources?

BEHRENS [00:04:23] Absolutely. We are definitely going to have those resources. I think everyone listening can agree that this is a worthy cause. This is a cause worth fighting for and donating to. We have over 8,000 late term abortions in the United States every year. And that is the number from the CDC.

CAPLIS [00:04:47] Mm-hmm. So, it’s higher than that, probably.

BEHRENS [00:04:47] It is higher than that, because that’s not every state.

CAPLIS [00:04:47] Because California doesn’t — I don’t think California reports to the CDC, do they?

BEHRENS [00:04:54]  No, they don’t.

CAPLIS [00:04:56] Yeah. So it’s going to be much higher than that.

BEHRENS [00:04:59] Yes.

CAPLIS [00:04:59] And, uh, so now what do you say, Erin — and listen, I wholeheartedly support you. I want to save every life we can on the road to saving all of them. But what do you say to the really good people who say, “Wait a second! I’m going to hesitate to support that because that’s like saying abortions before 22 weeks are okay.”  What do you say to those folks?

BEHRENS [00:05:21] I tell them that this is only the beginning of the conversation. I think we can all agree — 99.9% of us here in Colorado can agree — that five months in is an extremely reasonable limit. Let’s get that passed. Let’s get that on the books. Let’s put the Boulder Abortion Clinic out of business, and prevent those lives from being taken every year. And then let’s come back and talk more about it in 2022 and 2024. Let’s keep talking about it.

CAPLIS [00:05:56] Well, and let’s elect pro-life people like Cory Gardner and Donald Trump and ’20, and everywhere else we can. Erin, do you guys have a website yet? How can folks get a hold of you?

BEHRENS [00:06:08] We don’t have a website yet. It’s pretty early on in the process.

CAPLIS [00:06:11] Sure.

BEHRENS [00:06:11] But if they want to help or connect, please send me an email at ‘duedatetoolate@gmail-dot-com.’ It’s D-U-E, date, T-O-O, late, at gmail-dot-com.

CAPLIS [00:06:25] Okay, one more time; it’s it’s very creative but maybe hard to process driving down I-25, or parked on I-25. What is that one more time?

BEHRENS [00:06:32] It’s due date — D-U-E, too late — T-O-O, L-A-T-E.

CAPLIS [00:06:39] Well, we just got a text that says, “Dan, she has $100 from me. Tell me where to send it.” So, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of support out there. Oh! You may have an answer to that already.

BEHRENS [00:06:50] Yes. Just send me an email.

CAPLIS [00:06:52] And you’ll take their money.

BEHRENS [00:06:53] [unintelligible] the process.

CAPLIS [00:06:54] Okay.  Well, Erin, thank you, and you’re welcome here anytime.

BEHRENS [00:06:54] Thank you.