Dan Caplis Show, George Brauchler, June 29, 2017

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Guests:    Brauchler

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Date:        June 12, 2017

Topics:     Colorado Governor Race, Colorado Congressional District 2, Amendment 64, Death Penalty, Capital Punishment, Craig Silverman,

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[…] But I’m going to go to the hotline now, and somebody who is been on that show with myself and my brother is D.A., George Brauchler, who’s running for Governor hey George how you doing today I’m living the dream or have me on, congratulations forget to fill in for Dan. This is a great spot thank you very much I appreciate it and I think it’s just that they were scraping the bottom of the barrel and I said hey we can Casey jump in there. So I do not believe you will write on will hey, George is always I appreciate your time and I forget some of the serious stuff. If people don’t know, George is a big baseball fan and not only does he love the Colorado Rockies. He that’s is nationally team for their kind of in a tailspin right now buddy who wrote these and anything about Rocky Sandler get we warrant in such a hypercompetitive division we still be doing well right we be rocking some other division you can’t be going against the red-hot Dodgers and Ace resurgent diamondback team and dropping around good gravy right before the break that then you say San Francisco and their team that you have to beat so that something much but you being a district attorney and I’m sure you have many battles with judges, but I imagine you you kind of big on a judge out of New York right now quite a display recently. I mean, yeah, yeah, that was a great win yesterday to score. It bothers me to see Boston hanging around the way they do really like to see them take an eight-game skid just like our rocks did yes let the men the pressures on had been to the All-Star game. I see this. What makes baseball so great and it’s a marathon not a sprint. Forget that right like a campaign safely exactly will George, thank you so much for coming on and if you find out more about George and his campaign anything going on there and check them out at George, 2018.com that’s George, 2018.com and you can all get all your information there and if you want to donate to George as well as on their also George before getting some of the topics I’ve about what you have your campaigns going and what you been doing, but it’s great. This is a ridiculously large state when you look at it on a map time to time driving it amounts to go skiing. Maybe take Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts your family down to the sand dunes your mark on how big it is, but you really don’t know how big it isn’t until you try to drive around this whole thing to get to know people. The different parts of the state issues they have. It’s a giant state the largest state in the United States. It feels like the fifth largest state in the state, but feedbacks been tremendous mean that you get you get a little bogged down and tired all the driving. But don’t you get to a place where people good people good Coloradans who just want a better tomorrow. I want to see the most they can either stay for themselves, their kids and then they give you the response that they give you when you going talk with them if you like and I can do this and I’m not the rich guy. I’m not the guy who spent a career in politics. I don’t have DC connections are statewide network I’m not I don’t come from the dynastic political family, but you come away from those groups a little bit of time neighborhood to neighborhood community community start to think, do this, to get this done is quite a challenge. And with so, quite a ways away and it’s one of those things that you are out there pounding the pavement and but but also your your still working full time I mean is that the juggle between that the campaign and doing your job as DA right now in between 18 million emails and trying to coordinate stuff between HR issues to understand topic cases we have like right now we have a large case going on in Colorado Springs were the special prosecution where our office is prosecuting the former Sheriff we got some other officer involved things we take care of it’s refreshing cannot has to campaign all day every day. That would be a soul sucking experience. But at the same time buddy. My hair is turning white quickly not during that Aurora theater trial the bloggers that would fall this thing every day and every great group started referring to me as AC on the blade a couple years going on like two years ago. Right now I’m in trial and months we did no AC meant until somebody put out there on the blog. That meant Anderson Cooper what an insult to Anderson but now my hair is starting to catch up like white it’s ridiculous to stress the pressure there’s a ton of yeah, absolutely. And that is Lucy’s IOC and you one of the few people I get up so early with the people so you know I try to be here, but I guys inherit unrelenting the undead I’m cutting. Honestly know the guy never doesn’t tell you right now and one of the things that I can keep up with them is just saying on the topics, but the other person that usually up around that time. Rolling is Mr. George Brauchler because I start seeing some tweets rolling in my Goldman. George is already going man. I mean, on average, how me hours of sleep you get is it like 3 to 4 and that way I can’t blame it on just the campaign are the job there’s little things that take place in overtime chisel away your sleep if I could give anybody listening advice don’t ever put yourself in a position to not get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and make it happen. Once you do like, I slept better in a rack than I now, and some of that is a product of the trial, you know there’s a lot about the trial that plagued me when we went through and I mean, there were the youngest victim in that theater was a sexual girl that that that that Pastor Chuck four times with a rifle and at the same time I got a sexual of homes: in the bed with me. You know the kids want to do and just it was tough to get my mind settled and then just as I think I’m coming out of it. Some idiot makes the decision to run for governor in the state of Colorado and now I’m laying in bed you nicely for two up for a couple down for to reading the paper doing a little between the kind of stuff people look at me I’m 32… Not my 40s is what Billy will now on will

Well, and we’re talking here with DA George Brauchler, who is running for Governor, here in Colorado. And George, one of the things I want to shift to, here, is healthcare. [Healthcare] is on everybody’s mind. The last couple days on the Dan Caplis Show, we have been blowing up with phone calls about it. I’m of the adage, here — with the GOP and the way they’re handling this — that I fully believe that they have to get it right, because if they don’t it’s going to be an absolute catastrophe for them, and moving forward, will just be more problems. And I don’t think that they need — I think they’re rushing this. I don’t think they need to rush this. I think they need to get it right, not just pass anything through. And it’s one of those things where I think the GOP is on notice if they don’t. I mean, am I wrong in thinking that?

Uh, I think there’s a real battle here going on out in DC between those who want to get it as close to perfect as possible and those who feel like, ‘Look, we have got to do something. If we don’t live up to this promise –and the longer we delay, we feel like that’s in jeopardy — the more we’re going to call into question our ability to lead, given the fact that we have our hands on all the levers of government, and what is that going to look like as we head into 2018.”  Their ability to strike and get things done is narrow. It’s not all the way through November of 2018. I mean, by the time we hit the fourth quarter here of 2017, campaigns are going to be in full mode. You already see people jumping in on the Democrat side [for] every seat in Colorado, and they’re going to start to ramp up the rhetoric. You can see people coming after Gardner. He’s not even up for reelection till 2020! But they want him, Coffman, the two open seats now — because there two other Congressmen who are jumping in to the Governor’s race. Both of those have multiple Democrat candidates vying for them. And this will be the sine qua non issue they use to try to tie everyone to Trump and try to blow up Republicans across the state. And that is the failure of healthcare — either to get it done, or to do it wrong. So it’s a little bit of a precarious position. I’d like to see the Republicans move forward, hopefully with Democrat help. And I’d like to see them not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and get something done here. Now, that CBO scoring thing is a little ridiculous If you’ve done any research on it, you can see that that 22 million people that won’t have insurance anymore, it’s not the same thing as kicking 22 million disabled and poor people off the rolls. That’s not what happening. So, I’d encourage people to go look at that yet.

Yeah, Ted just a little misleading in those numbers, as well.  So nicely tweeting about this morning and I get your take on is that you are tweeting about how wages have dropped in Colorado yet housing prices are moving up here, as well. I mean any and all counties they were downing Douglas County it’s down 6.8%. Jefferson is down .9 Adams 1.3 Arapahoe 1.8 so you know all over the the state — Colorado statewide — it it’s down an average for the state it’s down 1.5% and with which is a week weekly wage of 1,086 one of these. He sees you. You a lot of people are working but the prices are going up, but yet nobody’s moving houses and rents just getting more expensive how something in Colorado that we handle moving forward with that

great question, one that we have to address quickly on think we can we can wait for a new election for whoever’s going to be Gov. me, but I think we need to address this quickly. And here’s why you got a bunch of policies work there. That in and of themselves are pitched as compassionate we care about people were were standing up for people’s rights and they take this, form well want to have mandated minimum wage increase want to have mandated provision of medical coverage for employers who achieve a certain number of employees we want to make sure that homeowners are able to liberally sue homebuilders for the defects that they call that Mike you know: the question the value their homes or even their own safety. We start to accumulate policies like that. What we see is exactly that we have a low unemployment maybe the lowest for any metro area in the United States. 2.3, but a bit of a lie because we also have a huge nonparticipation rate and that’s taking place across across the country to like him of the exact number but it’s like 10% or more of able-bodied working age males not actively engaged in seeking employment there’s a problem with that. We got a housing industry that is desirous of wanting to build homes, but two things are working against someone’s construction defect nonsense which the legislature barely scratch the surface on and to they don’t have the skilled labor available to them in the state of Colorado to build the homes that they want to build that’s not me talking them talking since about 10 years ago when we shifted education policy away from career and college ready to just college ready we’ve lost the ability to create a generation of glaciers, Masons, pipefitters, electricians, plumbers, all of those things that you need to build stuff. We don’t have enough supply of that skilled labor here’s with the construction industry can do much to the chagrin of those who drive our roads import more more people from outside Colorado to come in here and do the jobs our kids should be doing at cars to the roads more congestion we do nothing to address transportation and pretty soon the Dogs living together. Something moving forward that you know, I mean I’m I’m a younger matter 140 so I still consider exactly I and it slows things were housing here and in this state. I mean, my wife and I about a year ago something to talk about looking somewhere but it got to the point we like look why my moving anywhere when I’m just know that it’s just in a balloon up Moran and some point it will pay a price for that and moving forward and and and about about trade workers and I work for them water for 10 years I worked on large Waterman cruise and some of the best work I ever did my entire life. Now I’m good we’ll I’d be lying to you. Tell you five this is the weather in the snow up there. I don’t miss that one bit all say that much, but you I mean it goes you talk about we need more workers like that we haven’t pushed young kids to that anymore. We we talk about all these other jobs but were losing trade jobs right and left and it is something that drives this country and work weren’t big, big trouble if we don’t address it. Like you said, not just for the economy and the housing market, but don’t we have an obligation to kids to put them in a position not to go to college and a huge chunk of them won’t put them in a position to have meaningful jobs and careers in the middle class and beyond. Me neither $75,000 your $80,000 your jobs waiting out there to be filled instead because we focus all on college you get numbers like this. Denver has a 65% on-time graduation rate for high school that’s offensive ripening what happening the 35%. Aurora it’s 50% what we doing to the other 50% of those kids and the ones that do graduate 57% going to college. What about the other 43% who aren’t in the worst statistic of all is for all those who end up graduating on time to go to college in Colorado, 36% about have to pay money and spend time taking remedial classes to get caught up or they should’ve been when they left our taxpayer-funded high school that’s offensive is one thing that is continually being neglected here in the state and it some something that I hope we look forward to in the future DA George Rockland as were wrapping up here George just moving forward. What can people do to be involved help you out or are and and where you going next. Like people to go to my website and pay attention to me and asked me questions and contribute and volunteer and all that the minor George, 2018.com but honestly I’m also Coloradan and I want to see the best candidate for a while and try to be that that’s can I think people should go out there and consider everyone that’s willing to throw their hat in the ring is not a small deal to sign up for statewide office on finding out out more and more go out there. Get informed ask the hard questions. If someone was in public office. Ask them what did you accomplish while you are in public office, not what you talk about what did you hype what you get done if there’s someone that’s in the community asked what if you done for the community that put you in a position to be together. If there someone that has a voting record why did you vote this way. Just as someone who they voted for for president mean things like that matter, in terms of trying to discern who’s in the best position to represent Colorado. I think the best way moving forward. I think it’s me of course. But I want everyone to consider everyone else. Also, and then vote for me. I like I like since I’m good I’m to press you do what you said, since you are asking questions George and this last present no presidential election. Who did you vote for a vote for a Republican nominee Donald Trump United States level IVC so that’s how works you asked the questions and get answers things that I love about George’s I always know that I’m to get his honest opinion whether I agree with that or not he’s going to tell me what he thinks and I was appreciate his time he George until we have you on again. The always great start you buddy thanks for having regrets on the spot going right on think such that you always and I that is DA George Rockland who is ru