Dan Caplis Show, Ken Buck, October 10, 2016

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Show:     Dan Caplis Show

Guests:  Buck, K.

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Date:      October 10, 2016

Topics:   Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump, Debate, Access Hollywood Tape, Billy Bush, Hillary Clinton, Governor Mike Pence, Nominee, Withdraw from Race, Top of the Ticket, Supporting Trump, Prosecutor, Sex Assault Prosecutions, Misdemeanor, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Lewd, Crude, Inexcusable, Choice, 2017, Good of the Nation, Election, Major Economic Downturn, Geopolitical Disaster, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Alternative, Hillary Clinton Presidency, Justice Scalia, Losing our Democracy, Supreme Court Packed with Liberals, Barack Obama, Divided the Country, Divided the Republican Party, Rich vs. Poor, Male vs. Female, White vs. Black, Taking Over (Personal) Space, Menacing, Bill Clinton, Accusers, 60 Minutes, “I Am No Tammy Wynette”, Stand By Your Man, Cover Up, Enable, Victims, Press Conference, Blame, Purpose, Governor, Ambition, Bad Judgment, Legacy, Sexual Misconduct, Colorado, Nominee, 17 Candidates, Republican Primary, Surprise, Frustrated, Ignored by Government, Play by the Rules, Adams County Democrats, Boulder County Democrats, Pitkin County Democrats, Hard Working, Hunters, Liberal, Reagan Democrats, Bernie Sanders, Insider vs. Outsider, Elitist, Crossover Democrats, Pollsters, Enthusiasm, Medical Issues, Tactic, Keeping Focus Away from Herself, Puebl0, Northern Colorado, Get Out the Vote (GOTV), Media as a Block of Elites,

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CONGRESSMAN FROM COLORADO CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 4 (CD-4), KEN BUCK:  And there’s another important point, Danm that I think is worth noting.   Donald Trump takes questions from the media consistently.


BUCK:  Hillary Clinton avoids the media.  For the mainstream media to not be all over her for avoiding the media and failing to answer questions that the American public cares about is disgraceful.

CAPLIS:  Yeah.

BUCK:  This media is all in for one candidate and they’re not even trying to hide it!  I just — it baffles me how people that have spent their lifetime defending the First Amendment told me how people that bed and I spent a lifetime defending the First Amendment –

CAPLIS:  Mm-hmm.

BUCK:  –and are trying to make sure that we get information out to voters so they can make an intelligent choice have just completely failed in their mission.

CAPLIS:  Yeah, and hopefully that’ll backfire.