Dan Caplis Show, Patrick Neville, May 6, 2019

Station:    KHOW, 630 am

Show:       Dan Caplis Show

Guests:    Neville, Patrick

Link:        https://www.spreaker.com/user/9808592/190506-rep-patrick-neville-r-45-recaps-c

Date:       May 6, 2019

Topics:     Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education, Sex Ed, Concurrence, Charter Schools, Glorification of Abortion, California, Planned Parenthood,

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CAPLIS  [00:00:00] I want to ask you about that as well, when it comes to recalls. But on the sex ed bill you had written a great piece on that during the heat of the battle. I think there’s still a little uncertainty out here as to what changes were made and just how bad the remainder is.

NEVILLE [00:00:16] Well, I think the biggest change was that there is an actual opt-out clause for the charter schools. Beyond that, there weren’t too many great changes made to it. But for me, that’s a big win. So I voted ‘yes’ on a concurrence and ‘no’ on the actual bill.

CAPLIS  [00:00:33] Right.

NEVILLE [00:00:33] But I think it’s important that charter schools should be able to operate however they feel it’s best to operate.  And if they don’t get students coming to their schools, they will not be in existence.

CAPLIS  [00:00:44] And — but we’re still left  — now, I agree that change is really important.  But we’re still left otherwise with a bill that that mandates the glorification of abortion — as I interpret the bill — and all sorts of other bad stuff. But I know you fought as hard and as well against that as possible. But this is obviously a high priority item for the left.

NEVILLE [00:01:05] It was, and I think they’ll be back there for next year to do more. There’s obviously the clause in there in the appropriations. I think it’s for a million dollars. And what we’ve seen in states like California is they actually bring in Planned Parenthood to teach these classes.

CAPLIS [00:01:19] Yeah.  Sick!

NEVILLE [00:01:19] So we probably — you know, that was probably done with that bill. We’ll probably have Planned Parenthood coming in tp teach these classes and make a million dollars off of it.