Dan Caplis Show, Ryan Call, February 7, 2014

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Dan Caplis Show

Guests:    Call, Ryan

Link:        http://dancaplis.podbean.com/?source=pb

Date:       February 7, 2014

Topics:     Campaign Finance Reform, Independent Expense Committee (IEC), former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Limits, Donations, Democratic Majorities, House of Representatives, Colorado Senate, Assemby, Governor John Hickenlooper, Super PAC, 527, Labor Unions, State Wide Races, U.S. Senate, Mark Udall, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, Scott McInnis, Dan Maes, Foreign Entities.

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[The following outline notes are paraphrases taken while listening to the radio interview.  These are not direct quotes, and this document is not a transcript]

HOST DAN CAPLIS:  Why does this matter


  • Common Cause instituted Campaign finance reform
  • Shift in politics
  • Outside groups spending millions
  • Dems are favored –
  • Republican Party needs to be in position to support R candidates
    • We’re restricted
    • Example:  Recalls
      • Bloomberg can write 250K check
      • Labor unions spending millions
      • Republican party needs to be in position to support candidates and push conservative message
      • Separate org,

CAPLIS:  How much will you be raised and how will it be used


  • We’re unique—don’t know
  • We’re optimitistic that we’ll be able to raise $$
  • Money will support the candidates that voters pick
    • Grassroots
    • Will NOT influence primaries

CAPLIS:  Who will control money?


  • Can’t be coordinated with GOP leadership
  • Your job is to support R candidates , win offices, and procure majorities in assembly and Governer’s office

CAPLIS:  Restrictions?


  • No foreign entities
  • Otherwise, all is fair
  • Will fully and transparently report donations
    • Lib groups are under the table

CAPLIS:  Under the table –Libs  running ads against McInnis  and propping up Dan Maes, will this group be ablie to do similar in Dem primary


  • I guess it could, but it won’t be the focus of this group
  • When Libs do this, like Stryker – we need to be able to respond
  • This will balance the playing field
  • Ultimately it’s up to the voters to decide

CAPLIS:  I’m glad you’re doing this – not to say there won’t be debate about who do support and how much – I can see this becoming heated in the future


  • I think for that reason, it’s better that the R party is doing this
  • There’s accountability with Rs and not with outside 527
  • Mobilizing support for Rs

CAPLIS:  How much do you expect to raise?


  • May take a little while for contributors and citizens to feel comfortable
  • I’m optimistic we’ll be able to raise a fair amount

CAPLIS:  Infrastructure?  Successful donors want to join a winning cause, and they need confidence that the Republicans can win.


  • My hope is to bring CO back into conservative column
  • We’re close to majority in state senate
  • Rs have great opportunities for SOS, AG, and governor – state wide seats
  • Confidence has to inspire confidence as well, it’s not just the R party that has to show confidence, capability, competence
  • I’m optimistic about this new approach
  • It’s innovative

CAPLIS:  Can this Super Pac get involved in ballot issues


  • It can but probably will not
  • Issue committees have got that covered
  • This is a fund to specifically support R candidates, in general elections.

CAPLIS:  I’m so glad you’re doing this… I wish money wasn’t such a big deal in politics  — but we have to lve in the real world/..  Dems have been so well funded and successfully strategic – they win elections that they shouldn’t because the Rs are more aligned with voters’ values.


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CAPLIS:  Caroline always dreams about puppies and rainbows.  I wish it were all puppies and rainbows. But this is the real world