Freedom 560, Laura Woods, June 30, 2014

Station:   KLZ, 560 AM

Show:      Freedom 560 with Ken Clark

Guests:    Woods


Date:       June 30, 2014

Topics:     Rachel Zenzinger, Evie Hudak, Common Core, Senator Vicki Marble, Delay Bill, Lang Sias, Green Energy, Construction, HB 1011 – advanced industry economic development funding bill, HB 1017, Affordable Housing, SB 73, Brown Field Contamination Income Tax Credit, HB 1326, Tax Incentives for Alternative Fuel Trucks, Tony Sanchez, Justin Everett, Tim Neville, Susan Kochevar, Grassroots, Mainstream Establishment Republicans, Beauprez, Yard Signs

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[The following represents notes taken during this interview.  All portions, except where identified as transcribed sections, are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]


  • What district


  • Senate District 19


  • You won a well, hard-fought primary battle, now against Rachel Zenzinger –what sets you apart


  • We can’t go there yet.  We have to re-cap what a great candidate luara is.  Republican establishment, Biz community said there’s no way that Laura can win.  They put $400,000 in against Laura, and she won by 10%.  55-45. She was outspent 4 to 1, and still kicked the establishment’s butt.  Nothing against Lang Sias – he’s a great guy.  Best candidate I’ve ever worked with in 20 years of working inside of Colorado politics


  • Thank you very much, Senator Harvey


  • I don’t usually endorse in the primary, but I did endorse your candidacy, and for specific reasons.  You’re a great candidate in light of what you were able to pull off in the primary


  • Thank you both – much too kind
  • Across the districts Rs and Ds are looking around and recognizing that something is wrong.
    • Energy costs going up
    • Healthcare costs are going up
    • Federal government is interfering in localeducation, families and in business
    • Rights are being stripped away—we can’t make decisions about what’s best for ourselves, our children and our families
    • Voters have said, “We’re tired of the status quo”
      • Dems have had their chance to prove their case, their policies
      • They have failed
      • Voters came out in support of a better liberty candidate
        • We worked really hard to get that message out ther

CLARK:  you and tony suffered unfair accusations – over the top.  Yet you both prevailed

HARVEY :  unfair and unfounded.  I spoke to biz community in the legislative session and they said they would oppose Laura, I asked if they knew her platform.  They said they were all about winning the seat.  I always said Laura was an incredible candidate. Neither Ken and I endorse in the primary usually, and we don’t do it lightly.  The only legislative race I endorsed, because I’m confident.  The state of Colorado will be very surprised when Laura wins this race in November.


  • I hope that’s true
  • We’re working hard
  • People are tired of our well-meaning liberal friends saying, “We know better than you.”
  • There’s a distinct difference between myself and Zenzinger
    • She wasn’t elected by the people
    • She was Hudak’s former campaign manager
    • She was appointed by party bosses after Evie was forced to resign after our recall effort
    • There’s a big difference
    • Her votes will be used against her… difference in how we look at legislation

HARVEY:  tell us about the bills that undermined our freedoms


  • Yes
  • We can look right at Vicki Marbles’ Common Core delay bill – Mom’s bill
  • Rachel Zenzinger sits on Education committee and that bill was killed in committee
    • She didn’t speak except during attendance and to vote against it
    • “parents don’t know enough to pick a curricular and education platform for their kids, we need the government telling us what we need and want.”

CLARK: You’re right.  I did sit through most of that hearing.  You had sitting dem senators in tears over the testimony from moms, and yet still killed

HARVEY:  Zenzinger voted to kill it


  • She killed the mom’s bill
  • Voted party lines
  • 67% of Coloradoans are against it
    • Growing angst against Common Core
    • Nationwide
    • Dems and Zenzinger think we’re not smart enough to make these decisions ourselves
    • She worked on 4 bills and voted for them for her friends in renewable energy & construction
      • Promising $21.5M of taxpayer money
      • Picking winners & losers in industry
      • HB 1011 – advanced industry economic development funding bill
      • HB 1017—6.25M– expanding affordable housing
      • SB 73 – 7.5M to the Brownfield contamination income tax credit
      • HB 1326 – 2.7M on tax incentives for alternative fuel trucks
      • Total of 21M to her friends, buying votes for general election

CLARK:  watching some of these bills that they passed, they were working for friends – and Zenzinger has done that very same thing

HARVEY:  they gave her bills that sounded good,– affordable housing, clean vehicle, — she’ll be able to run on these bills cuz they sound good, but they expand government at the expense of transportation and education, and taking your tax dollars to do it.  We need people like Laura to change the direction of the state


  • We’re going to miss  Ted Harvey – a champion for liberty
  • We need:
    • Tony sanchez
    • Tim Neville
    • Justin Everett
    • Laura woods
    • Susan Kochevar—if she gets that – not sure if she’s running for that HD-29 seat

CLARK:  She is… tomorrow I expect it to be official.  She has filed proper paperwork.  Vacancy committee meets tomorrow.  You’re right, ted, we’re in the general, and we have a solid slate of principled candidates that we need to push through to the finish line


  • We need to unite as conservatives
    • We need the mainstream Republicans
    • We can’t cut off our nose to spite our face
    • We need to get behind our candidate and then reach out to unaffiliated voters
      • We need to give them a voice
      • We need to listen
      • Let them speak
      • Represent them
      • They have to trust that they will represent their issues

HARVEY:  You’re going to need money to do that.  Senate leadership is holding a fund raiser at the Hoffbrau House on July 8th from 7-9 pm.  We’ll have minority leader Bill Cadman, Mark Scheffel, Grantham, etc…

CLARK:  before you go, what’s your website?


  • Get Facebook, twitter, donate, request yard sign, volunteer,
    • Guard those yard signs—last night they started going missing from people’s yards

HARVEY:  put them in the garage

CLARK:  anecdote about Fort Collins friend who electrified her sign.  Politics is a blood sport