Freedom 560, Tony Sanchez, August 12, 2014

Show:      Freedom 560

Guests:    Sanchez


Date:       August 12, 2014

Topics:     Senator Andy Kerr, “Moms’ Bill”, Common Core, Delay, Sue Kenfield, “Imagine”, Amazing Grace, Human Sexuality Bill, Parental Opt Out, Bondage, Oral Sex, Second Amendment, Data Mining, Three Rs, Sex Ed, Senate Bill 175, Abortion Bill, Education Committee, Tax Payers Bill of Rights (TABOR), Gates Foundation, Joe Garcia, Vicki Marble, Justin Everett, Focus on the Family, Gay Activist, Government Overreach, Grassroots, Senate Races, Tim Neville, Laura Woods, RINOs versus Winos

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[The following represents notes taken during this interview.  All portions, except where identified as transcribed sections, are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]

HOST KEN CLARK:  How is the campaign?


  • Going great
  • People are highly excited, motivate
  • They appreciate
    • We’re speaking clearly and boldly
    • We’re taking the offense
      • As I knock on independents doors and low propensity Rs
      • They say, tony, go get ‘em
      • Clean it up
      • This is exactly what we need to be doing as Rs
        • Standing on principles
        • Standing on our platform
        • Make it real clear:  It’s about defending our liberties

CLARK:  You know it is.  You’ve got a tough race, you’re going after incumbent Senator in a 50/50 district.  You have to get his voting record out there, show that he is voting an agenda, not with his constituency.


  • Andy Kerr is in the bottom 3 of Principles of Liberty scorecard
  • And he is suing his constituents and all of us
    • TABOR — taxpayer bill of rights
      • He wants to get rid of it
    • I’ve never heard of a candidate suing his own constituents
  • I make sure people understand
    • He wants to take away something that is constitutional
    • And get rid of it through his own will
  • Whether it’s
    • Issue of TABOR Lawsuit
    • Sponsoring the human sexuality bill
    • Common core — he ignored the mothers against common core, to delay it
    • Sponsorship of the bill 175- the abortion bill
      • So extreme
      • Even fellow Democrats didn’t want it
  • Voters want a return to sanity
    • He is clearly on the side
    • People are tired of this out of control government
    • They want someone to articulate that we’ve been pushed around
  • Grassroots like me — like that’s a bad thing, like I’ve got to be extreme… but moderates like me also
    • I pointed out, when you negotiate, you don’t start from the middle.
    • Because you’re halfway compromised from the outset
    • We have moved the goal posts way down toward one side
    • And people want to start from the 50 yard line
    • But that’s not what we have in CO

CLARK:  Your opponent is an extremist


  • He is

CLARK:  Abortion bill was political maneuvering – to put Rs on defense.  And he was against a one year delay of Common Core  — “Mom’s bill”


  • Right
  • Human sexuality bill — for 4th graders
  • Was that the priority?
    • My campaign is about
    • Isn’t priority reading, writing’ and ‘rithmetic
  • Limited Governmment
    • Brush strokes in a beautiful painting = government
    • Government is getting in the way of your life
    • Government shouldn’t be dictating to you
  • We need to defend 2ndamendment
    • People say I’m extreme — that I interpret Constitution literally
    • Yes!  I do!
    • Has it gotten to be that insane?  When you defend the Constitution, you’re insane?
  • We’re at a crossroads.  We have to decide what we want for our future
    • Children in the district say
      • Dad, can I agree with you at home?
      • But agree with my teacher at school
    • If that doesn’t alarm you, I don’t know what would.
  • Enough is enough…

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT CONSULTANT AND CEO OF SEE IT THRIVE, SUE KENFIELD:  That goes to the whole demonization thing — kids can’t have a different point of view that disagrees with someone else who’s out there demonizing people who have a different point of view.  What an awful thing.  Awful way to grow up.  Kids trying to grow into their own.  And they have to hold back the beliefs they believe and make them who they are, because they’re afraid someone is going to target them.


  • I have background in management, social services, and small business
  • I understand how to get the best out of people
    • If you want the job done,
      • You may have to work with someone you don’t agree with
      • You may not agree with them on everything
      • But you hold to your principles
      • You still look with a clear plan
  • Growing up in working class family, what was important to me:
    • Christian values
    • And America — belief in America and we can do great things
  • Now:
    • ashamed of being America
    • it’s bad enough growing up in a tough neighborhood
    • but now we’ve got people saying this belief in American exceptionalism won’t get you anywhere.
      • You’re going to be stuck where you are
      • That’s what the other side wants to make you believe
      • Fortunately, I was a rebel
        • I said you’re only doing that cause you don’t want me to take your job
        • I’m going to go get my undergrad at Cal
        • And get my masters
        • And do everything I could
        • That’s the kind of motivation we want to give to young people
        • And have them believe that they are unique, that they have something of value
        • The other side wants you to be a number — just a blob
        • It’s like the comparison between the songs “imagine” and “Amazing Grace”
          • If you have a world like imagine, who calls the shots
            • You’re just a blob
            • I don’t like that utopian reality
              • I like individuality
              • I like freedom

CLARK:  It’s going to be an interesting trek.  How are you trying to message this?  How are you framing this thing?  Because Andy Kerr is an EXTREME left winger.

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CLARK:  Sex ed bill:  Andy Kerr co-sponsored


  • It’s very explicit
    • Bondage
    • Oral sex
    • Lots in there that they couldn’t even talk about in the legislature
  • The parents do have an opt-out option
  • It takes control away from us.
  • AND, it’s linked in with Common Cores
  • Again:  is this the priority?  I don’t think so
    • We have failing schools, serious issues and problems
    • Teachers are frustrated about being micromanaged
    • Who is speaking for them?
  • And they had a great opportunity with the one year delay
    • And he couldn’t even say yes to that
    • Now people want to get rid of it entirely

CLARK:  Moms were behind this…  non-partisan, from all over, they didn’t know they were political, and then they found out about Common Core and that the Dems were driving it.  Joe Garcia, vice or assistant or –what’s his title? — he’s second to John Hickenlooper.  He sits on the Gates Foundation that’s pushing the common core nationwide.  Why?  Because they stand to make billions of dollars.  Kerr, after defeating the Mom’s bill, decided he would come up with his own anti-common core bill.  It was all window dressing.   It was gutless.  Nothing in it.  Worthless.  He tried to get all these Republicans on board and they refused, cuz they knew it was just for his own political cover.


  • We need someone to be able to listen
    • Someone responsive to community
    • Drop the agenda
    • If you’re running for office your priorities should be
      • Number one:  service
      • Number two:  relationships
      • Your own personal narrative is number three
  • I ask:  what is it I can do for you
    • People are tired of politics as usual
    • They’re tired of political ads
    • They want things that can bring us together, not tear us apart
  • I need people’s help, if we’re serious about booting Andy Kerr
    • Volunteers to donate, knock on doors, amassing that
    • Taking back Colorado will come from the Grassroots on up
      • That’s where the excitement is, the motivation is
      • Senate races like mine and Laura woods, and Tim Neville
      • People want us on offense
  • I know how important civility is.
    • Incivility leads to loss of liberties
    • Rules and laws distance us from our communities

KENFIELD:  Kids are noticing that.  How are we teaching our kids to be in the world… as the future leaders.  They are already challenged in communication.  I mean, can you really negotiate world peace through a text.  I hope we don’t have to find out.  The new President of Focus on the Family sat down with a Gay Activist and they found they had more in common than they ever imagined.  That’s what I believe.  What do you think your constituents want?


  • Somebody who listens to them

KENFIELD:  And what’s important to them in day to day life?


  • Putting food on the table
  • Three top concerns
    • Education
    • Government and overreach
    • Immigration
  • They’re concerned about, where is it all going?  We work so hard, and we’re being taxed so much.
    • I want to know the same thing
    • This is why we need to raise these questions
    • And ask, why is Andy Kerr suing us?  I can’t afford it as it is now

KENFIELD:  I think we have the opportunity to connect with people.  We all want to be safe, be successful, be healthy, provide for our families, have opportunity.  Now, there are people giving their power away, letting people tell them they are unable, incapable – let us take care of it for you.  We lose out when that happens, as a country.  Those gifts can’t be realized.  The things that unite us are the things we have in common


  • People are concerned about RINOS
  • I tell them I’m more concerned about Winos (people who whine and don’t do anything)
    • We have to be people of action
    • My grandma (smoked cigars) says if you have energy to complain, you have energy to do.
    • We have the power individually to take our state back
    • If we keep talking about those who shall not be named, we empower them.
      • Their narcisism
      • Like Obama and Kerr
      • We want people to listen to us
      • Not people to make us feel like that we don’t matter
      • It’s like we’re in an abusive relationship

CLARK:  Andy Kerr suing constituents.  TABOR is how voters get to decide on their taxes.  It is a Constitutional amendment, and he want to take that power away from his constituents, and it will make it easier for legislature to raise taxes, he believes he knows better than the people how much to tax and where to spend it.  Ask your constituents, who do you think should decide?


  • Exactly

CLARK:  People’s common denominator is that they all agree that the people should decide

KENFIELD:  and the subtext is the supposition that people are incapable and unable to decide for themselves


  • Some people act like they are God and they act through government
  • We have to get back to government by, for and of the people
  • We don’t need God as government

CLARK:  You’re right.

CLARK:  Sue, tell people where they can find you


CLARK:  Tony, definitely — this is a winnable race.  Kerr has got to be beaten.  I call on the Republican party to step up and help out so we can win it back


  • We need
    • Boots on the ground
    • Donations
    • That’s how we’re going to do it.