Grassroots Radio Colorado, Jaxine Bubis, June 18, 2013

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Date:         June 18, 2013      

Topics:            State Senate President John Morse, Senate District 11, Gun Control Bills, Gun Safety, Recall Petition, Recall Election, Governor John Hickenlooper, Rachel Maddow, Constituents, Owen Hill, Justin Everett, Vicki Marble, Ted Harvey, David Schultheis, Janak Joshi, Steve Humphrey, Kent Lambert, Vice President Joe Biden, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Secretary of State Scott Gessler, Certified Petition, Second Amendment, Rural Colorado, Per Diem, Quid Pro Quo, Squishies, Bernie Herpin

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HOST KEN CLARK:  Are you guys ready for some breaking news?  Are you ready?  Well, here it comes.  We are ready to rock!  This is what is happening, ladies and gentlemen.  There is a press release that I just received before the show started:  [reading] “Jaxine Bubis announces her candidacy as the Republican candidate in the Senate District 11 recall election.”  I am proud to have Jaxine Bubis on the air with us right now.  Jax, welcome to Grassroots Radio!


CLARK:  So, you’re going to take on Morse. 

BUBIS:  Well, you know, we’ve been working very hard getting signatures for quite some time to do just that.  And now we have them.  And so I think the next step is that one of us needs to run, and I guess that’s me!

CLARK:  Well, you know what?  I know you, Jax.  You and I have been to some classes down there in Colorado Springs and —

BUBIS:  We certainly have.    

CLARK:  You bet.  We’ve worked with Freedom Works.  We’ve done a lot of things.  I know you.  I know you were an activist.  I know where your principles lie, and right here, right now, Grassroots Radio will endorse your candidacy. 

BUBIS:  Oh, I appreciate that so much!  You can’t know what that means to me!  Thank you so much!

CLARK:  Well, I tell you what, your principles are right in line with what we need.  So, paperwork’s going?  Paperwork’s in? 

BUBIS:  Paperwork is in.  The website is up.  We can already take donations and volunteers.  The website is:  [Spells out the URL]  And we can take volunteers.  We can take donations.  And, you know, we look forward to gathering signatures and certainly, we’d love to have lots of help doing that.  That’ll help it go very fast.

CLARK:  All right.  Very good.   So that’s .  And you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen!  I mean, she has filed.  She is the candidate of choice to run against Senator Morse.  And so, let’s talk about that.  You were heavily involved in – you helped with the recall.  You are one of his constituents.  You saw what was happening, and all the promises he broke, and all this radical legislation that he was –

BUBIS:  Right

CLARK:  Yeah.  You tell the story.

BUBIS:  Well, when he was elected, you know, he ran on, you know, jobs, and kind of the normal thing.  But then he got up there and he started taking calls from the East coast, and just put in a very radical agenda.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, you know, he stopped taking our calls.  You know, he basically told his constituents, “Your voice doesn’t matter to me.”  He went on national television and told Rachel Maddow that he, as President of the Senate, he could – he told all of his Senators to not take emails and not take phone calls, ‘cause it kind of confused the issue.  And that’s not what representative government is all about.  And our voice does matter.  And so, somebody needs to step and say, “You know, our voice does matter, and we do matter.  And we are Colorado.  We are not New York.”  And so, that’s kind of what I’m saying.   We’re going to be right back with more Jaxine right after this.

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CLARK:  Grassroots Radio Colorado.  This is Ken Clark. If you’d like to join me tonight, 303-477-5600.  Lots of earth shattering news coming down the pike today in the state of Colorado.  First and foremost, Secretary of State Scott Gessler has certified the recall petition efforts to recall the Senate President John Morse.  So now, let the games begin.  So, it is on, ladies and gentlemen!   And we also have, and I am honored and pleased to have on the air with me right now, Jaxine Beu— Bubis [Ken Clark is known for butchering the pronunciation of the names of his guests]

BUBIS:  [laughs]

CLARK:  [in frustration] Oh, come on!    [trying again]  Jaxine Bubis

BUBIS:  That’s “Bubis”!  Long “u”—

CLARK:  Bee-YOU-bis.  Don’t feel bad, Jax.  I do that to everybody.  I mean, I can’t even pronounce my own name. 

BUBIS:  No biggie. 

CLARK:  So, Jax, I want you to talk about what led you to this decision to run against John Morse.  And I also want to remind our listeners that I have personally and Grassroots Radio is endorsing this candidacy.  And you have a long list of also very high powered endorsements, which we’re going to get to in just a second.  But first and foremost, what led you to make this decision? 

BUBIS:  Well, you know, I never really saw myself running for office.  I’ve been politically active for many,many, many years.  Just before the Liberty Movement was even thought of, we were kind of talking about the Constitution and uh, before it was cool [chuckles].  So, I’ve been politically active for a very, very long time.  But I never really saw myself running for office.  But as this thing came around, we were looking around, trying to find who was running, and we couldn’t find anybody that had the kind of principles that we had.  We couldn’t find a conservative who had actually spoken up – stood up, and said, “Pick me!”  And so I had several people saying, “Jax, you ought to run.”  And I hesitated for a while and then I couldn’t find anybody else who was willing to do it.  And you know, I’ve said for many, many years, Ken, that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  And, um, and so, I said, “Well, I’m willing to do it.”  And so I stepped up, and here I am. 

CLARK:  Well, you know, and it’s interesting because I’m the Colorado field director for Freedom Works and I’ve taught a lot of classes and I’ve done a lot of activism in Colorado Springs and Jax, you were always there!  Both you and your husband.  You guys are always involved.  And I, — so I have gotten to know you guys.  So you are not just some stranger off the street, to me.  I know what your principles are.  I know where you’re coming from.  And you believe in the same things the rest of us do:  Freedom.  Liberty.  Small Government.  And I know that it had to curl your toes when you saw what Senator was doing. 

BUBIS:  Well, it absolutely did.  And it was about the Second Amendment.  It was about teaching things to our children that we don’t really want taught to our children.  And it was – it was about – it was about so many things.  It was about, you know, an eight bazillion dollar tax that they want to put out and kind of telling the rural communities that they didn’t matter, either.  And it just – it was very frustrating!  And all the while, calling our senator, and he wouldn’t take our calls!  And that’s not right!

CLARK:  You know, you’re absolutely right!  It’s not!  And in fact, they are supposed to represent you.  But it’s not about us, anymore.   It’s not about we, the people anymore.  It’s about Senator Morse.  It’s about what he gets.  It’s about his per diem days.  It’s about his helping Mayor Bloomberg force the agenda down his throat.  God knows what Bloomberg and Biden promised these guys.  We don’t know!  But, you know what?   They’re following their agenda, so you’ve got to assume there’s a quid pro quo in there somewhere. 

BUBIS:  Yeah.  Yeah, you really do.  And so, we’re really excited to be doing this.  Uh, we’re so excited that we were able to get the signatures, because everybody said it couldn’t be done.  And so, we made history.  And it’s time to make history again!  And, uh, so, we just really encourage people to stop by the website.  It’s ‘jaxine [spells “jaxine”]’ [spells out the rest of the URL].  And we can take donations.  We can take volunteers, people who would love to come down and help us get signatures, that would be awesome!

CLARK:  Yeah!  That’s what we need right now.  So, we need a thousand signatures, right?

BUBIS:  We do.

CLARK:  Okay.  So, we’ve got to get a thousand signatures to support Jax, in order to make sure that her candidacy is validated, which I’m sure we can do, and we can do that quickly.  But people, don’t take it for granted.  Get out there and actually go do it.  Now, I wanted to talk real quick –you know,  I just had one comment to make.  I love how you guys went out there, you got busy, you knew what needed to be done, and you got the signatures.  You didn’t have help from anybody.  You didn’t have help from the [Republican] party.  You didn’t have help from—


CLARK:  You just – you guys, as citizens, went out and did it.  And now, I just love how when you’ve got – all of a sudden, everybody  running down there, going, “Oh, wow!  It looks like they did it!  So, now we’ll get involved!  Now it’s safe!”

BUBIS:  [Laughs]

CLARK:  Gee, the Party is going to get involved, now!  Now it’s safe!  Really?  Where were you, when it wasn’t safe?  Where were you when these activists, the true believers were down there getting it done?  That just infuriates me!  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.  But, you don’t have to comment on that.  Let me do it.  So–

BUBIS:  [laughing] Okay!

CLARK:  [laughs] So, I wanted to talk about the impressive, massive list of endorsements you have.  Because you just filed the paperwork today, is that right?

BUBIS:  We did.

CLARK:  Senator Kent Lambert has endorsed you.  Senator Owen Hill has endorsed you.  Former Senator – Retired Senator David Schultheis has endorsed you.   House Repre—or Representative of the House Janak Joshi has endorsed you.  Representative Chris Holbert has endorsed you. Representative Justin Everett has endorsed you. Senator Vicki Marble has endorsed you.  Representative Steve Humphrey – Humphrey –has endorsed you.  See?  I blew his name, too, Jax.  Senator Ted Harvey has endorsed you. That’s impressive!

BUBIS:  Well, it is! And frankly, I’m a little blown away by that, in that these are people that we watched on our computer screens and they were fighting for American rights, and for Coloradoans – for all of our rights on the floor of the Senate and in the House.   And I almost had a little hero worship, if you will, you know?  And so, I am just so, so pleased to have their endorsement.  And I mean, it means so much to me, because these people are – you know, I know that you had on earlier on your show the Principles of Liberty scorecard things, and these are the people who  have scored really, really well.  And to have them endorsing me, it just thrills me.  I’m so excited!

CLARK:  Well, yeah!  I mean, you’re looking at the current and new leaders of the Conservative movement inside the state of Colorado.  Vicki Marble – Senator Marble – The Denver Post ranked her as the most conservative in the state in the Senate.  Okay? 

BUBIS:  Yeah.

CLARK:  I mean, Ted Harvey’s record speaks for itself.  So does Kent Lambert’s.  Owen Hill.  David Schulteis.  I mean, he was a rock star, when he was in there.  And he was all alone back then. 

BUBIS:  Right.  Right.

CLARK:  Janek Joshi – he’s one of my favorites.  Chris Holbert is one of my favorites.  Justin Everett has a terrific record.  I mean, these are rock solid conservatives.   And they’re backing you!  That ought to tell you something, ladies and gentlemen!  You wonder why I’m getting behind this candidacy?  Any questions out there?  If you’ve got a question for me, believe me, I’d love to have your call.  303-477-5600.  So, Jax, tell our listeners one more time how they can get involved, what kind of help you need.

BUBIS:  Well, we – of course, we need donations, because there is going to be big money from the East Coast sent this way.  And so we, as Coloradoans, have to say, “You know what?  We need to support Colorado!  We need to support the traditions and the heritage of Colorado.”  So, of course we’re going to need funds!   And we can already take funds on our website.  And I’ll mention that again in a second.  But we also need manpower — people to get the vote out, you know, people to get our signatures, and to help us with the signatures, and just wonderful support.  So, they can go to “” [spells it out again]. 

CLARK:  All right.  Very good.  I want you to keep me informed on everything that is going on.  Let me know what, if anything, I can do to help. 

BUBIS:  I appreciate that.

CLARK:  Yeah.  We are definitely behind this.  You, Jax, are definitely our candidate of choice.  And I’m really hoping that the Party, I’m hoping that the constituents, I’m hoping that everyone will get behind you in this effort and take Senator Morse out.  The last thing we need is a bunch of bickering, infighting, and a bunch of wanna-bes coming out of the woodwork, and a bunch of squishes coming out of the woodwork, going, “Oh, gee!  Look at all this work they did!  We’re going to jump on the bandwagon.  And, oh, me too!  Me, too!  Me, too!”  None of that!

BUBIS:  Right.

CLARK:  Jax, you are out in front. You have got the endorsement of solid, solid conservatives, that – you know what?  They’ve proven their worth.  They’ve proven who they are, what they stand for.  And they’re behind you.  I think that says a lot.

BUBIS:  Well, thank you so much, Ken. 

CLARK:  All right.  Jaxine Beuis [sic] – she’s running against Senator Morse, Senate District 11 in the recall effort.  I tell you what, guys.  This is getting