Grassroots Radio Colorado, John Sampson, July 5, 2012

Station:    560 AM, KLZ

Show:      Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guest:      Sampson


Date:        July 5, 2012

Topics:     Senate District 25, Exceptionalism, Patriotism, Economy, Jobs, Obamacare, “Otaxicare”, Healthcare Exchanges, Majority Leader Amy Stephens, SB-200, Repeal, Birther, Obama’s Social Security Number, Connecticut, Georgia Eligibility Court Case, ColoradoPols,  Extremist, Sherrif Joe Arpaio, Mike Zulo, Ohio Lawsuit, Cold Case Posse, Maricopa County

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JASON WORLEY:  We have with us John Sampson. John is a candidate for–John what is your Senate district?

JOHN SAMPSON:  Senate district 25, which is Eastern Adams County.

WORLEY:  Okay. So basically Bennett –

SAMPSON:  Well, it takes in from Brighton South, the Northeast quarter of Aurora going from Yosemite north of Colfax all the way out to the Washington County line, which goes through Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers. It takes in, as I said, Brighton, the East part of Thorton, Todd Creek —

WORLEY:  Ah, one of my favorite golf courses. I play Todd Creek quite a bit

SAMPSON:  –and that’s pretty much it

WORLEY:  So tell us, you’ve been on our the air with us before, you’re not new to this rodeo, tell us what you’re running on, tell us what reactions you’re getting, tell us what’s going on out there

SAMPSON:  I’m a fiscal conservative, I constitutional conservative. Saturday I was walking in Brighton and knocking on doors and I was amazed at the reception I was getting. People are fed up with the status quo. They are motivated. They are angry. I got a very positive reception — and this is in the section of Brighton that’s not the most economically advantaged.  One thing I do want to say is this: everybody has been down on being an American or the level of patriotism and when I was like to do is recognize something that happened 29th of June.  Sergeant Nick Cisneros of the U.S. Army came home to Strasburg and he is a three-time Purple Heart recipient and a bronze Star recipient. And I want to say what one member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association posted on Facebook. Strasburg showed its class on the 29th of June.  There were hundreds, if not a thousand people on the streets, on East Colfax, lining the street, welcoming that soldier home. And it made me proud.

WORLEY:  That’s awesome. I can actually hear a little waiver in your voice. It would do that to me too.

SAMPSON:  It was very emotional. As we drove into town, because I was part of the motorcade, and we saw the numbers of people that were there, waving flags and shouting and beeping horns and everything, welcoming him home. It was a resurgence of American exceptionalism, patriotism, and love of country..

RANDY CORPORON:  And you did great work on getting the word out on that, John. I heard you on radio stations all over town, and everywhere you were you were telling people about it. So, you really did your part in making sure that was a memorable event for him. Now, I had the pleasure of MC-ing or moderating your kickoff event for your campaign.

SAMPSON:  That’s correct, Randy.

CORPORON:  And that was a lot of fun, driving out there.  I met some great people, and had a good turnout that night. But how’s the campaign been going since then?

SAMPSON:  It’s been going very well. When we had our primary night, even though I didn’t have a primary opponent, we wanted to see what the numbers were like. And they were very encouraging, and very positive.  We were able to pull 3% more voter turnout then my Democratic opponent. She polled 17.6% of the registered Democrat vote in Adams County and Senate District 25.  I was able to poll 20.6, or three point advantage.  The number of people that did not vote for her was about 30% higher than it was for me. So the numbers look very, very promising and very, very encouraging. And when you couple it with the responses I’m getting walking the district  — and we’re walking again on Sunday.. And on Saturday were going to be up to dictate KBPI show at Bandimere Speedway, so if anybody’s up there and want to come in and say hi, will be up there with other candidates.

CORPORON:  Yeah, big car show up there, and you can find John Sampson next to a beautiful hot rod Mustang.

SAMPSON:  Thanks, Randy.

CORPORON:  You won’t be–you’ll be hard to miss up there.

WORLEY:  And John, tell us what the breakdown of your district is.

SAMPSON:  It about a third, third, and a third — a third Democrat, a third Republican and a third unaffiliated. And to be very blunt about this, this election is going to turn on the unaffiliated vote.  And that’s what were going to target.

WORLEY:  And the fact is, is that is most of what it turns in Colorado.  I mean, I’m in that, um — what, is it — HD 33,


WORLEY:  Dave Pigott’s running.


WORLEY:  It’s off — I mean, I think there’s a two point advantage for the Democrats, but there’s also a three-point advantage in independents.

SAMPSON:  Correct.

WORLEY:  You’ve got to get the independents. You have to engage these folks, and let them know, “hey, here’s what’s going –.” Because here’s what’s — the fact is, most of them don’t know what’s going on in the state.

SAMPSON:  I agree.

WORLEY:  And you need to send them here. While you’re out walking, send people here so we can tell them what’s going on.

SAMPSON:  I will do that. And, as I said, we will be walking in Brighton on Sunday, knocking on doors and talking to people, so—

WORLEY:  What’s the most common response you’re hearing from people let’s say especially unaffiliateds?

SAMPSON:  It’s the economy. And I won’t use the last word about sentence.  But it’s the economy–the economy and jobs.  People who can’t make ends meet, people who are worried about where their next meal is coming from, people who can’t pay their mortgage, they don’t want a government handout. They want a hand up.  They want to be able to fend for themselves, and to quote Senator Lundberg, it’s “Obamatax”.  And it isn’t Obamacare anymore. And the Supreme Court has ruled that it’s a tax.

WORLEY:  It is O-taxi care. We’re not kidding. Everybody’s going to get taxed on this.  So …

[technical difficulties:  a section of this audio clip is unintelligible]

WORLEY:  […] been called an extremist by ColoradoPols.  I don’t know if you’ve gotten your own responses to that –

SAMPSON:  I haven’t gotten those responses. This is news to me. I’m an extremist.

WORLEY:  Well, Because of the – as the – the case you were following down in Georgia—


WORLEY:  –ColoradoPols went off and had a good time.  This is months ago, but I just – I catch anything that mentions [inaudible]–

SAMPSON:  Oh, I know you’re talking about now. Ah, you know, I did the Joe Friday routine, “it’s just the facts, ma’am.” There was no opinion in that. I was asked to do a job. I did a job. And regardless of what people think, or what their opinions are, it doesn’t change the facts.

WORLEY:  Well, and the fact–tell people what you did do on that.

SAMPSON:  The fact is that Mr. Obama is using his social security number that was issued to somebody residing in Connecticut in March of 1977. And there is no connection ever documented between Mr. Obama and the state of Connecticut. So, the question is, how did it come to pass that he’s using that number?

WORLEY:  And you went to follow a court case that happened in Georgia –

SAMPSON:  Well, I went to testify in court.

CORPORON:  You were subpoenaed —

SAMPSON:  I was subpoenaed to testify in a court case

CORPORON:  Because you’re an investigator, so—

SAMPSON:  That’s what I am. I’m a retired immigration and customs enforcement agent, former New York police officer, and a veteran of the Armed Forces.

CORPORON:  Are you — as long as we’re on this tangent, one of my favorite subjects, the ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be president of these United States, are you aware of the lawsuit that’s been filed in Ohio on the Social Security issue?

SAMPSON:  No, I am not.

CORPORON:  The 71-year-old or 72-year-old grandmother there, also a private investigator who did her due diligence–

SAMPSON:  Okay, I know what you’re talking about.

CORPORON:  –has sued the Secretary of State there asking them to show cause why Barack Obama should be —

SAMPSON:  I’ll have to send her an e-mail and inquire about that one.

CORPORON:  Yeah., Something’s coming up a little bit later in July–a hearing on that. So, —

SAMPSON:  And there’s more coming out of Maricopa County, as well.

CORPORON:  Yeah, July 17, I think, is the big date, isn’t it?

SAMPSON:  There’s another press conference with Joe Arpaio and Mike Zulo, the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse.

WORLEY:  There’s a lot of stuff going on, it’s interesting. And the fact is we’re tangentially involved in that we kind of keep an eye on it.  We really do cover staff of the state of Colorado, here. So, let me ask you a question. When you get in State Senate, what is the first bill you’re going to run?

SAMPSON:  The first bill I’m going to run is probably something that people don’t expect me to, based on my background. Some might expect me to run something on the immigration related issue.  I want to look at the viability of SB-200 and see whether or not it should be repealed.  And that’s the healthcare exchanges. And of course, that’s going to depend a lot on what happens in November because if Governor Romney gets elected, then they’re going to be dismantling it anyway.

WORLEY:  Yeah. And hopefully that happens and it’s easy. But the bad news is even if they dismantle it, we’re still going to have healthcare exchanges here in Colorado. Thank you, Mdm. Majority Leader! Unless you can get in and repeal that. That would be great to see.

SAMPSON:  Well, that’s what my hope is.

WORLEY:  John Sampson, thank you for being with us.  Once again, give out your website.

SAMPSON: [spells out the URL]

WORLEY:  We will be back after the break. We will have Dana West, vice president of the Reagan Club of Colorado.  He’s going to tell you what’s going on down here tonight.