Grassroots Radio Colorado, Kevin Lundberg, June 3, 2013

Station:     KLZ, 560 AM

Show:        Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guests:     Lundberg


Date:         June 3, 2013

Topics:      State Senate President John Morse, Recall, Senate District 11, Michael Merrifield, Gun Control Bills, Gun Safety, Recall Petition, Recall Election, Overreach, Vetoes, Governor John Hickenlooper, Bernie Madoff, Rachel Maddow, Mark Ferrandino,

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CO-HOST JASON WORLEY:  [referring to the hypothesis that Morse could resign his Senate seat, and Democrat governor John Hickenlooper might appoint Michael Merrifield to that seat so as to retain the current Democratic majority in the Senate, as it is now.]  But, if that happens, you are going to trash Merrifield’s career.  And you will make pretty well sure that no Democrat wins out of Colorado Springs for at least the next four years.

CO-HOST KEN CLARK:  We’re going to extend this segment just a little bit.  We do have Senator Kevin Lundberg on the air with us.  Senator, welcome back to Grassroots Radio Colorado.  What have you got for us?

CO STATE SENATOR KEVIN LUNDBERG:  Well, thanks.  I heard your subject matter and [I] just wanted to observe a few points from somebody who has served in the Senate and served under President of the Senate, John Morse.  This does change the game, for sure. What direction it will head is anybody’s guess, in a sense.  You’ve been covering some of the details.  He could resign.  We’d have a new somebody – A Democrat.  But, he wouldn’t be President of the Senate.  The whole leadership is going to shift around there.  Whoever is going to be sitting in the Senate spot, all of next year, every time I look up there, I’m going to think, “That was John Morse, but what happened to him?”  And I have a feeling they’re going to think that, too.   I must tell you, I’m looking forward to the change in dynamic because this last session, they had such a one-sided view of everything.  And sure, it is the gun issue that flipped the trigger, but it’s everything they put on the table that made such a wholesale change across the board.  They’ll still have the majority, but it’s going to be a very different majority.

CLARK:  Well, Senator, you’re absolutely right.  And this is something that I think is crucial and very important for everybody to remember:  These grassroots efforts that it takes to do a recall effort, — and yeah we did a bunch of efforts and not necessarily all of them were successful, but this one was!  And John – Senator Morse is probably one of the most arrogant men I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.  And I doubt very seriously if he remembers meeting me.  But, you know, I just – it is a very good thing.  And I think, Senator, you’re absolutely right.  This is a game changer.  This changes the dynamic of everything.  These guys are going to have to look at what they’ve done.  And they know that there is going to be a price paid for this – God, I don’t even know what word I’m looking for –

WORLEY:   —arrogance!

CLARK:  –this arrogance and the things they have done to the state of Colorado.

WORLEY:  It’s just pure arrogance on his part. You can tell by the way he talked at Rachel Maddow, “I’m going to do this.  I’m going to push it through.  We’re not going to listen to the people.  This is what I’m telling you.”  Hey! Great!

LUNDBERG:  Yeah.  Let me add one other element here, too.  Because, the successful – and we’re assuming  that sixteen-plus-thousand  signatures is sufficient.  It should be.  Usually, you see nothing less than a –you know, an erosion of twenty, thirty percent of signatures submitted.  But it’s a little tighter this time because they all have to be registered within that district.  However assuming that this does go to a recall vote, we still got an election.  And talk about a fiercely contested election!  In off in Wisconsin, there was a recall after Governor Scott Walker changed the rules for unions, –didn’t do a whole lot but the unions went berserk and they pulled some recalls together, and millions and millions of dollars were poured into individual Senate races.  So, this is going to be a very big election […] and it’s going to be an election that I think  everybody, every Liberty Loving citizen in Colorado needs to take a part in.

CLARK:  Well, I would agree with you senator, I think you’re right on point there.  It is going to be brutal.  We’ve already seen the fact that Morse and his cronies are willing to just blatantly, bald faced lie about the signature gatherers – “Oh, these are convicted sex offenders. Oh, these are this, and these are that!”  I mean, on and on and on.  I mean the level, or the depth – the wallowing  they will do in the mud […] will know no bounds.  I mean, these guys are criminals in my opinion.  And this will be the nastiest, ugliest most fraudulent campaign I think we’ve ever seen.

LUNDBERG:  Well, it could beI hope that it can be pulled back to the issues at hand because that is sufficient information for the voters and for the decision to be madeAnd I want to always point people back to not some claim as to who they are or what they’ve done in that respect.  I want to say, “Look at the bills they have passed, and they have forced on the people of Colorado.” Look at the liberal agenda in the Senate and in the House and in the Governor’s office.  How many has he vetoed – I kind of forget now.  How many has it been this year?  Oh yeah, — zero.  The Governor has fully participated in this agendaAnd this is the first opportunity for the people to step up to the plate and say, “Nope, we don’t want these policies in the state of Colorado.”  And I trust that the people will.  And thanks for letting me come on and kind of extend your segment here a little bit, but I better not dominate it too much either.

WORLEY:  Senator, we appreciate you calling in.  I want to back up your point by saying that I’m sure that a lot of people thought that Bernie Madoff was a nice guy, too.

[following the commercial break]

WORLEY:  Hey, we’re back!  Grassroots Radio Colorado.  Sorry for that extended segment, but anytime you get a state senator on who wants to talk, we’re going to let him go for a little while.

CLARK:  Absolutely,  and I — you know what, it doesn’t matter if they’re a Republican or a Democrat!  Democrats, you better sharpen your saw before you come on with us, because believe me, we are ready for you.

WORLEY:  [coughing, to disguise his interjected comment] Mark Ferrandino.

CLARK:  We will not — Well, we had Ferrandino on.

WORLEY:  And we did!  And we tore him to shreds.  Not–

CLARK:  We did, and it did not turn into a shouting match.

WORLEY:  Nothing personal.

CLARK:  It didn’t turn into a shouting match. It didn’t turn into anything like that.  The only thing we did was ask him questions about policy that he flat out couldn’t answer because you  cannot defend the indefensible.

GUEST RANDY CORPORON:  Well, it only took a week to clean up the blood, so–

WORLEY:  Yeah, actually there’s still a little bit down there in the corner.  Just so you know, Ken, we gotta get that wiped up.

CORPORON:  I just wandered in.  Who were you guys talking to in the first –

WORLEY:  Senator Lundberg.


WORLEY:  He called in to talk about the, ah –

CLARK:  Morse recall.

WORLEY:  Good deal.

CLARK:  Morse, Morse, Morse, he’s the guy with the questionable taste in art.


WORLEY:  We’ll get you that.  I’ll send you the story.

CLARK and CORPORON:  [laughing]

WORLEY:  Go to Colorado Peak Politics.  Look up “John Morse.”  It’s way back in the early days,

CORPORON:  They published that picture again, just recently.

WORLEY:  Oh, I know!  It’s awesome!