Grassroots Radio Colorado, Mike Coffman, July 5, 2012

Station:    560 AM, KLZ

Show:      Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guest:      Coffman


Date:        July 5, 2012

Topics:     SCOTUS, Supreme Court Ruling on ACA, Obamacare, Chief Justice John Roberts, Individual Mandate, Commerce Clause, Tax, Congressional District 6, Democrat Party, Class Warfare, Labor,

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JASON WORLEY:  So, Congressman, tell us a little about what you’re seeing going on in D.C..  How frustrating was last week for you?


REPRESENTATIVE MIKE COFFMAN:  Last week was tough.  The Supreme Court decision completely surprised me.  That – you know, and I didn’t hear anybody talking about the issues of taxes, because they had argued it on record that it was not a tax, it never would have passed as a tax, and the President said it wasn’t a tax.  And so it was stunning that then the Solicitor General for the president would turn around and argue before the Supreme Court, after arguing on the commerce clause which I was confident they would lose on, then arguing on that it was a tax.   And it’s stunning.  And as close as the vote was, it would have never passed as a tax.  I mean, it was the greatest bait and switch scam, I think, in the history of the country.

WORLEY:  And it was kind of said that it was a conservative Chief Justice that gave us the switch.

COFFMAN:  I think the decision was stunning.  He clearly went out of his way.   I mean, I understand, to some degree, that there’s a history of the Court to be deferential to elected bodies, but I think that this was really a politicized decision, or I think he was intimidated by the administration in terms of the standing – how he saw the standing of the court politically.



COFFMAN:  I feel pretty good about the race because I grew up in really what is the most Democrat part of the district, in original Aurora and northern Aurora. They are not traditional Democrats. They are blue-collar, working-class Democrats. They do not share the radical environmental views of the Democrat Party in Washington D.C. They are very pro-military. I have a military background. Probably, quite frankly, on some of the class warfare rhetoric, they’re probably going to buy on some of that, as well as certainly strong labor support. But they certainly don’t line up on every issue. And so there are some avenues in there. But I feel pretty good. And I certainly think that conservatives are energized, as you mentioned, for this election.  And so I think [that] turnout intensity is going to be great on that side.

WORLEY:  Any message that you want to send to the people of Colorado?  You’ve got an open mic and we cover Colorado politics like nobody else.