Grassroots Radio Colorado, Tom Tancredo, October 27, 2014

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Show:      Grassroots Radio Colorado

Guests:    Tancredo


Date:       October 27, 2014

Topics:     Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Republican Governors Association, Stop Chris Christie Political Action Committee, Left Wing East Coast Liberal, Republican Presidential nomination, 2016 General Election, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, United States] Chamber  of Commerce, 527, Bob Beauprez, Conservative Principles, Unaffiliated Voters, Republican Senate, Impeach, Repeal Obamacare, Immigration, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Texas, Amnesty, Executive Order,

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HOST KRIS COOK:  Oh, goodie!  We’ve got Jeb Bush, going to run for President


COOK:  It will be a delightful field.  My goodness, we have got to do something about this.

TANCREDO:  I agree completely, and I intend to.

COOK:  [chuckles] Good.

TANCREDO:  I totally intend to.

COOK:  Good.

TANCREDO:  I’m not going to let this one go by and everybody – you know, when — how many times have you said this?  “Oh, my gosh!  We just don’t have any good ones to pick from, and I don’t like — .”  Well, okay, that – probably very true.  And if it’s Chris Christie or Jeb Bush either one, let me tell you, I think it’s a debacle in the making for the Republican Party.  And so, I have started – I filed papers a couple of weeks ago, now – probably ten days ago, anyway, –for a Stop Chris Christie PAC.  And I’m going to do everything I can to do just that:  stop Chris Christie.  Um, he is no more a Republican than the man in them moon.  He is a left wing, east coast liberal.  He masquerades, to the extent that there’s any – even attempt to pretend – any attempt –anything that comes out of his mouth that sounds relatively conservative, it’s a masquerade, because he now is seeking the Republican nomination, he is actually – I read the other day, that he is actually so afraid of the governor of Wisconsin –

COOK:  Scott Walker.

TANCREDO:  –Scott Walker—that he has almost purposel—well, almost entirely, kind of subverted his campaign.  They are not giving him the money he needs, and why? Why? Because, of course, he is a competitor for that presidential nomination.

COOK:   [sarcastically] Yeah, Mr. Christie, that is exactly the way to use your position at the RGA


COOK:  I mean, he has proven that he is absolutely unworthy of that role, and any other role in power.

TANCREDO:  Well, you know, to be absolutely fair here, and clear, I have a bone to pick with him in particular, because of what he did during our primary.  You know, although, I must ad– we have never gotten along.  We’ve always argued, especially about immigration.  We did so publicly.  I have never liked the guy.  I have certainly never supported him for anything, and because he was concerned that I would, in fact, go against the [United States] Chamber of Commerce position on immigration and make it a big deal, and I might win, he chose to have – spend a quarter of a million dollars of Republican money – Governors’ Association money—

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  –to attack me, here, in Colorado.  And, um, and launder the money through Attorneys General Association.

COOK:  And five other organizations.

TANCREDO:  Five other organizations.  You, — God bless you, you were the best interview we ever had on that issue, because you had done your homework and you knew what they had done.  Uh, I’m telling you, it’s, I think, unconscionable and I definitely want to make an issue of this, but I want to add somebody to it, and that would be,–let’s – I might start another 527, saying, “Let’s, you know, stop Jeb Bush.”  Let’s try to do this before they get a foothold in the–

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  And get out–get to people, — let them know who they really are.  And I mean, I’m totally going to do this.  I certainly am for Christie.

COOK:  good.

TANCREDO:  Um, and we will take our – we will do our first whatever we’re going to do right after the election.  I mean, I don’t want to do anything that’s going to hurt Bob Beauprez or any other Republican in Colorado during–or before this election.  But when it’s over with, I guarantee you, I’m going after him.

COOK:  November – the 2016 election season starts on November 5th, 2014.

TANCREDO:  That’s right.  That’s right.

COOK:  And if you don’t get that, if you don’t understand that, you’ve got to wrap your brain around it.  Because if –we cannot do what Republicans always do, which is disappear after the midterm general, and not show up again until the day of the – or the two weeks leading up to the primaries in 2016, that is not the way that this works.  If we’re going to win, and if we’re going to win for conservative principles, we have to be out there on the ground. We have to be making those touches with unaffiliated voters.  We need to make sure that stuff is happening, and that they understand what the Republican Party really stands for, and what conservative principles are.

TANCREDO:  Yeah, well, and our job is to make the Republican Party stand for something.

COOK:  [chuckles]  That’s right.

TANCREDO:  And then—

COOK:  It’s a two way street, yeah.

TANCREDO:  Absolutely.  But, if we win this election, –generally speaking, I’m saying, both in national elections and Colorado elections,– if we do well, if we end up winning — winning control of the Senate, and if we do nothing to actually change the direction – not just slow down the movement to the precipice, —

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  –but change the direction of this country, if we just watch it, for fear that if we really did change it, we’d all get thrown out of office again, well, I’ll tell you, if that’s it, then there’s no need–.  Why should we work hard—any of us–for the status quo to be slowed down?  We have to see in these people who are running, the willingness [and] the desire –and the ones who win—the desire to change.  Because, oh, I tell you, I can—this is the –my nightmare, is a Republican Senate that refuses to either impeach, repeal Obamacare, um, repeal whatever he’s going to do to us in a few months, with regard to immigration.

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  That, that one thing.  We had – Steve King and I, and um, Louie Gohmert from Texas, that – we talked into the hours of the morning about this. I kept saying, “What are you guys going to do?  What’s the strategy?  What do you have in place to deal with his executive order to create amnesty?”

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  And really, to tell you the truth, they don’t have one.  There is no strategy.  And I said, “Well, you know what?   You recognize it. If you don’t get one, then he does that, all the work you’ve been doing—and certainly all the work I ever did in Congress – but all the work you guys have continued along these efforts to stop the—every time—you know, go through the fires of hell to try and stop the Republican Senate, often, or at least –and certainly the Democrat Senate from going ahead with amnesty.  All that is for naught.   Forget about it!  Because, if you’re not going to stop him, or at least respond to it, then you have, you know, “Well, what can you do?  You can’t stop the guy if he’s going to actually–.”  That is true, if he signs that executive order.  But here’s what you can do, it seems to me – and this is what I encouraged them to do.  We have to make so much noise.

COOK:  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  And it has to be so deafening, that the Democrats go to him and say, “Look, we know you didn’t do this before the election because you recognized it’s not popular.”  Right?

COOK:  Right.

TANCREDO:  I said, I told these guys, I said, “For once, we have the –the people are with us!  You know?  We’ve got seventy percent of the people in this country—not just Republicans, and Democrats, but unaffiliates, who don’t want amnesty!.  So, make noise!  Make so much noise—so much!—threat to–  the threat of impeachment has got to be there–

COOK:  It’s got to be real.

TANCREDO:  And it has to be real.  You have to make so much noise that indeed, when it comes time, that he’s going to do it, the Democrat leadership goes to him, and says, “Look, you can’t do it, because you’re going to–.  You know, we’re going to–. We lost big time in the last one.  You’re going to lose massively the next one—their presidential candidate.  Don’t do this!”  And that’s the only way that we can stop him.  But if he does it, then you have to be ready to take what actions after that are important, including impeachment!

COOK:  Right.  Actually stand up, have a spine, and make the case for the American People.

TANCREDO:  That’s right.

COOK:  And that’s what they’re there to do.  They are our representatives.  They are there to make that case.  They are there to protect our individual rights.  They are there to do a job that we sent them there to Washington to do.  And I guess that’s what continuously boggles my mind, is that–.

TANCREDO:  Louie Gohmert says, “Well, how do we get – you know, that’s all fine to say that.  But how do we get around the fact that our leader, John Boehner, –.

COOK:  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  –and in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, –.

COOK:  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  They’re not on our side.

COOK:  We replace them.

TANCREDO:  Well, that’s absolutely true.  That’s another thing.  But, all of these are big ticket items, and –but there’s got to be some dramatic change, I think, or else, I’ll— for one, I’m not going to be out there stumping for any more Republicans.

COOK:  Well, it’s definitely a—it—this is why we have to fight, and we have to plan, and we have to plan now for 2016.  So–.


COOK:  When we come back, let’s talk about this election that’s coming up in just seventeen days.