Heart of the Matter with the Americhicks, George Brauchler, July 5, 2017

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Show:       Heart of the Matter

Guests:    Brauchler

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Date:        July 5, 2017


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MOLLY VOGT:  So I wanted to give you all a couple winners of the week for me. I want to see what you think?
KIM MUNSON:  Okay, Molly, what are they?

VOGT:  One: Project Veritas is my hero.

MUNSON: We have had them on a few times

VOGT:  We have had them on a few times. Hopefully we’ll get them on again soon.
These guys are awesome. They go undercover. And when people are starting to share lies with you, and trying to smoke-and-mirrors the people, and try to persuade us with these lies, they just blow that smoke out of the water and share what’s going on. So already, they’ve been going after CNN. And we’ve seen a few things last week and there is something new today. So, just as a reminder, last week they uncovered CNN, saying that voters are stupid as you-know-what, and so they keep pushing these ‘nothing burger’, Russian-Trump collusion stories because we’re so stupid we won’t know, and it helps their ratings. And then the last thing is — just recently, here — at Jimmy Carr, again, is the same guy got caught by Project Veritas’ undercover guy saying that Cuomo only has — he’s only an anchor at CNN because his brother is the governor of New York, which is pretty cool. But then, you see what Project Veritas did after that. They released a statement with a warning to all mainstream media. They said if you are mainstream media in your practicing deception or are trying to lie to the people you might want to sleep in one eye open because were coming after you as well!


BRAUCHLER: Wow!  How scary!

VOGT:  Yeah!

BRAUCHLER:  –For the media

VOGT:  Yeah!

BRAUCHLER:  They’re going to vet their interns even more now!

VOGT:  Yeah!

MUNSON: This is true. You know, speaking of that, George—


MUNSON:  We’ve had Project Veritas on a couple different times — Ross Verny, I think it is. And I just — it’s really – these young people that go undercover, they really have guts!  I can’t believe that they can do it, but they are pretty amazing!

BRAUCHLER:  Yeah! I wonder if this isn’t just the future for all the media, — right? — between the open records stuff that continues. The government continues to find a way to not comply with, or to thwart, and the fact that we’ve moved away from the ABC NBC CBS model of media to “almost anybody can be their own reporter”, if we’re not going to see more and more of these type plants in places that will reveal a truth that otherwise we wouldn’t be entitled to.

MUNSON:  Well, you know, and I think we really do need to move the media back to what they’re supposed to do and freedom of the press. And it’s important to understand that there is opinion — and you know, Molly and I give opinions. We base these on truth, but we give our viewpoint on it. We make no bones about it. It’s our viewpoint. You can decide: agree – disagree, good idea – bad idea. But there’s an honest dialogue about that. And the press — and we’ve talked about this on numerous occasions. I took journalism classes years ago, and there’s ways that journalists can kind of skew the reporting of a story. So, ideally, it could be – you know, a true press piece would say, “The President walked down the stairs of Air Force One.”


MUNSON:  Okay. That’s fact. Okay?  But it could be, “The President bounded down the stairs of Air Force One with so much energy because he’s so excited about blah-blah,” or, “The President lumbered down the stairs because he looked so tired and worn out.”

BRAUCHLER:  Right. Right.

MUNSON:  You know, and so that’s what I think the American people have not realized, is that there’s kind of all these words that are starting to cloud what real news is.  And so I love the fact of what Project Veritas is doing.



BRAUCHLER:  At the state level, what we see his leadership from just hanging around the room — like if the Gov.’s office doesn’t do enough, people will figure out solutions for themselves and then you can come and say, “Look what I’ve done!” We saw that with this last session, too. The legislative session produced very little by way of transportation fixes until we got to 267. And you’ll remember, when that bill stalled the governor tweets out, “No gold stars yet. Keep working on it. We can get this done.” That was the engagement of the Gov.’s office in that debate and that doesn’t make any sense to me or Coloradans as well. What we need to have is someone who can say, “We’re going to prioritize this budget, and going to put transportation at the top of that list. We’re going to figure out a way to get rid of all the nonsensical stuff that keeps us from spending money wisely and on the things that people care about, like the core competencies of government. We’re going to have someone that will stand up for the state of Colorado — regardless of who’s in the White House — and fight for Coloradans   first, and that not think about their party and ideology first.