Jeff Crank Show, (Bernie Herpin Attack Ads in Morse Recall Campaign), August 17, 2013

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Date:         August 17, 2013

Topics:     Julie Wells, We Can Do Better Colorado, ColoradoPols, Personhood Amendment, False Ad, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, Candidate Questionaire, Survey

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HOST JEFF CRANK:  Yesterday, Laura Carno and myself sent letters to all four television stations that are running this ad, and demanded that they take it down.  You know, there’s a law in Colorado that says you cannot knowingly broadcast a false ad, if it’s from a group – there’s a different standard if you are a candidate than if you are a 527 group, or a (c)4, or you’re an outside group.  There’s a different standard, okay?  So, I am going to get into some of this with you.  And we’ll talk about this.  And you’re going to see what these folks are trying to do.  We have got to stand up.  We need to demand that these ads be taken down.  TV stations don’t want them to go down, because they want the revenue.  And that’s all that some of them care about, okay? And I said this before, if an ad is untruthful , and I don’t care if it’s running on KVOR or somewhere else, you as a activist, you as an American, you have an obligation to try and get this stupid ad taken down.  Because the longer we allow politicians to lie about this kind of stuff, the worse off America is going to be.

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CRANK:  Well, the Left continues to lie, the same old playbook they use all the time, and it’s to try and scare women into believing that Bernie Herpin – “Bernie Herpin just cannot wait to get to the Senate so that he can take away birth control—“ I’m sure that’s his number one agenda item , it to take – I mean, how ridiculous is that?  And I’m going to ask women who live in Senate District 11, “Are you that stupid, to buy that?”  I don’t think you are.  I really don’t.  I mean, to think that Bernie Herpin can’t wait –.  We know that Morse wants to take your guns away, if you’re a woman.  He wants to take your right to protect yourself away.  So, they have to create some boogie man, there, with Bernie Herpin, because we know where John Morse is on this issue.  So, this ad from We Can Do Better Colorado is up and running on television stations.  And Laura Carno and I yesterday sent an email to the general managers of KRDO, KKTV, KOAA-TV, and KXRM, that are all running these ads.  And in it, we said, the facts are simple.  Mr. Herpin has never supported the personhood amendment.  Mr.  Herpin has never stated that he supported the personhood amendment.  Mr. Herpin’s campaign has publicly stated that Mr. Herpin does not support the personhood amendment.  We Can Do Better has justified its claim that Mr. Herpin has supported the personhood amendment based on his  answer in a Pike’s Peak Citizens for Life survey.  In the Pike’s Peak Citizens for Life survey, Mr. Herpin indicates that he believes that life begins at the moment of conception.  In the same Pike’s Peak Citizens for Life survey, Mr. Herpin was asked if he supported a ban on embryonic stem cell research, and he marked ‘no’.  Mr. Herpin’s opposition to a ban on embryonic stem cell research is in direct conflict to the claim that he supports the personhood amendment.  He doesn’t support it, okay?  Whether you do, or I do is irrelevant.  These folks are lying.  This isn’t about the personhood amendment.  This election isn’t about this, okay?  But this is about dishonesty in politics.  They’re running an ad that they know is false.  And guess what.  In Colorado, that’s a crime!  That’s a crime.  So, they knowingly have made false statements, in this ad, and we’ve asked that they be taken down.  So, what did the TV stations say?  We did this yesterday afternoon.  The ads just went up, I think, on Thursday.  But obviously, it takes your lawyer a while to draft a letter and those sort of things.  So, we got this to them about one o’clock yesterday, in an email.  I followed it up with a phone call to the general managers of all four stations.  By the way, they have an obligation to get back to you and get back to you soon.  Three of them, KOOA-TV–Channel 5,  KKTV– Channel 11, KXRM–Channel 21 have not returned my email or my phone call, and I know why.  You want the ad revenue.  You want to ignore me for a weekend so that you continue to get money into your stations off of these filthy, lying ads.  I get it.  I understand.  KRDO – the general manager of KRDO, sent me an email, and I actually talked to him briefly on the phone.  Very nice.  He said, “I appreciate it, we’ll get back to you.”  And he sends me back We Can Do Better‘s reasonings for why their ad is correct.  Well, guess what.  Those reasonings are flawed, and that’s what our whole legal analysis was based on.  It’s flawed, and the TV stations know that it’s flawed.  But they don’t care.  You see, KRDO wanted to ignore me through Friday so that Saturday and Sunday these ads could run and they could get two more days of revenue off these filthy, lying ads.  So, keep that in mind.  In fact, you probably should take the opportunity to write to KRDO, KOAA-TV, KKTV, and KXRM and tell them, “These ads are full of lies.  Take them off the air!”  There’s nothing wrong with it.  If these guys want to come in and run an ad, they’re free to do it.  It’s their right under the First Amendment to do that.  Just do one that’s truthful.  What’s wrong with that?  I have no problem that these people, come in and run ads.  Just be truthful about it.  That’s all we ask.  Just be truthful.  But it’s the same old playbook, right?  Try and get women to hate Republican candidates, so that we can squeak by and we can win an election.  And it shows you, by the way, how concerned they are about this recall.  They are petrified.  And it only got worse when a judge ruled this last week that the Libertarians had an opportunity to get their candidate placed on the ballot, thereby negating a mail-in ballot election.  So, this election now, — and you need to hear this, and we need to talk about this the next couple of weeks on the show.  A mail-in ballot – if you normally get a mail-in ballot and you live in Senate District 11, you’re not going to get it this time.  It was going to be an all mail-in ballot election, and a judge just changed that.  This is going to be a pollng place election.  Now, that hurts the Democrats, big time, and they know it.  And they know it.  How do we know that they know it?  They appealed the ruling and they appealed it to the Colorado Supreme Court to try and get that overturned so that they could get a mail-in ballot.  See, they want as many ballots out there as they can.  They want as many people on government assistance voting, as many low information voters who don’t know even what the recall is about, — they want those folks voting.  So, it advantages Bernie Herpin, and it advantages George Rivera down in Pueblo if this is an election that is a polling place only election because the people who are organized and who are angry will show up at the polls.  They’ll take the time to go vote.  So, it’s a great disadvantage to Democrats.  Well, a judge ruled that the law that John Morse wrote – helped write, and got through the Colorado Senate, was this bill that would require all elections to be a mail ballot election.  And every person who can breathe, apparently, gets a ballot.  Well, that’s not happening in this.  So, if you are a Conservative, and you live in Senate District 11, you need to know, you are not going to get a ballot in the mail.  You will have to go to a polling place on September 11th. – I’m sorry, September 10th.  [laughs]  Don’t go on September 11th!  Don’t do that!  On September 10th, you will have to go to a polling place, and you know, we’ll have to figure where those are.  I don’t — I haven’t heard yet where those polling places will be.  But you will have to go there and vote.  It’s going to reduce the number of votes that are counted in this recall election because there just won’t be as many people that will show up at a polling place.  So, they are desperate.  The Left is desperate now, because that ruling was against them.  The ruling to throw out the petitions was against them.  They’ve taken every legal maneuver to try and stop this election from moving forward.  And none of it has worked.  So the election is going to happen.  It’s going to be on the 10th of September.  And you, as a conservative, have to know, if you live in Senate District 11, this is your opportunity to get rid of John Morse and throw him out of office.  And the only way you’re going to be able to do that is to take a couple of minutes and go to a polling place and vote.  That’s how important it is.  Okay?  That’s how important it is.  So, make sure that you are – that you know where you’re polling place is, and that you go and vote.  Okay?  So,–um, okay.  Well, I’ll get to the Owen Hill stuff in a minute, too.  I told you last week, and, you know, I get –ah, I’ll get to that in a second.  Who is this group, by the way, and we’ve talked about this woman before – Julie Wells.  Who is this group, We Can Do Better Colorado?  Don’t they come up with the dumbest names?  [in a high, falsetto, mocking voice]  “We love our children, Colorado.”  “We can do better, Colorado.”  “We love our environment Colorado.”  Shut up!  Why don’t you just say who you are: A Bunch of Liberal Scum Colorado!  That’s who you are!  Um, we’re going to talk about  Julie Wells and this very shadowy group, right?  See, they do it different than we do.  If we’re going to do something, like an ad, something like that, we’re Americans for Prosperity, or we’re some group.  They go out and they form these different groups that can’t be traced.  They have this Julie Wells who’s doing it.  And, uh, there’s a great article about who this group is, that just came out, just published here yesterday.  We’re going to talk about that, when we come back.

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CRANK:  I know it comes as a shock to you, but they’re trying to manipulate emotion once again in Senate District 11.  Now, again, we know what happens with John Morse and his wanting to take firearms away from women to protect themselves from murders and and thugs.   And by the way, isn’t that – when you think about firearms and the right to carry a firearm and protect yourself, isn’t that really a women’s rights issue?  […]  But if you’re a woman who is five-foot-two, one hundred and twenty pounds, shouldn’t  you have the right to carry?  John Morse doesn’t think so.  John Morse wants to take your gun away.  We know that’s the case.  So the Left has to create some boogie man to try and get this election turned away from the topic of John Morse and him taking guns away from womenAnd so they’ve created this, “Well, Bernie Herpin is going to take your birth control away.”   They don’t have any basis in fact to make that claim, and they know it.  And they know it.  And there is a ridiculous piece on ColoradoPols today, which is a rag of a blog about politics.  And it goes on to say, “Well, Crank and Carno’s legal maneuver here is an interesting development in this, but we don’t think it was wise to challenge this ad for several reasons.  First, Herpin answered a Pike’s Peak Citizens [for Life] candidate questionnaire, saying he – claiming to be pro-life and says he –we become persons at the single-cell stage of development.”   That doesn’t mean he supported the personhood amendment, does it?! You guys are lying!  You’re making a leap that can’t be made unless you’re going to lie about it.  And then you guys say – this is ColoradoPols, “As we noted, that’s almost exactly the language of the Personhood amendment from ’08 and 2010.”  But it doesn’t mean that he supported the Personhood amendment, does it?!  Because the Personhood amendment contained other things in it besides just saying that life begins at the moment of conception.  Lots of people believe that life begins at the moment of conception.  Lots of people.  That doesn’t mean that they also support the Personhood amendment.  But you’re making that argument, and you know it’s wrong.  You know it’s a lie.  So, you guys go on to say, in ColoradoPols, that – well, you say,  “The bottom line is we think they are genuinely worried about this.”  No!  We’re not worried about it!  We want to stop lying in politics. You’re worried about it.  The Left is worried about it.  Because if you can’t lie to voters, you’re not going to win this election.  And you know it!  So, you’re the ones who are worried.  Because you’re worried that we might actually succeed in getting these ridiculous ads pulled off of TV, and if we do, it means you can’t continue to lie. It sets a precedent –that you can’t lie.  You can’t have 527s come in and lie about Ken Buck and how he hates women, or this Republican and how he hates women.  You guys have been manipulating the vote, and you should be ashamed of yourself!   You’ve been doing it for years!    And it’s now your playbook, it’s your standard playbook.  And we’re going to punch a hole right through your playbook!  What do you think of that?  So you’re the ones worried, not me.  Not Laura Carno.  We’re standing up for what’s right.  And you fail to mention in your little article in ColoradoPols that I’ve gone after Republicans who have lied time and time again!  In fact, I’ve gone more after Republicans who have lied than Democrats.  Two weeks ago I talked about Dudley Brown on this show, and some of the tactics that he has used.  I’m consistent.  I don’t like lying in politics.  I don’t like false ads.  And when you run them, or a Republican runs them, I’m going to call you out on them.  Because I think they’re disrespectful to voters, and I think it is the arrogance – total arrogance! – on the part of politicians to manipulate voters just so they can get elected!  I think it’s arrogance!  And that’s what you do.  You’re the ruling class who thinks you can lie to people and you can say anything or you can do anything because we’re so stupid we’re a bunch of sheep.  I think it’s disrespectful and I’m going to fight you every step of the way on it!  You understand?  So, if you want to think that we’re worried about it, we’re not!   You’re worried about it!  You’re worried we figured out your playbook and your playbook is to lie, to cheat, to steal and do everything you possibly can to steal an election!  There!  We figured you out.  Okay?  Now, let’s talk about the issues that are in this recall election.  It’s about John Morse, and his policies on guns.  It’s about John Morse wanting to take those guns away from women who want to protect themselves and then claiming that he supports women and women’s rights.  Give me an example of it!  There’s women who die every single day at the hands of some man who may have –they may have a restraining order against, and John Morse wants to take a gun out of that woman’s hand to defend herself against that guy.  And you’re trying to say, “Oh, John Morse is for women’s rights.”  Baloney!  John Morse isn’t.  John Morse is for his own political hide.  John Morse is there to stand up for Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York; for Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States; and for Sarah Brady and the Brady Campaign.  And John Morse is there to stand up for his own political hide.  You know it and I know it.  So, if we’re talking about who is respectful to women, it’s not John Morse!   Okay?  Let’s go to Steve.  Steve, welcom