Jeff Crank Show, Bernie Herpin, September 14, 2013

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Show:      Jeff Crank Show

Guests:    Herpin


Date:       September 14, 2013

Topics:     Americans for Prosperity Colorado, Recalls, Senate President John Morse, Senator Angela Giron

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[“You’re Fired, John Morse” montage]

HOST JEFF CRANK:   Well, lots to get to.  Let me do this.  I want to thank a lot of people, and I know I’m going to forget some people, and that’s why you should never thank people by name because you always forget people.  And I’ll forget Daniel, who – how many miles?  You did 140?


CRANK:  137 Miles this guy walked to try and help defeat John Morse.  That’s pretty impressive.  So, uh, thank you, Daniel – who is here with us in studio every single week, except when you aren’t.  Right?  Yeah, once in a while.  Right.  Um, okay, so here’s who –.  For those of you who are thinking, “Hey, this was a great moment,”  I just want to say who needs to be thanked in this.  Um, Basic Freedom Defense Fund, first and foremost –.  Basic Freedom Defense Fund.  You know, these are the folks that just decided– got up off their couch and said, “You know what?  I’m sick of this.  I’m going to go– I’m going to go make a difference.  I am going to recall my state senator.”  Everybody told them it’s not possible, you can’t do it.  Okay?  Specifically in that, specifically in Basic Freedom Defense Fund, are Victor Head down in Pueblo, right?  And his brother, and Rob Harris, here in Colorado Springs.  [to producer] Is Rob joining us today?   He will be in.  When?  Eight-thirty, okay.  Rob will be in at 8:30.  And those are folks that just said, “Look, enough is enough.”  […] These people are heroes!  They’re heroes for what happened on Tuesday.  Uh, the National Rifle Association for stepping up and getting the job done.  I mean, they came in and provided the air support to get this done.  They helped compete with the ads that Michael Bloomberg was running along with his buddy, John Morse. […]  But the NRA came in and did a great job on that.  Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity –I don’t know what the final tally was, but I think Americans for Prosperity did issue education. They were not telling people, “Vote against John Morse.” They were telling people, “This is John Morse’s record. This is where he is on taxes. This is where he is on big government.” I think they walked 20,000 or more– 20,000 or more doors, and probably as many phone calls. I don’t have final numbers. I don’t work for AFP anymore. But they deserve a thank you.  How about Laura Carno, my old, old, old, extremely old producer of this show—Laura Carnoand “I Am Created Equal”.  Every time they tried to change the subject away from personal liberty and freedom, and make it about abortion, we made it – and Laura really did this – she made it about personal freedom and liberty.  Oh, really?  You say you’re pro-choice, John Morse.  You say you’re pro-choice, Angela Giron.  But, you know what?  You won’t let me decide what kind of gun I want to have as a woman to defend myself.  Excellent work, and Laura and I Am Created Equal did a great job in making sure that that happened.  Tamara Farrah, who ran the office that Basic Freedom Defense Fund worked out of – Americans for Prosperity did some work there, and others.   And so, that – Tamara deserves – a great help and support.  Jeff Hayes, the Republican Party Chairman did a good job in this, coming with that agreement and forcing Jaxine Bubis and Bernie Herpin to do the right thing and come up with one candidate, and we’ll talk more about that.  Sherriff Terry Maketa.  Sherriff Maketa did a great job in this race and he deserves a lot of credit.  From the moment when I — when Terry and I talked about coming up with an agreement and putting  pressure on Jaxine Bubis and Bernie Herpin to do the right thing and come up with one candidate – ONE CANDIDATE!  And that momen– from then on, from that point forward, and even before that, Sherriff Maketa has done a great job – the radio ads that he did, standing up and being counted on this Second Amendment issue, Sherriff Maketa did a wonderful job in this.  And we’ll talk about the agreement and why it was important to do that.  Um, Bernie Herpin!  Bernie Herpin.  You know, it is hard – it is absolutely hard to be a candidate and have those lies be told and let your family have to watch those on television, and hear them on the radio, when they know it’s not true, and it isn’t true.  So, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera deserve a lot of credit for stepping up in the breech, right?  For being in the breech of this fight and paying a personal price for this.  So, I want to thank them, too.  But most importantly, it’s all those volunteers.  It’s all those folks that went out and got the signatures to get this done when they were told it couldn’t be done, right?  And they did it anyway.  Then they followed through and they just marched on — through all the darkness through everybody saying you can’t do it, they just marched on.  And that was the – they are the true heroes of this.  And also, Becky Mizel, who is the Republican Party chair down in Pueblo County.  I’m very proud of Pueblo for what they did in that Angela Giron race.  They did an absolutely spectacular job at ensuring that people turned out, and[that] people knew the truth about Angela Giron.  Now, I’ve probably forgotten a few people.  I’m sure there are some people that I didn’t name by name and you know, there is hundreds in this that deserve that thanks for getting the job done.  But there’s lots of folks that deserve that thanks.  And I will talk a little bit more about why it was important – looking back on it, why it was so important to get that agreement that Terry Maketa and myself and others pushed so hard for.  Doug Lamborn signed that letter, saying we need one candidate.  Leaders stepped up, and we’re going to talk about that in a minute.  But I do have Terrance on the line, and he says that this is disgra—how much time to I have?  Two minutes?  All right, well, we can stretch this one out, yeah, a little bit.  Okay, he says this is disgraceful gloating. Terrance, go ahead. How are you?  Welcome.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Hey!  Good morning, Jeff.  Man, I thought Muhammad Ali used to gloat after his victories.  Wow, buddy!  I thought I was listening to a flippin’ Emmy acceptance, there.

CRANK:  [Laughs]

CALLER TERRANCE:  Listen, your gloating is a little bit – well, let’s just say it’s distasteful.  But let’s get to the point.

CRANK:  Thank you.

CALLER TERRANCE:  The reason I called–.  Yeah, “thank you”.  Yeah, great.  I mean, Doug Lamborn signed the letter, right?  Anyway, I called to tell you that, you know, this sets a dangerous precedent, I think.  I think that there’s a real danger.  What happens now is that your leaders and your elected officials are really going to be second-guessing their decisions for fear of a recall, now that you’re making –.

CRANK:  They should be second-guessing their decisions.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Real–? No, well, what it’s doing is making them impotent, Jeff.  And that is something that you don’t understand

CRANK:  No! That’s good.  I want them to be impotent. If they’re going to try and take my rights away, I want them impotent.  You bet!

CALLER TERRANCE:  Well, I’m glad you got your guns back on Tuesday–that Giron and Morse took away.  That must have felt really good.

CRANK:  Yeah.  I’ll tell you what’s disgraceful, you call in and you’re smirky and snotty and all of that.


CRANK:  Yeah.  That’s disgraceful.

CALLER TERRANCE:  You set the tone for your show, by coming on and taking victory laps, Jeff.  Let’s cut to the chase!

CRANK:  Hey, Terrance, let me ask you.  What’s more disgraceful, the fact that I played a few sound clips on this show, or the fact that John Morse had every opportunity to be graceful the night of the election, and he chose not to be.  He chose to not even concede the race and he chose not to call Bernie Herpin.  He chose not to stand up and say, “Look, I accept the will of the voters.”  He just was arrogant –.  What’s more disgraceful – me, and what we’re doing on this show?  Or the fact that he did that?  You tell me!

CALLER TERRANCE:  Can I respond?

CRANK:  Yeah.


CALLER TERRANCE:  Since you want to bring the finance piece into it, let’s talk about corporate interests that came into play here.  It’s interesting that the $200,000-plus that’s going to be spent on this recall, wasn’t offered up by the corporate interests – by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch [Terrance pronounces it “Cock”] brothers, or, the NR–.

CRANK:  The what brothers?

CALLER TERRANCE:  The Koch brothers!

CRANK:  The what?

CALLER TERRANCE:  You call them the Koch brothers, I call them the Kock brothers–.

CRANK:  You know what, that’s offensive and vile and you probably ought to be dumped for doing that.

CALLER TERRANCE:  That’s their name.

CRANK:  Terrance, that isn’t their name.  Now you call in here, — listen!

CALLER TERRANCE:  It’s K-O-C-H, right?

CRANK:  Yeah, it’s called ‘Koch’.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Okay. Koch brothers, cocaine brothers, I don’t care.  You can call them what you want!

CRANK:  Terrance!  Terrance, now you’re calling in and saying I’m – this is disgraceful gloating.  And you call in and you act like this?  What a child!

CALLER TERRANCE:  You don’t want to answer the question?

CRANK:  Terrance! You are a –

CALLER TERRANCE:  Do you want to answer the – do you want to address the question or not?

CRANK:  Terrance!  Terrance, you’re a child!  You’re a child.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Do you want to answer the questions, or not?

CRANK:  Terrance, you’re a child who got beat.  You and you’re little school boy buddy got beat.

CALLER TERRANCE:  They’re not –. They’re not paying –. That’s interesting that they’re not going to pay for the election.

CRANK:  Who?  Who are you talking about?

CALLER TERRANCE:  I’m talking about the corporate interests that fueled this whole thing, Jeff.  Don’t act –.  Jeff, come on!  Why do you act so naïve?

CRANK:  Hey!  Terrance, I know facts are stubborn things and facts are something that maybe you don’t deal with a lot.  But let me just give you an example, here.  Eight to one.  Our side was outspent 8 to 1, and yet we won, because our cause was just.  And that’s the difference.  And that’s the thing you’re not going to understand, Terrance.  So you can sit and say it was – you can childishly try and change somebody’s name to something that frankly ought not be said on the airwaves.  Let me just tell you, if you do it again, I’ll dump it and it won’t go out over air, and you’ll be banned from ever calling into the show again.  So stop doing that, okay?  Number one.  Okay?  Number two –.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Okay, well, do you refute that then?  Did they dump money into this?

CRANK:  Who?  The Koch brothers?


CRANK:  They didn’t –.  I –. Did they write a check to anything?  I know that Americans for Prosperity did some issue advocacy here—


CRANK:  But that doesn’t mean that — are you saying that that’s the Koch brothers?  Because last I checked, Michael Bloomberg –.

CALLER TERRANCE:  They’re the Heritage–.

CRANK:  Michael Bloomberg–.  They’re the what?

CALLER TERRANCE:  They’re the Heritage Foundation.  I know who they are.

CRANK:  Wait a minute.  Did the Heritage Foundation do anything in this race?  I don’t think so.  But I do know this.  Michael Bloomberg wrote a $350,000 check, after he wrote a $20,000 check.  And I’m guessing that in the next couple of weeks, when we see the final campaign finance report –I’m guessing he wrote another $200- $350,000 check.  So, who’s the special interest here?  Who tried to buy this election?

CALLER TERRANCE:  Well, was Bloomberg the one who started the recall?  I don’t think he was.  I think he came in after the fact.

CRANK:  No, it was a group of citizens that did it.  He can’t start the election, because he lives in New York! We started the election.  We started it!  –a group of people who were tired of having John Morse tell them what they can do.

CALLER TERRANCE:  My point is this, Jeff —

CRANK:  Your final point, I’ve got to run.

CALLER TERRANCE:  Yeah.  Okay.  Well, the election, the recall vote wasn’t exactly fueled by people in-state, by grassroots folks here on the ground.

CRANK:  Really?  Really?

CALLER TERRANCE:  That’s right. It’s part of a larger, national–right now– trend to recall people.  And basically, like I said, I think it’s a dangerous precedent.

CRANK:  Like in Wisconsin, where the left and the unions went in to recall–.

CALLER TERRANCE:  [inaudible]


CALLER TERRANCE:  You’re apples to oranges, again, Jeff!  Listen, I’ve got to –.

CRANK:  Oh!  See ya, buddy!  See ya, Terrance.  Give me a break!  You talk about a sore loser!  Terrrance, get some — get a life, man!  Get some facts!  First of all, it’s okay—it’s okay for them to recall in Wisconsin, but it’s not okay for them to do it in Colorado.  Give me a break, Terrance!  And let me just tell you, right now, don’t ever—ever call in here and use a swear word, like you did, –and that’s exactly what you were doing.  You thought you were being clever.  [If] you ever do it again, you’ll be dumped and you will never – your call will never be taken on this show, and if I recognize your voice getting through, we’ll  dump you again.  Have some decorum.  And don’t call in here and say, “It’s disgraceful gloating!” and then act like a child!

[Crank also says in the podcast that AFP did some work in the same office as Basic Freedom Defense Fund, which is a c-4. BFDF’s website now forwards to the site of the Colorado Second Amendment Association, which is also a C4.]