Jeff Crank Show, Ken Buck, July 22, 2017

Station:    KVOR, 740 am

Show:       Jeff Crank Show

Guests:    Buck, Ken


Date:        July 22, 2017


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HOST JEFF CRANK:  Let me ask — on the Russia issue — you alluded to it.  I’ve talked about it here. I think it is just the grand diversion of the left. And when I say the left, it’s the Democrats and it’s the media who doesn’t like Donald Trump. There’s not been a shred of evidence that there is collusion.But we’re talking about Russia constantly. Your thoughts on that?

U.S. REP. KEN BUCK:  Well, I think that’s right. I was a prosecutor–as you know, Jeff – for 25 years.  And I go to the town hall meetings and people keep on bringing up Russia. To me it is the equivalent of the far right conspiracy theory about Pres. Obama’s birth certificate. I think it has no substance. I think it diverts attention from the real issues that we need to address. And we are going to regret in 10-15 years — when we go off the fiscal cliff, when we can’t afford to do the things they we’re doing right now, when we can’t borrow money to keep our government going in this artificial way – we’re going to regret the fact that we didn’t spend time and focus as a country on the important issues and problems that we have