Jeff Crank Show, Ken Buck, November 9, 2013

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Date:       November 9, 2013

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HOST JEFF CRANK:  Hey, joining me right now, is a candidate for United States Senate.  Now, we all know that our problem in Washington is that we don’t have enough votes.  We have got to get a few more votes for our side.  And on the phone right now, Ken Buck, candidate for United States Senate.  Ken, thanks for joining me.  How are you this morning?

U.S. SENATOR CANDIDATE KEN BUCK:   Good morning, Jeff!  I’m doing great.  How are you?

I’m good!  I’m good.  Where are you in this great state today?

BUCK:  I am in Sterling and I am surrounded by a group of hunters, who are either going out, or have just been  out.  So, it’s a good feeling right now to be around a bunch of good gun people.

CRANK:  Are they deer hunters, or pheasant hunters, or what?  I guess it’s not quite pheasant season, yet?

BUCK:  Well, they’ve got a lot of orange on, so I’m guessing they are shooting some four-legged critter.

CRANK:  Yes, four-legged critters, very good.  Well, good.  Yes, I was deer hunting yesterday.  I’m going pheasant hunting today and tomorrow, and then hopefully deer hunting on Monday a little bit, too.  But, I’m not sure anybody cared about any of that but I just thought I’d throw it in because I’m excited about that.  So Ken, first of all, how are things going for you in your race in the United States Senate?

BUCK:  I think they’re going great.  The enthusiasm on the ground, Jeff, is really tremendous.  As you know, I ran in the 2010 cycle and we had a lot of rallies, and a lot of people that were very loud and excited about it.  I think the volume is lower this election cycle but the enthusiasm is just as great.  I think they are — .  The Democrats just continue to screw up and they continue to hand us issues that really get our side energized, and not just what they’ve done in the legislature on guns, but the federal level with the NSA and the IRS, and certainly Obamacare right now is at the center of everyone’s attention.  So, I think it’s a good election cycle to run and people are really energized on our side.

CRANK:  Well, and I think – I don’t think there’s any question about it.  We’ve got a number of U.S. Senate seats around the country  that are critically important and great opportunities there for Republican pickups across the board, including right here in Colorado.  So, I think it’s an opportune time.  Well, you’ve got an event coming up soon, right?  — where, speaking of guns, speaking of firearms – you’ve got an event coming up where the Gunowners of America are going to support you, right?

BUCK:  That’s right.  It’s the first endorsement of any major gun group for a U.S. Senate candidate in the country.  And I’m really honored to get that.  And we’re going to have an event in Colorado Springs at 8:00 o’clock in the morning on next Saturday – a week from today, November 16th at American Legion, Post 5 in downtown Colorado springs, there.  And we’re really excited and we’d love to have people join us for that.

CRANK:  And it’s at 8:00 o’clock?

BUCK:  That’s correct.

CRANK:  8:00, next Saturday.  Now, should people listen to the Jeff crank Show on the way down to that or what?  What do you think?

BUCK:  You know, I’m hoping that they have an ear plugged in the entire time, so with one ear they can listen to what is going on with the Gun Owners of America , and at the same time, listen to —

CRANK:  Ohhh.  Ma-a-n.  [laughing]  You are good, Buck!  You are good.  You are pretty good!

BUCK:  [laughs]

CRANK:  I gotta say, that’s pretty good.  No, listen.  Congratulations on that.  And I know you’ve been a stalwart supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment, and those things.  Now, there’s probably something –.  Now, obviously,most people who listen to this show are gun owners and gun rights folks, but there’s other folks who might be listening and say, “Well, why should I vote for Ken Buck?”  Why should they vote for Ken Buck?

BUCK:  You know, the key is a return to constitutional form of government.  And I really enjoyed your last caller, by the way.  I think what he is talking about in terms of morality is something that I see every day as District Attorney.  And we need to make sure that the federal government is acting within the boundaries that our founding fathers set for the federal government.  And that we delegate or allow the states to take over the issues that they once had and that they deal with best, like education and other issues.  And then we have the local government dealing with the issues that local governments should be dealing with.  And so, returning our country to a Constitutional form of government is my primary goal in going to Washington D.C..

CRANK:  Well, it is one of those things.  And I talked about this earlier.  It just seems to me that Republicans in the last couple of election cycles, have allowed the left—They’re very good at diverting our attention from the issues that matter.  And, you know, the issues that matter and the issues that divide Democrats are Obamacare, number one; and spending.  And it seems to me, — and, you know, kind of ‘big government’.  It seems to me that if we continue to focus on those issues, rather than the issues that they want to focus on which divide Republicans – issues like immigration, and the life issue, and other things.  They want to do battle on those issues.  We ought to stay on our own field.  We ought to have the home field advantage, when it comes to this, and continue to talk about the issues that divide them.  Your thoughts on that.

BUCK:  Well, you’re absolutely right.  The – what a Senator spends most of his or her time doing are the issues involving the expenditure of federal funds. And clearly in the last eight to ten years there have been huge deficits and the country has been going the wrong way, — in my view, for the last 60 to 70 years, but clearly in the last eight to ten, we have been spending so much more than we have that it’s absolutely ridiculous.   But, I do think the life issue is important.  I do think the immigration issue is important. But, really, what a Senator spends most of his or her time on is dealing with the expenditure of funds and the scope of the federal government.  And it’s something that I think Republicans do agree on, and we need to shrink the scope of the federal government.

CRANK:  Sure, and there’s no question about it.  I think where the left sees their opportunity is that like, if they can bring up immigration, they know where John McCain is going to be.  He’s going to be for amnesty, and those sorts of things.  So, they want that fight, because they know that he’ll fight with actual conservatives in our party, and then we’ll be fighting on the terms that they want rather than us just continuing to say, “Look, we’re happy to talk about immigration, but only after we solve the healthcare problem right now, that millions of Americans are losing their health insurance.  So, –.

BUCK:  Well, and it goes to credibility, also.  They don’t just want to talk about immigratioin.  They want to give amnesty, and then say, “Trust us, we’ll secure the border.  Trust us,  we’ll develop an employee verification program in the country.”  And we don’t trust the federal government.  And that’s why we’re divided. 

CRANK:  And perhaps we don’t trust them because of things like Obamacare [laughs].

BUCK:   They’ve lied to us.  You know, they’ve lied to us for years.

CRANK:  Exactly.  Exactly.  Exactly.  All right, Ken, say again when your event is, um,– go ahead.

BUCK:  8 a.m. on Saturday, November 16th, at the American Legion, Post 5 in Colorado Springs

CRANK:  That’s next Saturday, at 8 a.m. down at the American Legion Post, downtown – I think it’s on Platte and Cascade, if I believe, is correct — Yes, it’s got a cannon out front.  I mean, you can’t miss that building.  All right, Ken, thank you for joining us this morning .  We appreciate it.

BUCK:  Thanks so much, Jeff

CRANK:  Good luck to you on the campaign trail.  Stay away from those guys out in the field with the blaze orange on, though.

Oh, I think they’re going to vote Republican.  I’ll probably be out shaking hands with them.

Sounds good, man. [laughing]  Thank you, Ken.

Take care.