Jeff Crank Show, Kent Lambert, March 23, 2013

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Show:        Jeff Crank Show, with guest host Richard Randall    

Guests:      Lambert


Date:         March 23, 2013

Topics:      Legislature, State Assembly, Hickenlooper, Budget, Socialist Democrats, Leftist Agenda, Rhonda Fields, Gun Safety, Gun Control, Gun Legislation, Death Threats, Voters, Death Penalty, Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, Open Carry,  Confiscation, Second Amendment, Background Check Loophole,  Crime, Law Enforcement, Prison Closings, Chicago, New York City, California, Dinesh D’Souza

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GUEST HOST RICHARD RANDALL:   [Regarding the state legislature]  Where are we going to be going in the next week?

CO STATE REPRESENTATIVE KENT LAMBERT:  […] We’re about halfway through our legislative session right now, and you’ve just seen, you know, the start of two years, here, for the rest of John Hickenlooper’s first term, and we’re seeing, you know, the most radical leftist agenda coming forward in Colorado that we have ever seen in our history.  And this next week is actually budget week in the Senate.  We’re just starting out the state budget, and it’ll go through the Senate and then have to go through the House of Representatives.  And I very much doubt that we’re going to be able to slow down this juggernaut of just more and more socialist programs, taking more and more money away from the people of CO and you know, enabling all the other pieces of bad legislation that have already gone through. 

RANDALL:  You know what frustrates me, is there’s a certain sense of hypocrisy – I’m thinking of Rhonda Fields.  She is somebody who –from Aurora, and unfortunately, she got some death threats, and that was really inappropriate, it was unfortunate.  But, she pushes through a lot of this gun legislation, and then, all of a sudden, they –look at the death penalty [bill] this year, she is opposed to revising and doing away with the death penalty because unfortunately, her son and fiancée were killed before they testified in a case.   And the irony is she said this was such a sensitive issue, that it should be taken to the voters, — that she had faith in the voters, and they ought to decide this.  Kent Lambert, help me understand.  Why does she believe that on her issues, but she sure as heck doesn’t believe that on our issues.  She thinks that they’re smarter and wants to ram it through as quickly as they can.   This has got to be a double standard.

LAMBERT:  Well, I think it is a double standard, but she’ll get a pass for that.  They’re still probably going to ram the revocation of the Death Penalty through.  And for her district, for her, because it’s her, they’ll probably give her a pass on that and you know, ignore here opposition.  And, you know the problem is, here, we have had, actually since we had revised our gun laws here in Colorado in 2003, really advanced Concealed Carry, advanced even Open Carry in Colorado – it’s interesting that, you know, our crime rates have been going down to the extent where now we’re having to consider some way of closing about six to eight prisons in this state.  And now, you know, with everybody having their guns confiscated or taken away here over the next couple years, almost completely overturning the Second Amendment, what’s going to happen to our crime rate?  No more death penalty.  No more enforcement.  Maybe this is a way of filling our prisons back up again.  You know, that’s the ultimate objective, I’m sure, but there are consequences for these bad policies. 

RANDALL:  Well, and there are consequences to elections.  I’ve got Sean Paige ready to go.  I’ve got the woman who’s bringing Dinesh D’Souza here to town.  And I need to talk with her.  So my final question to you, and we’ll talk next week as well, but yet again, talk to me about consequences for elections, because we’ve got a city council election coming up here but I think there were a lot of people  [who] got wrapped up at presidential elections and some of these races were on their radar, but I don’t know if they were thinking specifically that this much was going to be happening.

LAMBERT:  Well, it’s certainly important to keep your eye on the ball here, for local elections, because we’re turning our state into another New York, another California.  We’re seeing in those states taxes going up, the economy going down, crime going up.  And unfortunately, that’s what we just voted for here in Colorado.  And we’re going to see all of those things happen.  They happen all over the country, in Chicago –and that’s the model right now, Chicago and New York City is now the model for Colorado.  If people don’t think their vote in local elections counts, just watch and learn. 

RANDALL:    All right, thank you so much, Kent Lambert.  The irony, of course, in all of this is how many people have moved to Colorado in the past twenty, fifteen, ten years because they didn’t want to live with the troubles in Chicago, or California, or New York, and now those problems are following them, thanks to these politicians  Thank you so much, Kent Lambert.  We’ll talk to you next week.