Jeff Crank Show, (Richard Randall – guest host), September 8, 2012

Station:      KVOR, 740 AM

Show:        Jeff Crank Show

Guests:      Randall


Date:         September 8, 2012

Topics:      Illegal Immigrants, DNC, Democratic National Convention, “2016”, Dinesh D’Souza, Political Movies, Michael Moore, Kerry, Biden, Obama, Immigration, English, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Military, Guns, American Exceptionalism, Riots, Detroit, Chicago, Armed Revolution

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[Commentary on the newer, kinder, gentler Richard Randall – he wants to help convince people and draw them to his side… so he doesn’t get all loud and crazy on people anymore]

[After viewing “2016” by Dinesh D’Souza]

RADIO HOST RICHARD RANDALL:  His documentary was very, very well done.  I wish there was a way that somehow every American could see it –liberal, moderate, certainly conservatives.  It’s probably preaching to the choir here, when it comes to conservatives because they already have this feeling about Barak Obama.


RANDALL:  Will it make much of a difference?  Will that movie make much of a difference in terms of the election? I’d certainly love to know that.  I’d certainly love to know that.  Do you think it will make a difference?  Because I think if people don’t see the movie, it won’t make a difference.  I think a fair minded person walking in and watching that movie, it would absolutely make a difference.  But, I don’t know if that will happen.  I have to tell you, I own two Michael Moore movies, –“Bowling for Columbine” and “Farenheit 9/11”.   Haven’t watched either one of them.  He annoys me so much.  I’m big on the annoyance thing.  Does he annoy me because he is a big, fat slob?   No.  He annoys me because of his attitude, his personality, and how he behaves, plus hispolitical views.  That’s why he annoys me.  [Rachel Maddow anecdote – RR got in trouble for harshing on Maddow and mentioning her orientation]

[Discussing DNC with Caller Bob:]

[Richard Randall says that the speeches might be me misled by Kerry, Biden, Obama speeches… might think they support military, against illegal immigration, concerned with middle class, there was NO talk of abortion…. The uninitiated, naïve viewer might come away with favorable view of Dems]

[CALLER BOB: thinks the unemployed are slackers… there ARE jobs out there.  Then says he thought he was in the USSR listening to DNC, he got sick to his stomach.]

CALLER BOB:  What do you think will happen to this country if this guy is re-elected.

RANDALL:  After especially watching the movie 2016 last night, I think we will be in real trouble. […]  I would anticipate…There will be full born [sic] and complete amnesty with regard to illegal immigration. Now, that’s not just a small deal in terms of how many people, you know 14 million people.

RANDALL:  […]  You have full immigration amnesty.  You’re looking at 14 million people as a voting bloc.  Those people, and this is how Obama operates, you know that Bob.  He gives them something.  He gives them one of the most valuable things a person can have—US citizenship.  He rewards them for cheating and lying and sneaking into this country.  And those people for generations — at least a generation or two, are going to remain loyal to him and his party.  It will change fundamentally the United States  of America.  Not just culturally, because you have a lot of people who […] are not doing a good job at assimilating.  I’m sorry.


RANDALL:  When I’m looking at an Obama ad on the computer the other night […]  and it was in Spanish.  And I’m not racist, but I’m thinking to myself, you know, when my ancestors came here, they learned the language.  You didn’t have to talk to them in, –well, Scotland and England, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but you didn’t have to talk to the other ones in Italian.


RANDALL:  So that would be a problem.  I think he’ll totally downsize the military – every dollar of the military budget is something he can’t wait to get his hands on to spend on social programs.  Um, I don’t think he has this view of America, I think, Bob, Republicans call it “American Exceptionalism”.  He’s apologetic about the greatness of the United States.   I don’t think  in his world view we should be so dominant and so powerful.   It’s kind of, in his world, morally wrong for us to be that way.  What do you think?

CALLER BOB:  [Talks about Chuck Norris appearing on Huckabee and saying that he thinks we need a revolution in this country.  Caller bob has a lot of male friends from his coffee group and they are all ready for a revolution.  Thinks that we need to take our country back.  Doesn’t know what’s going to happen], “but  it just don’t sound good to me.”

RANDALL:  All right, then hang on, I tell you what,  they’re telling me I need to take a break.  And I sense you are talking about armed revolution.

CALLER BOB:  Oh, no I’m not really!

RANDALL:  Okay, then, here’s what I want to do.  I want to make sure we are on the same page.  Because I don’t want to mischaracterize anything.  Because I have heard people talk about armed revolution, and you have this judge down in Texas and people freak out.  Here’s the thing:   I think there’s going to be trouble – no matter what happens.  If Barak Obama is defeated, I fully expect for there to be riots in American cities – I fully expect it.  If he is re-elected, you’re not going to see riots, but you’re going to see people who are very close to their rights and hang on to them closely…  hang on a second, Bob.  We’ll talk more when we come back.

[After the commercial break, after a short monologue on Rs and Ds choice of popular music and the musicians protestations or support for the use of their music by politicians and causes]

RANDALL:  Here’s the thing:   Revolution.  It depends what kind of revolution you’re talking about.  I’m not big on armed revolution.  I hope, in our country, there is never, ever again any form of government that would require the American public to do what many of us are prepared to do, and that is, we own guns—I own guns.  People ask me,  “Why do you  own guns?”  Because they’re cool, and  I like them,  Um, they’re fun to shoot.  And I own them primarily for protection.  My number one job as a parent is to keep my family safe and that is one of the mechanisms for doing it.  […] I hope I never have to use those weapons.  And some of them are military,  you know.  […]  I don’t hope that we ever have to have armed conflict.  But it’s going to be dicey, no matter who wins this election.


RANDALL:  I would hate to be in Chicago or Detroit, some of those areas when President Barak Obama is defeated, because I think there has been this mentality that   they  are entitled to him to be president.  And somehow if he’s not, it would have been rigged against him, or something.  What do you and your buddies talk about?

[Discussing Illegals and the effect of their presence and policies legislated around illegal immigration]

CALLER  Bob:  [Why would you want to destroy the greatest country that’s every been invented in the world if you were elected president?  … Illegals have ruined So Calif.  They literally destroy your house when they rob you.  Relatives who still live in CA are literally petrified.  They’ve boughten up everything… You have to speak a foreign language (Spanish and Viet-knees, and all that other stuff) or else you’re in trouble.]

RANDALL:  Well, and I look at the news from out there and  I would have to ask California, Southern California, go to parts of Texas, and ask Arizona, New Mexico, ask, “Are you better off now than you were before the country tolerated all of these people who are here illegally?”  And of course, the answer is, “NO!”   So why do they pretend, then, that it is such a good idea?  I mean, It’s not a good idea.  We have legal mechanisms for bringing people into this country, and rather than taking people who have been here illegally, giving them the DREAM Act, or up like Metro State up there in Denver, allowing them to have in-state tuition and rewarding  bad behavior, we should be in a  position where actually, we should be going in the other direction.  This idea that you can have an anchor baby and simply because you snuck into the United States of America to have your child, the child is born here, and then somehow becomes a US citizen is ridiculous.  That ought to be a Constitutional amendment, and yes, you’d have to go through a big ratification process throughout the United States of America because you’re overturning a Supreme Court opinion.