Jimmy Lakey Show, Chris Hadsall, August 22, 2016

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Guests:  Hadsall

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Date:      August 22, 2016

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HOST JIMMY LAKEY:   So, ladies and gentlemen, state house district 23.  Mr. Chris Hadsall joins us on the hotline. Mr Hadsall, welcome to the program, sir.


LAKEY:  Nice to have you.  Let’s talk about district 23.   what the programs are brown and nice to have you started district 23.  That’s southern – that is in the – describe where the district is at – the boundaries are at, because that that – we’ve got people listening from all over.

HADSALL:  Sure.  Absolutely.  It’s kind of in m in north Lakewood, and  then as you move north of sixth Avenue it goes from Sheridan all the way, kind of out to Golden, to Applewood, just kind of touches Golden and then kind of goes down from there, into Green Mountain and kind of western Lakewood.

LAKEY:  Gotcha.

HADSALL:  Yeah, that’s pretty much the district.  And then Ken Summers actually – you’re going to have him on in a little bit and he used to serve in the district.

LAKEY:  Okay, so this is Summers’ old district.  Ken Summers is going to be on the program just a little bit later talking about his recovery from West Nile.  And then he moved up – after he served in the district, he moved up to northern Colorado.  Let me ask you, sir, if I may, give us a little bit about your background.  Obviously, a new name in the political realm, you want to go the state House of Representatives. What’s you background?  Where are you coming from?

HADSALL:  Yes, sir.  Well, thanks for the question.  I am – so, I’ll just start off right away. I was a Marine for almost 10 years.  And as you know, Jimmy, Marines like to fight.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m fighting for the citizens of the house district and I’m fighting really for all Coloradans.  Because I think we need to bring this back to actually responsible governership, and responsible government.  And that’s one of the things that I’m doing.  We don’t need an echo anymore in House District 23.  We’ve kind of had eight years of extreme representation, and we don’t need it anymore.  So, that’s why I kind of woke up one night and told my wife that, “Hey, I can’t do this anymore.”  You know, politicians, whether we like it or not, are our leaders, and I don’t see very many polticians being leaders anymore.  So, I’m going to take what I learned in the Marines – almost 10 years in the Marines – and what I’ve learned in 10 years in business, now.  I’ve got two degrees in business – two masters’ degrees, and MBA and then a [inaudible] in marketing – and I’m going to take that to the capitol.

LAKEY:  So, you served in the Marines, and then after you were out of the Marines, what kind of business did you get into?  Or did you just retire?

HADSALL:  No, I actually work in the health care industry, sir.

LAKEY:  Okay. Very good.  So you are a – so you know a little bit about healthcare.  What are the major issues you think face the state of Colorado right now, besides having a feckless governor in John Hickenlooper –  my opinion, I’m not ascribing that to you.  But besides having a governor who doesn’t know how to lead the state or cast any great vision for the future for our state, what are the greatest need that you see facing the state of Colorado?

HADSALL:  Well, overall, I think government’s role is really to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, right?  So protect our kids, protect our senior citizens, protect those with physical and mental disabilities.  Other than that, almost everybody else needs to figure this out on their own. And that’s one of the things that I want to do, is when I go down, I want to make sure we don’t pass regulation that harms small businesses.   I want to make sure that we pave our roads, because I know you know, Jimmy, that we’ve got about 10,000 people a month moving into the state of Colorado.  So, we just can’t keep kicking our infrastructure needs down the road. We need to figure out what we’re going to do, how we’re going to pave our roads, how we’re going to fix our bridges, how we’re going to handle energy development, how we’re going to handle, you know, taking care of our water needs.  So, there is a lot of things that need to be decided.  So those are some of the issues.  How are we going to educate our kids?  How are we going to provide for transportation, and how are we going to provide safety for the citizens of Colorado. And that’s, you know, going out there and just supporting our men and women in blue.

LAKEY:  Now is district 23 — is that an open seat that you’re running for?  Did you have a primary?  And who are you running against?

HADSALL:  No, so it’s an open seat.  And I’m running against Chris Kennedy.

LAKEY:  All right, very good.  So, the folks that want to learn more about you and your campaign in HD 23, they can go to where to do that?

HADSALL: They can go to our website. The website is “GoChrisHadsall.com, and that’s [spells it out] and they can go there.

LAKEY:  You got it!  Chris Hadsall, it’s a pleasure!  Thank you for taking the time.  GoChrisHadsall.com. […] That’s his website and if you want to learn more about his candidacy in HD 23.  By the way, if you’re a candidate out there, and you want to be on, I’m a bipartisan host.  That’s what I am.  If you want to be on the show and have access to the listening audience I would implore to send us a note.  You can do that at Jimmy Lakey@iheartmedia.com.  And that’s both sides of the aisle.  It’s open.  As we did the primary season, I will get  you on and give you ample time to introduce yourself on these radio broadcast waves in the state of Colorado.