Jimmy Sengenberger Show, Jon Keyser, May 21, 2016

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Date:      May 21, 2016

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HOST JIMMY SENGENBERGER:  I do want to take just a moment – I think I’d be remiss not to give you chance to say — I’ve been reading in the Denver Post, I saw comments that you made in regards to these allegations about fraudulent signatures that have been put forward on your petitions — about 13, or so, — suspect, or along those lines.  What can you tell us about that?

GOP CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE, JON KEYSER:  Sure.  I’d be happy to talk about that.  You know, what happened was, just like every other statewide candidate that runs, my campaign hired a company to help us navigate a – the — probably the most complicated process to get onto a ballot in the entire United States.  Out of any of the states, Colorado is probably the most difficult.  So, we hired a company.  That company hired another company.  And that company, acting as a subcontractor, hired an employee who passed their background check and went through their training but apparently, it looks like may have forged some signatures.  And that woman, acting on behalf of the subcontractor — it is my understanding that no one has been able to find her.  But those are very serious allegations, and you know, I take them seriously.  And what she did I was certainly wrong, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we have hundreds more signatures than were acquired – than were necessary.  And you know what’s really kind of concerning to me about that is, you know, the Democrats and the liberal-leaning media here in the Denver area have been overjoyed, frankly, to talk about anything except for Michael Bennet’s failed record.  You know, during the same week when a lot of this stuff about this woman who was hired by the subcontractor was in the news, Michael Bennet was over on the Western Slope where I grew up, and he told the Grand Junction Sentinel editorial board that he understands how devastating Obamacare has been for Colorado families but he doesn’t have any answers.  That was literally a quote. He doesn’t have any answers for us here in Colorado.  And that didn’t get covered at all.  So, it’s really apparent to me that, you know, the liberal media wants to make sure they’re not talking about Michael Bennet or his failed record.  They want to talk about anything but that.  And so, I think it was a pretty good indicator.  And, talk radio and a lot of people are coming up to me and saying, “You know, Jon, it’s very apparent that the Democrats are only worried about one person facing Michael Bennet, and that’s you.”  So, I think that is probably the case.