Jimmy Sengenberger Show, Ken Buck, September 21, 2013

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Date:         September 21, 2013

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HOST JIMMY SENGENBERGER:    Going through a campaign for office, no matter what level, but especially something of the level of the US Senate, certainly teaches you  a lot of lessons.  Is there anything that you think you’ve learned from previous experience that can really enhance your potential to do well and be effective this go-round?

WELD COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE KEN BUCK:  You know, I learned a lot of lessons.  I learned that there are some Incredibly great people who give of their time and treasure.  I also learned that there are some people in politics that probably couldn’t find a job anywhere else, because they just have no value system, no moral compass, and it is an interesting endeavor, because it’s not – you know, the reasons I’m getting into this — if we could debate Obamacare, if we could debate economic policies of the Obama administration, if we could debate the foreign policy, I would be happy to sit down with Senatory Udall and have a full hour discussion on the Jimmy Sengenberger show about the Syria issue, and I’m absolutely positive that no Democrat wants to do that.  There have been so many embarrassments.  And so, really, the thing that I learned and has– has really stuck with me, and what I need to do and Republicans need to do in this election cycle, is to focus on the issues that the voters care about and stay focused on those, and don’t let the liberal media, and don’t let liberal candidates take us off of the things that the US Senate is really doing into other areas that it just doesn’t work on.

SENGENBERGER:  [Defunding Obamacare]  […] Now, you’ve come out saying,  “Well, we should defunding Obamacare, and I agree with you.   I want to – before I get your take on it, I want to play some criticism of our shared position that Jonah Goldberg had on Fox News just yesterday.  And then get your take on this and get your take overall on the reasons why this fight against Obamacare must continue and is so important.  Here’s Johah Goldberg yesterday:

Interviewer from Fox:  […] Jonah, is this a Kamikazi mission?

Jonah Goldberg:  I don’t know if it’s a Kamikazi mission, there’s definitely  a lot of Kabuki theater in it.  It’s like a long con, where you try to convince people to part with their money, and the trick is that the con artist is supposed to leave before they realize it’s a con.  And what’s happened here is that this whole ‘Defund Obamacare’ thing has been exposed with the con artist still sort of left out there.   I mean, I like Ted Cruz.  I like Mike Lee, but these guys have been selling a plan that simply won’t work and they’ve been denouncing anyone who says it won’t work as prematurely surrendering, when in fact, all they were doing was just predicting where the facts would take them. “

SENGENBERGER:  So, that would be Jonah Goldberg, conservative writer at National Review and other things. How do you respond to that?  Is trying to defund Obamacare a Kamikazi mission or just Kabuki theater, or is there a real legitimate reason to put up that fight?

BUCK:  I think there’s legitimate reason, Jimmy, there.  We cannot allow Obamacare to become one of the entitlements in this country.  We’ve got to deal with healthcare.  We’ve got to create a more open marketplace. We’ve got to give a patient centered healthcare system a chance.  We’ve got to give consumers the information they need to make good choices.  We’ve got to do better job at educating the public about their personal accountability for their health and give them incentives.  And if Obamacare becomes a part of our cultural expectation, we have lost.  We can’t afford another huge entitlement like Obamacare.  So, first of all, “Defunding it” is a little bit of a misnomer.  – we actually will be only dealing with the discretionary part of the Obamacare formula: the IRS agents, the uh,– you know, some of the folks that are actually yet to be funded in that budget.  But, if we don’t draw – if we don’t make a very strong case to the public why this should happen, shame on us.  Because in 20 years it will be a disaster on the budget

SENGENBERGER:  [Taxes, regulations & restrictions on the business community and insurance industry, and the entitlement  — this is something that is really affecting businesses – they have to spend time and resources on bureaucracy.]

BUCK:  Well, and it’s not just that.  There are so many businesses now that are laying off employees, or cutting back on hours –


BUCK:  –to avoid the effects.  This is having [the] effect of manipulating the market place in a counterproductive way when we are very vulnerable in our recovery from a recession.  And it’s just the wrong program at the wrong time in this country’s history.