Jimmy Sengenberger Show, Mark Waller, March 15, 2014

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Date:       March 15, 2014

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HOST JIMMY SENGENBERGER:  […] So, in this race for Attorney General, you are up against Cynthia Coffman. She is the Deputy Attorney General.  We’re going to have her on the show one more time, as well, before the [GOP State] Assembly next month.  What do you think, you know, sets you apart – not necessarily in a ‘go after it, start attacking your opponent’ way—but sets you apart in terms of your experience, as somebody –when people are looking at this race and considering between the two of you as candidates leading up to assembly?

COLORADO REPRESENTATIVE, AND GOP CANDIDATE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL, MARK WALLER:  You know, I think there are a couple of things that set us apart.  Um, number one, we view the role of Attorney General’s office a little differently.  You know, she has said a couple of times that she feels that I’d be more of an “ativist” Attorney General, if I were to become the AG, meaning that I would engage more upfront on the development of legislation and, um, — or fighting against bad legislation that’s moving forward.  Um, and I would be more, um – you know, I would take the role as an elected official more seriously and place more focus that way, on the office.   Whereas, you know, the way she she’s the office, it’s more of a non-partisan office, where it’s the role and responsibility of the Attorney General to be the Governor for – [correcting himself] or the lawyer for the state.  You know?  So, I think we see those roles a little bit differently.  In addition to that, I think our experience levels are vastly different.  You know, I have a wide variety of legal experience and also leadership experience that I think is necessary for an effective Attorney General.  You know, in addition to being the Minority Leader in the State legislature, I was the Assistant Majority leader for two years.  Um, you know, I have worked hard developing legislation in the state of Colorado.  I’m well aware and have a great understanding of the legislative-making process.  I think we need an Attorney General that understands that, and understands how things happen under the dome.


WALLER:  But in addition to that, we need an Attorney General who can lead other lawyers and paralegals.


WALLER:  See, I’m an old military guy, Jimmy.  I deployed to Bagdad, Iraq in 2006 where I prosecuted insurgents.  I led other lawyers and paralegals there.  You know, if I can lead lawyers and paralegals during a war in Bagdad, Iraq, I’m very confident I can do it in the state of Colorado, as well.

SENGENBERGER:  And you have — last time you were on the program—this was a few months back, I’m sure, you did talk about – and unfortunately we’re out of time, but staring Osama—excuse me, Saddam Hussein in the face, when you were in Iraq.  So, that’s certainly a very interesting story.