Kelley & Kafer Show, Walker Stapleton, October 11, 2016

Station: KNUS, 710 AM

Show:     Kelley & Kafer Show

Guests:  Stapleton, Walker


Date:      October 11, 2016

Topics:  Trump Comments, Trump Tapes, Billy Bush, Sexual Harassment, Amendment 69, Colorado Cares, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Krista Kafer, Top of the Ticket, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ballot, Initiatives, Bernie Sanders, Health Care, Socialized Medicine, Colorado as a Laboratory for Democracy, Single Payer, Vermont, Economic Disaster, T.R. Ried, Federal Healthcare Mandate, Medicaid Expansion, Governing Board, Bureaucrats, Beneficiary, Funding, Outiside Money, Amendment, Energy Industry, Colorado State Constitution, Chairman of the “No on 69” Campaign, Bipartisan Opposition, Irene Aguilar, Canada, Germany, Out of Pocket, Hospital Stay, Emergency Care, Coverage, Raise Taxes, Taxpayer Bill of Rights, TABOR,

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HOST STEVE KELLEY:  Well this a guy that we love to talk to.  He’s on the “A” list here, when it comes to guests, and we love to have Walker Stapleton – who is the State Treasurer — on the line with us, 710 KNUS.  Sorry to make you wait, there, Walker!  And thank you for coming on.

COLORADO STATE TREASURER, WALKER STAPLETON:   Not at all!  Always good to be with you, Steve –with or without Krista.

KELLEY:  [laughs] I know Krista wanted to be here!  We want to not only focus on the top of the ticket, but just a quick comment –maybe an overview from you–about the debate, where this thing is headed at the top of the ticket.  You are focused really a lot down-ticket, and primarily with a lot of the proposals — or propositions and amendments and so forth.  But give a comment, from your perspective so far.

STAPLETON:  Well, you know, I think it’s a messy situation.  It’s an unfortunate situation.  I think it’s a lost opportunity to expose the many, many flaws that Hillary Clinton has.   I think she’s a very duplicitous individual.  And I just wish we could find a way to pull it together.  And in the last month of the campaign, we should be uniting Republicans, not dividing Republicans.  So, I’m pretty frustrated, as you might imagine, with the “macro” — I guess — state of affairs on the national level, which is why I am really redoubling my efforts to focus here in Colorado on what’s at stake on the ballot this election cycle, and the nightmare scenario of Amendment 69, which has been put forth by a bunch of Bernie Sanders acolytes as a way to solve our healthcare problems in the state of Colorado, which will do nothing of the sort and end up bankrupting our state.  And so, I have really redoubled my efforts to be fighting for the taxpayers, here in Colorado, against socialized medicine which is right here on our front doorstep.  And if we don’t defeat this this thing — Amendment 69 — by a decisive, decisive amount of votes, they’ll bring it back two years from now, or – and then two years from now, and then keep bringing it back until we’re, you know, dumb enough to pass it, which hopefully wi