Michael Brown Show, Michael Brown, July 3, 2014

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Show:      Michael Brown Show

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Date:       July 3, 2014

Topics:     Get Out the Vote, Voter Turnout,  Stupid People, Low-Information Voter, Democrat, Libertarian, Conservative, Voters, Candidate, Current Events, News, Platform, Voting Booth

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I am not one of those guys that wants to increase voter turnout, unless you’re going to vote like me.  Because I don’t think that every Tom, Dick, and Harry ought to go vote.  I don’t think stupid people ought to go vote.  I don’t think people that don’t have a clue who a candid— or, what a candidate stands for, ought to go vote.  Because I’ll guarantee you, if you’re a person that doesn’t have a clue about what current topics are, about what the news is about, you don’t have a clue about what the candidates stand for, and you walk into that voting both, you’ve more likely than not to vote for a Democrat.   So, I don’t– I don’t propose that we increase voter turnout unless we increase Libertarian [and] Conservative voter turnout.