Peter Boyles Show, Dave Williams, November 20, 2017

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Date:        November 20, 2017


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Gorgeous gorgeous dated a high of 62 it’s 48° right now some 50s until Thanksgiving and and 66 for Thanksgiving day 68 on Black Friday for all you shoppers to another beautiful Colorado week really nice to be with you before we go to our next guest to his state representative Dave Williams, who you may remember is been on the show. Another shows talking about his sanctuary city bill and he’s been polling the gubernatorial candidates about what kind of a position they might take on a bill like that and can be very interesting to hear what that’s all about. If you’re just joining the show you haven’t heard this yet. It’s starting to get some national attention. Though this is so very important. The sort of new support to the national anthem. It’s by country music singer Neil McClymonds called taking and who you talk to and all that. Tell us a little bit for people on a bill like it as we head into these very important 2018 gubernatorial elections redistricting will be occurring in 2020. So very important to have a Republican governor in the mansion in 2018 and beyond, and state representative Dave Williams who get really gained some notoriety during the end of the last session with a sanctuary city bill that he proposed been on Peter Boyle show. Another shows here on 710 quite a bit. He has been asking apparently some of the gubernatorial candidates about their position on a bill like his, and so I want to hear more about that state representative Dave Williams joins us now. Dave good morning morning or anything. Yeah I was good to see you Saturday night and had met you before, and the and really enjoyed it. It was so let’s start with well before we go to candidates and who you talk to and all that. Tell us a little bit for people who are unaware what your sanctuary city bill was out in this last session chair. Absolutely yeah offer bill that will effectively ended sanctuary Colorado. The builders mandated that local authorities, law-enforcement cities would have to cooperate with the ice and other law enforcement agencies at the federal level to force great loss and it would’ve also mandated that you know any sanctuary cities that you would lose state funding, most importantly the Realty will is, it would’ve allowed victims of illegal aliens like what you seeing with the family and will allow them to sue politicians who created the sanctuary cities or maintain accuracy policies in which their tragic situation work occurred and that is really what what what it ended because the politicians would actually have to ask it again and I guarantee you that they would stop doing the sanctuary city policies if they were on the hook court. They were liable actually having to have ownership have responsibility for the results of the inevitable results of your actions. What a concept for a politician. So when you ran when you ran that bill in the last session of the, state legislature did you have a pretty significant Republican support. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I think with a lot of my colleagues on the right always that now was not only the right thing to do morally right thing to do, but is also politically popular and when I saw this that’s only after I was on Fox news program called I want to go there, go on a couple more times that I had a great response only nationally but also in the state now and then it was different people, different stripes was a Democrat and Republican everyone reach out to me and the most part everyone understood sanctuary cities unacceptable why we don’t get to pick and choose the laws that we should follow in the appropriate response that you want change of Gratian policies get elected to Congress, make your case, but until then we need to respect the laws we are law and order country night. That’s what Pres. Trump ran on and that’s what you want and most of the people of you responded to that and that’s why resin is one of the reasons I was really glad I ran into you. Saturday night was because it was brought to my attention. I remember was a Facebook post or twitter tweet that you sent out but you are actually talking to the Republican challengers for the gubernatorial nomination about their position on your sanctuary city policy and so I heard earlier a promo for Dan Micheli comes on at 4 o’clock this afternoon can have Walker Stapleton on at five. He’s probably the most and perhaps the most prominent of the Republican challengers because he’s well-funded. He’s been the state treasurer for two terms. So he’s got some name recognition around the state and that of course he’s got a lot of financial support is the second first cousin second cousin will and so maybe let’s start with him. Have you talked to Walker Stapleton about his position on the sanctuary city bill that you just described, not personally but this is how it all started. I believe Walker was on government show at one point and he asked about my bill specifically and that you and I hadn’t even thought about actually asking that the work and other projects for the Gen. assembly in the upcoming session but you that and that he came out against the said now that he was in support of that bill. So I got to thinking of well you know it’s probably important that I ask any of the all any and all the guy guys running for governor because if they do when I’m especially can rerun my bill and try to get past the because our state can’t afford not to weigh in on this battle and so Walker came out that I would oppose that bill. But he said the typical Republican response want to do anything in my power to try and stop sanctuary seasoning went on to say, I rely heavily on the advice of the Atty. Gen. before taking whatever action that you think you think she could and now course, that’s problematic, and so forth. We have a Democrat Atty. Gen. right so Ellen and Micah disparage Walker belittle his positions, but I can pretty weak week. Need response now all these politicians talk great game, but in the end, when actually the rubber hits the road they’ll come back often. They don’t do what is necessary in order to fix the problem so I figured that would be great that everyone else so far that Doug Robinson, Vic Mitchell and Cynthia Coffman will be asking all the other candidates along one thing I want to point out is what I think I’m already know what his position before he was governor, he actually came out in favor my bill actually showed up to the committee and testified in favor of that that should be law sorry number is just for the record, I will be asking again and am all know that and so your listeners now hope will come out on the right side of it, but so far to walk as opposed to houses, refuse to respond at this point. Interesting. So you know a in a I’m a trial lawyer and in trial if you’re in a civil trial. You know, seeking money damages or some other kind of repair for a alleged bad act, and someone takes the Fifth Amendment. In other words, they were refused to answer the question on the grounds that their answer could lead to criminal liability than in a civil case, a judge or jury. And certainly counsel are entitled to infer from that lack of answer that the answer would not be favorable to that person and so I having silence speaks volumes on an issue like this and I’m and I hope you keep pushing everybody. Now, you mentioned that you know Walker part of his answer, and I agree with you. It sounds like it was pretty weak deferred to the Atty. Gen. and obviously governors have to work with their attorney generals. I hope and I fully support George Proctor now that he’s made his move into the Atty. Gen.’s race. Have you had a chance to talk to him about your sanctuary city bill the Jordan before he shouts from Mark and change at all. I have to and he hasn’t responded yet but I will follow up with that your day. I think will do well in the Atty. Gen.’s race. I hope to support my bill that I haven’t heard back from him yet you there and that’s important race we do that when you can see around the country. You have Democrat Atty. Gen. you making it their personal mission to quote what is this trumpet frustration. So if we get someone like Joe Saldivar and the I can’t remember the name of the former Obama appointee in their you better believe that Sheila lawsuits paid for by the taxpayers against the Pres. trumps all be working my tail off for George Proctor or any other whoever ends up being the nominee and that race but the answer question I haven’t got a response from this point, you are right so it sounds like you and I may have assumed or just thought I understood more about how much information you would have on this issue. How long have is your question been out with these other candidates. Is it unfair to draw too much of a conclusion about their failure to respond. So far, for some of them I don’t think so. Now the only person I would probably can’t get a pass at this point is that Mitchell did not come recently and I think we should give him a little bit more time everyone else. Plenty of time to weigh in on this now. They do have campaigns got around and I’m not the most boring thing to be thinking about. I do, I do want them to understand that this is an important issue is only one of the most important issues right now the nation and we need to know where they’re at and makes no sense trying to have laws in place that actually don’t have some sort of teaser enforcement mechanism in them and I can tell you that the funding is not enough. The city of Boulder city, Boulder, and he said we don’t care. You can take all the money one away from us first so that the sanctuary states that the funding the sanctuary city is not going to get the job done. Which is why we need to pass meaningful legislation that will actually put these guys, so for everyone else. I don’t think so. I don’t keep it up. I guarantee you that that most of these guys and I can say anything. The only person that so far as actually come out before he was a candidate, which I think speaks volumes is Patek yeah I needed this is a guy who threw himself into a presidential race got himself on a present presidential debate stage only because all of those years decade plus a go. He realized what a significant problem with a significant issue that continuing to tolerate illegal immigration open borders was can provide not just to our politics, not just to our fiscal sanity. But to really the nature of America and you know the whole idea of the melting pot a bunch of people who come together because they cherish and want to be a part of American values in the American system and he saw that long, long before, at least, was willing to talk about it publicly on a presidential debate stage was never going to present long before really anybody else did Sir Tom Tancredo was sort of the voice crying in the wilderness before people really thinking about that sign he was against illegal migration and fighting the good fight or was popular in I’m just happy that he can’t pave the way to do that on getting help follow in his footsteps and actually see some results from a work based on Long Island course tromped getting results from from a this issue yet to see his society. His signature issue AWOL. The prototypes are being examined a wall. It really feels like we may actually start building a wall and securing that southern border and just by enforcing current immigration policy, illegal immigration is dropped so significantly just in these first the 10 or 11 months of the Trump administration with Iowa State Representative Dave Williams is sanctuary city legislation didn’t pass the legislature this last session, but now he’s using that to ask gubernatorial candidates about their position on everybody who knows Tancredo already kinda knew where he stood. You’ve gotten some feedback, though not direct from Walker Stapleton that really indicates he won’t support it before we let you go Dave what is your answer to the politicians who will say no I can’t come out for that I will alienate a very significant portion of the voting population if I actually take a stand on stopping illegal immigration and punishing politicians who defy federal law and then people get hurt Mike that the false narrative of the people are to be on your side. This is the part of the reason why they voted in present crop became so heavily against illegal immigration and beyond that, regardless of the popular position or not you’re obligated to do the right thing, we swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States states and you were there to serve the Americans, America first radar obligation and services and if we can’t do that and we have no business being so don’t be afraid to take courage, and that you’ll definitely be on the record, not just one more thing I want to say about this. I can guarantee you that you can see a lot more you see more more people who are in it for the right reason my bill passed more people for the right reasons get and I had Democrats on the on the state house floor can’t tell me privately that my daughter passed they would serve. They get out because they don’t get sued and I think that’s the small little testimony to what what good legislation like this can do and what effect that is getting some play, at least on Fox news this morning that a border patrol agent Rogelio Martinez Gee I wonder what his background is with that name was killed this morning in the line of duty down on the site in order and thank goodness we got a president who is supporting our border agents and re-empowering them, adding to their numbers and continuing to push this drive toward a secure southern border. I think it is a winning issue for politicians and I think that the fear of Republicans to take on what are winning popular issues because they think the media won’t like them there to get bad press and they’re too busy dividing up constituencies in little groups to see if I can get a little from here in a little over there. I think that’s the reason that Republicans often when these really sick dining often lose these really significant races that are absolutely right it can can argue with that. Now that here at the end of the day it is winning issue anyone sports my bill and I get that final public primary to get Bob but also tell you that anyone who opposes my bill is agreeing with the Democrats and they essentially effectively want the criminals to run loose on the streets criminal aliens running loose on the streets and putting at risk citizens and so you know I implore Walker Stapleton to change his mind or at least give me a call thinking the facts and anyone else running for my bill because this isn’t going away. I’m not going away will ever govern your now. Hopefully I’ll get it to your desk Representative Dave Williams. How can people follow you work in and maybe help put some pressure on these people were campaigning to be our next governor to actually answer the question sure how a great question. If any of your listeners will help me get get this ball rolling here. Go ahead and visit my website. It said that W WW.Dave for that the ABE ethical are or follow me on Twitter it said it might have. My username is at the rep. Dave Williams and that he can find me there as well and more willing to push the ball. I will keep up the great work, thanks for spending some time with us up here in Denver and the listeners on seven 1010 US really appreciate absolutely. Thanks, Randy all right 303-696-1971 is the number 303-696-1971. Time to squeeze in a couple of calls. Maybe when we come back on the other side and then at 830. Cannot wait to have spent some time with her over the weekend that so nothing’s changed about Michelle Malkin still as fiery as ever