Peter Boyles Show, Mike McAlpine, October 16, 2013

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    McAlpine


Date:       October 16, 2013

Topics:     Goons, Brownshirts, Petition signers, Evie Hudak Recall Campaign, Gun Laws, Senator Angela Giron, Senate President John Morse, Bloomberg,

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HOST PETER BOYLES:  I just wanted to check in and let our audience know an update on going after Mrs. Doubtfire.

ORGANIZER OF RECALL HUDAK, TOO CAMPAIGN, MIKE McALPINE:  [laughing]  Well, we had a absolutely great weekend in terms of signatures.  And Peter, the people who listen to your station are coming in and helping us.  And I’m grateful to them, and I’m grateful to you. It’s making a huge difference.  We probably covered 60% of the area we wanted to this weekend,  thanks to all the volunteers. We could probably use some more for that additional 40%.  But we had a great, great weekend.  With that in mind, and, actually, having said so many positive things.   We’re now running into folks who are trying to intimidate people and keep them from signing.  And Peter it’s wrong. It’s very wrong

BOYLES:  I mean, no.  That’s the gimmick that these guys play.  Look, I’ve said this a thousand times, if the progressive get his/her hands on the helm you can start to say goodbye to 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, the 4th amendment, the 5th amendment.  Political Correctness is a form of censorship.  It’s a form of silence.  And we just got done talking about Carol Vizzi and what Helen Thorpes’ play is about, and how–what she is doing.  And why were you – I mean, God love you, but why would you be surprised that these folks would want to shut you down?

McALPINE:  Oh, I am absolutely not surprised!  I mean, the—the — these people – the brownshirts have been doing it for decades and decades.  You and I recognize it.  But these are people who – you know when –the opposition –And we’ll have some nice older couple drive in and want to get out of their car and come over and sign.  And they’d run over to this person’s car and stand blocking the doorway so they can’t open the door.

BOYLES:  No!  Get a video of that.  Call the cops and let’s get a video of that the next time, put it up and  let people see who these people are.

McALPINE:  You know, and we’ve got them coming up and taking photos of the signers’ license plates.  We’ve got them blocking the exits so they can’t leave after they’ve signed.  And the police, –you know, the police are wonderful and, and at the same time, their hands are tied.  As they tell us, “We can’t do anything until something goes wrong.”

BOYLES:  But, I mean, the cops say that they can block your car but they can’t do anything about it?

McALPINE:  Well, no, not in that specific case.  But they did come out to a couple of our locations where this was going on and saying, you know, as long as they’re moving.  And of course, These are the folks who will not do that in front of the police when they’re there.  So by the time the police come, yeah, you know it’s –.  And so, we’re sort of trying to reach out a hand  and say, “Boy, we have no idea how we can handle this.  Is there anybody who might have some insight.”

BOYLES:  Maybe you need some friends.

McALPINE:  I like having friends.  Good friends are good to have.

BOYLES:  Maybe you need a couple friends up there that wait until those people try that and then your friends go over and have a polite conversation about  they’re not allowed to do that

McALPINE:  You know, having somebody in authority to do something like that–.  All we want is something peaceful.  And we seem to be experiencing pressure to turn this the other way.  And that’s not us.

BOYLES:  I’m not surprised

McALPINE:  Neither am I.  And so we — Peter, we had a great weekend.  And we knocked it out of the park with signatures.  We’re now getting folks coming in and these are the best type of  folks possible.  They’re volunteering and staying.  And I wish I could go through the list of names of wonderful people who are doing that. You know, of course, we could use more of them.  But, these are average citizens. And they’re enduring these protestors who are screaming in their face.  Peter, we actually have–

BOYLES:  I mean, they’re actually screaming at these people when they get out of cars?

McALPINE:  Absolutely.

BOYLES:  Oh, my God!

McALPINE:  We have them coming up to the signature table with their cameras.  We’re asking them to move away.  Our fear is that they are trying to take pictures of the petitions and take that information.  Peter, that’s wrong!  This is voter intimidation, if it was –

BOYLES:  Absolutely.

McALPINE:  You know?   if it was a different area, I think we would have a different reaction.   You know, if we were to –

BOYLES:  Mike, can you start to take some pictures of these people, some video of these people?

McALPINE:  Sure.

BOYLES:  I mean, I’ll — we’ll—you know, fair — we can just put it up on the website, say, “Do you know these people? Where do they live?”  I’m serious!

McALPINE:  That would be a huge help.

BOYLES:  A little monkey warfare would really help them out, I think, a little bit.

McALPINE:  Peter, we will do that.  We’ve got those pictures, and we will get them off.  I think they call themselves the Democracy Freedom Fund.I don’t know who these folks are –.

BOYLES:  Right, well, they’re being paid by Mayor Bloomberg, I’m sure.

McALPINE:  Really?  This is more out of state money coming on in, just like it was last time?

BOYLES:  No, I’m making a wise guy remark.

McALPINE:  Oh, I got it.

BOYLES:  Let me ask you this:  How old are they?  What’s the demo of the Democracy people?

McALPINE:  You know, I’m guessing we’re going from about 25 to about 65.  And uh, you know it’s hard to know with folks.  I’m certainly not the best judge of that anymore.  Everybody looks younger than me.  Anyway –You know.

BOYLES:  Yeah, me too.  And where is this taking place?  This is taking place —

McALPINE:  Um, 80th and Wadsworth – right there by the King Soopers, on the northwest corner.  Up at 88th, up by the  Home Depot.  Up by 103rd and Church Ranch.  And you know, it’s screaming, and “Don’t Sign!”  Rushing up to the car when we’re talking to folks and they’re getting ready to sign and pushing us aside and shoving papers into the car.  We had one man say, you know, “Get –“  and he was with his father who was older, and it looked like it was going to come to blows, because these people were right his older father’s face.  You know, it’s — there’s one thing to exercise your 1st amendment rights, and say, “You know, I don’t think you’re doing the right thing.”  This is not that, Peter.  This was not that.

BOYLES:  It’s a great line.  This looks like a job for us.   I’m going to put you on hold.  Let’s get him to Mark Crowley.  Let’s get some pictures up.  Let’s get some video up.  And let’s get involved in this thing.  [inaudible] we check back with you tomorrow.  That’s way out of line, I mean, that’s just way out of line.

McALPINE:  Yeah, and I don’t know who’s funding these folks.  I mean, where is the money coming from?

BOYLES:  Oh, no.  Believe me.  They ain’t doing it for free.   I mean, that’s not – I mean, we learned this so many different times.  They have operatives.  I’d be willing to bet my hat that nobody’s up there doing this for nothing.

McALPINE:  I’ll throw my hat in, too.  That’s two of us.

BOYLES:  Um. And this has been going on now–?

McALPINE:  It really started Saturday morning.  Saturday was a tough day for some of our people

BOYLES:  Yeah, They’re sweating it.

McALPINE:  Yeah.  Yeah, and that’s not right.  This is a political process and it should be peaceful and within the parameters of being polite, and that’s all we’re asking.

BOYLES:   Yeah, these are Evie Hudack’s goons.  These are Democratic party progressive goons.  We need a goon squad, then.  I tell you, we’re going to work on this. I’m going to put you on hold.  Speak with Crowley. We’ll have you back tomorrow. And let’s get some ideas — some of the audience, on how we can develop a goon squad for these guys.  Because, they’re just not going to pull that off.  It’s not going to happen!

McALPINE:  Just nice, polite people to help us to make sure.

BOYLES:  I don’t want nice people.  I want other kind of people.  [laughter]  That “nice, polite” ain’t gonna work.  Some people don’t get “nice and polite”.