Peter Boyles Show, Steve Laffey & Tom Tancredo, March 25, 2014

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Tancredo, Laffey


Date:       March 25, 2014

Topics:     Obama Birth Certificate, Bernie Madoff, Campaign Trail, Common Core, Jeb Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Western Civilization, American Exceptionalism, Conservativism, “Fix America”, Lynn Bartels, “Primary Mistake”, Rhode Island, Homeschooling, Curriculum, Rancher, Northern Colorado, Department of Education, Global Education, Local Control, U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Civil War, Secession, Great Britain, Revolutionary War, Non Fiction, Age Inappropriate Texts, Multiculturalism, Patriotic, Art and Literature, Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, Mark Stevens, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee,  Libby Gold, Karl Rove, George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Totalitarianism, George Orwell, 1984, Ron Paul, Liberty Caucus, Mitt Romney, Ted Nugent, Immigration, Border Security

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[The following represents notes and transcribed portions from an interview.  All portions, except where identified as transcribed sections, are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]

HOST PETER BOYLES:  Why is Jeb Bush standing with Hillary Clinton in support of Common Core?


  • They share a vision/goal for Am. Public education
    • Reduce time talking about value of America
  • Do you remember, I was Department of Education (Reagan) , and I commissioned a paper criticizing Denver Univeristy (DU)  on Global Education
    • Took a lot of flak – what biz is it of Department of Education what DU does?
    • This is exactly what we were talking about
      • The elitists want Ed to not focus on US as a unique political history
      • They want Kumbaya, grabbing hands, global order

BOYLES:  “It’s a small World” singing – you ever been on that ride? It’s like someone holding a pan next to your head, they play the same song over and over and over.   Steve, have you ever been on that ride?


  • No, never have
  • my personal story about this whole common Core
    • When my book “primary mistake” was coming out, I was finished as mayor of Bankrupt City, my kids were in public School… I said to my wife,… we’ve been doing what I want to do.  What do you want to do?  And she says, I want to go to Ireland and see my sister.  I said great, so I went to get books for the kids to study while we were gone, and I was embarrassed and ashamed how little they knew about math.  Never put them back… homeschooled from there on
    •  Started in the 70s, progs trying to control our kids
    • Extended through No Child Left Behind
    • And Common Core is the latest incarnation of the same movement
  • Jeb bush
    • Kind of like Christie
    • Trying to stretch to the middle – if I’m middle, they’ll like me
    • Always fails – backfires
  • Hopefully Common Core will fail

BOYLES:  Jeb bush speech with Lamar Alexander in Tennessee—March 13, TN statehouse voted to delay implementation of standards.  Jebby [Bush] says Let’s not talk about CC.  Then IN votes to back out of CC.  HRC and Jeb Bush standing side by side promoting Common Core


  • SL:   it’s a disgrace


  • TT:  it’s important to realize that a very important part of CC – and they pushed for this– is the abandonment of reading curriculum that includes any of the great works of the western world
    • Focus on Non-fiction
    • What good are the classics, they say
    • You should read stuff that helps you get a job in computer industry
  • Classics give you a sense of the importance of Western Civilization
    • Where we come from
    • Set of morals, ideas and attitudes
    • We should be championing this
    • Common core wants to get away from this
  • What CO curriculum needs
    • Every student should be able to articulate an appreciation for:
      • Western Civization
      • American Exceptionalism
      • And for the Constitution
    • Let’s have that battle
    • Let me argue that out with the teachers’ unions – and they will argue it


  • if you’ve got kids like I have –6.  The power of the national unions… they want control of our kids.  The public schools cannot be saved – we’ve got to get our kids out.

BOYLES:  Lowering the river vs. building a better bridge. Peter lists books from the reading list of CC.  “the night daddy went to jail” “hair in funny places – boobs and pubes” “don’t make me go back mommy (satanic ritual abuse)” “Hiroshima Nopeeka” “Maggie goes on a diet”

BOYLES:  Real problem is, there’s nothing in common core about Constitution affirming and implementing the ideas of Declaration of Independence (god given rights), nothing about explaining why US seceded from Great Britain.

  • SL:  one of the tenets in CommonCore – there are no answers.
  • TT:  And how you feel about 2+2=4

BOYLES:  George Orwell in “1984” – it’s a math problem that convinces Winston Smith believe Big Brother – after the rats on his face, –when he leaves Ministry of Love, he believes and KNOWS that 2 + 2 = 5.

  • SL:  And that’s where they’re going
  • TT:  when I taught civics in Arvada , I used to argue with colleagues in Faculty Lounge
    • They thought I was too patriotic. – indoctrinating students
    • Values based instruction — they’re hypocritical.. they don’t argue with value of Shakespeare or classic artists… and why it’s great art or literature
    • My job is to teach them what’s great about America.  – We have a responsibility to teach them that, or else, how will they know.
  • TT:  As a student at St. Catherine’s –if someone would have asked about my heritage… I would have claimed American – we weren’t forced into the cult of multiculturalism.
    • Puts Americans in to victim groups, subsets, all fighting each other
    • Then they take advantage of those groups to gain political power.
    • It’s horrible
    • Public schools have lost what was important:
      • to make a common culture
  • SL:  top down vs. Bottom up
    • We (parents) chose the curriculum, — and they learn about America
    • Not everyone can homeschool
    • But closer we can get to that – LOCAL CONTROL – that’s when test scores go up.
  • TT:  I think that people want that – they want that for their kids
    • That’s the reason why Rush’s book is number one in Children’s books
      • kids love it
      • PB:  progressives don’t want it to win any awards.  – they’re trying to knock him out of the box.  It’s up for a children’s reading award?
      • TT:  I read it to my grandkids – it’s great
  • SL:  some of the books and articles
    • One, a lady is sitting, waiting for the husband – she has found a hair or a comb or a bracelet in the bed… and they ask the 8th graders, why is she upset?
    • SL:  Not appropriate for that age
    • PB:  teaching 9year olds how to put on a condom in 4thgrade
      • Teaching a kid how to masturbate
      • TT:  do you remember your teacher?
      • PB:  ha ha…. Teacher’s up there saying, “One two one two.” “this is how you do it.  Ready?”
  • TT:  I had to teach Sex Ed
    • I had to take the class to teach it
    • And???

BOYLES:  Most offensive truck decal I’ve ever seen.  Steve, how real does that look?

  • SL:  pretty real
  • TT:  yeah.
  • PB:  woman hog tied in bed of truck – decal goes on the tailgate.

BOYLES:  Elephant in the room – GOP, Jeb Bush and Lamar Alexander, — they have served up a whole slate of candidates – Beauprez, Gardner

  • SL:  I wrote a book about it – “Primary Mistake”
    • About the national party
    • Also state party I was involved in
    • It’s about putting power over principles to such a degree that they lose power
      • When GHWB came in – he outsourced jobs to China, he brought in immigrants for cheap labor –
        • Real wages went down for 12 years
        • WTO
        • Regular, middle class folks can’t make it in this country
        • That’s why there are no Reagan Democrats
        • People turned away from the party
    • There are two parties. – I’m R and Tom is R, but when he had to, Tom stepped away and ran for ACP
  • TT:  book by G Bush’s speechwriter “Speechless” – I will never forget – so exemplary of Bush, and this guy left cuz he couldn’t handle the neo-con ways of Bush administration.
    • Bush calls him in, and asks about “all this stuff about conservatives
    • Author answers, Goldwater, and Reagan, and conservativism
    • Bush says, take all that out – “I have redefined Conservativism in America”—not to the benefit of the US
    • That’s what he did, and what he believed
    • In congress –
      • I took a rap from speaker and Whip DeLay
      • They’d say, you’re not on the team!!
      • And I’d respond, where’s the team I signed up for?
        • I thought with R pres and congress
        • We’re supposed to kick butt
        • We’ll lower taxes
        • It’s going to be great
        • Shrink government!
        • Secure borders
        • And we did NONE of it

BOYLES:  Remember Karl Rove told you – Bush’s brain – I was pulling out of my driveway and the phone rings from white house.  Rove says to me, I read the paper (Washington Times) – where I was critical of Bush on immigration and border security.  We got in a very heated conversation.  In the end he said, “don’t ever darken the doorstep of this white house”.  And this is the Power Broker, on Fox News.  He serves up the Bob Beauprez of the world

  • SL:  I was running for Senate, and
  • Was called down to see Mark Stevens and the Senatorial Campaign Committee lady (Libby Gold)
  • They wanted to fly me down on the  plane.  I’m like =- they have a plane???
    • They wanted my to run for Lieutenant governor
    • And when I refused, they said  you know, we’re all Christians
    • Finally I said, Mr. Chaffee (now a Dem) hates his job…. He likes env. And nature….
    • And I was shut down

BOYLES:  Reading about Bush:  his biggest regret was not getting CIRC, and biggest mistake was the intelligence on WMD – after all those kids are gone

  • TT:  Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus – there was 4 of us
  • He’d have a speaker, and one time it was a retired general in charge of planning for the Joint Chief of Staffs
    • He said after 9/11, they wanted to go to Afghanistan, kill UBL, and come home
    • Take it to Wolfiwitz, and he says, “Afghanistan?” we’re going to Iraq!
    • That was the plan, to use 9/11 as an excuse
    • Why?
      • Was it altruistic
      • Did we want to create an island of democracy in a sea of totalitarianism
      • Was it because GHWB was humiliated, that they wanted to assassinate them
      • Was it because of oil
      • The plan existed long before we went
      • Could have been Israeli connection
  • SL:  4 months ago I was invited down to have dinner with GWB in a private room at the library, the Liberty Foundation, he spoke for 1.5 hours, & I was amazed at how inconsistent he was in his speech
    • Deficit wasn’t so bad in his term – debt hadn’t gone up under his watch
    • Putin still a nice guy – not about terror he could cause
    • He was an inconsistent guy – he was just so pleased to be president
  • TT:  we had surplus for years, then 9/11 and spending goes crazy, debt goes crazy, but no one makes priorities – spend more on military and no cuts at home.
  • SL:  talking about HRClinton and Jeb Bush morphing into each other, just think about last quarter of 2008  — raising FDIC insurance… it wasn’t for normal people, TARP program… and all that morphed into Obama.  (IOW, Republicans can be progressives – no difference between progressive Rs and Dems )

BOYLES:  How can people stand by this GOP?  What’s going to happen in November?  You guys are the red head stepchild of the GOP, throwing rocks at Jeb, you’re DONE!

  • SL:  I wrote a whole book
  • TT:  if Jeb wins, I won’t be able to visit the white house?
  • SL: When I came to CO, I thought I might check out.  But we can’t!! There’s nowhere to run!
  • Ppl like tom, and peter… this is the front line… we’ve got to stay in the fight
  • We have to take it to the people!!!
  • I built my own studio in my house.
    • I was building my own tv/radio network in my house
    • I put out 3 minute spots and one hour shows on things like CC
    • Keep up the fight
    • My 6 kids have no future as things stand today
  • TT:  Challenge to us all
    • If there were a viable 3rd party, or possibility of winning as independent – we’d be pursuing it.
    • But there isn’t another way…. It’s the R party or nothing
    • Even the Chairman of the party said that this candidate was the worst!  [Maes] And vote for him is a wasted vote.  And he still got 11% of the vote
    • Ppl just vote party, and as a result, the party is the place you have to go to be successful.
  • SL:  I voted ACP…
    • Maybe some people wanted to keep GOP as a major party and that’s why they voted for Maes
    • What we need – basic values
      • Balanced budget – always and everywhere
      • Keeping China from achieving superpower status
      • Keeping middle working class wages from going continually down and losing our middle class forever

BOYLES:  But as long as you give people food and rent help, and cell phones, healthcare… and put their minds somewhere else,  I mean, I’m not a crazy person…. But I can see it

  • SL:  We can’t write off 47% of the people like Romney did
    • We have to show people that they can be, they ARE, more than this
    • Like happened to me – I’d be pumping gas but for intervention of people showing me I could be more

BOYLES:  Tommy, what’s the way out?

  • TT:  On the state level, It’s the education system
    • I’m committed to do trying to do something
    • It’s a responsibility of the state
    • We are obligated by Constitution to provide free, thorough, and uniform system
      • But that doesn’t mean we have to own the system
      • That government has monopoly,
      • More diversified
      • Create a standard that forces children into being taught the value of American civilization


[The following section is a transcript with direct quotations from the interview]

TANCREDO:  Before I — we wrap it up, can I just give a shout out to Rich, over here, and Gunsmoke.  We just finished a really, really successful –

BOYLES:  [inaudible] Only you!

TANCREDO:  Oh, it’s just great!  — A very successful fundraising activity where we gave away an AR-15, and that raised a really big sum of money for us, more than we’ve ever raised before.  And, thanks a lot, of course, to Ted Nugent who sent out [laughing] the little email for us.  Uh, but, the fellow that we want to give a shout out to at Gunsmoke is a fellow by the name of Brian Midol [spelling?] who indeed is providing the AR-15 for us.  [laughing]

BOYLES:  Yeah, that’s great!  Tom, do this, real quick, can you do – we have got a little bit of time here.  But do this, — about the Lynn Bartels phone call – and we—I love—

TANCREDO:  Oh, yeah!  Yeah!

BOYLES:  I’ve known Lynn a thousand years, at The [Denver] Post, Bartels called you.

TANCREDO:  [laughing]  She calls me up and she says, “Tom,” she says, “I–“  Is this okay?  She said, “Tom, I, uh, we’re getting all these emails. Every time you send out something by Ted Nugent, we get all these emails from Republicans and Democrats, saying, ‘This guy is terrible! He said these horrible things!  He called the President a mongrel – a lying mongrel!’”  And all this stuff.  And I said, “Oh, Lynn!  I am so glad you called me because I have this great line to use! [laughing] I thought, — when this first happened, I thought of it.  And then I thought, ‘Who am I going to tell this to?’ And then here you are, you’ve given me a call.”  And I said, “Why this really works out for me, is that, –and why I really like Ted [Nugent] for doing this,– is because –.”

BOYLES:  For the first time in your life –.

TANCREDO:  Yeah, “For the first time in my life I’m able to say something, that never before have I been able to utter!”  And she says, “What’s that?” And I said, “[citing his line to Bartels] ‘Well, I wouldn’t go that far!’”  [laughs]

BOYLES:  We’ll be right back.

[end transcript portion]