Peter Boyles Show, Tom Tancredo, August 11, 2016

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Date:      August 11, 2016



GUEST HOST MATT DUNN:   […]  to get connected here with the one and only, one of my heroes, Congressman Tom Tancredo joins the program right now.  And um, Tom Tancredo, um, you know I gave the option of a 5 AM interview and uh, [laughs] somehow, you know – a little better to do, you know, when the sun is a little higher up.   I agree. But, welcome the program!  How are you this morning?

FORMER CONGRESSMAN, FORMER CANDIDATE FOR COLORADO GOVERNOR, TOM TANCREDO:  [chuckling]  Thanks very much, for giving me the option.  I’m well, thank you!

DUNN:  Well, right on!

TANCREDO:  That was interesting — that was an interesting interview.

DUNN:  Absolutely, and you know you’re no stranger to some of those issues.  And I wanted to ask you about another thing or two.  But, uh – I don’t know, you’ve been writing about the–.  Do you see one of the questions we’re facing in this election is, you know, do we want America to head more in the direction of what Europe is looking like, right now? What France is looking like – the joie de vivre in decline — in my opinion – or is that just the media fantasy, here?

TANCREDO:  Well, Western civilization is in the balance and I don’t believe that that is hyperbole at all, to say something like that. It is – because, it is empirically provable that the – the—you know, the decline of any civilization can be identified out there by various things, and, um, I’m telling you that it’s hard to look at what’s happening around the world and in the United States without coming to the conclusion that there is a drastic change in the alignment, I guess, maybe, of world powers and world philosophies.  And the–especially Europe has grown tired, it’s grown impotent.  The things that really were the hallmarks of Western civilization, the things that I think that mattered mostly, and were the reasons why it was so successful – you know, Judeo-Christian values – um, those things are no longer acceptable.  They are politically incorrect to even talk about. And when you lose in your underpinning –any civilization – when you lose the very underpinnings of your civilization — the things upon which it was built, when they don’t matter anymore to people — then something is going to change.  And there will be people to whom principles matter greatly, and in this case of course, Islam.  And therefore there’s a vacuum that is created and it’s coming in.

DUNN:  It’s coming in.  And in Europe they’re at a whole different magnitude of that, here.  And you know, to me, you know, I look at 2016 as it’s a turning point election. I mean, this is a decisive moment here, and we – like, this –.  I’m starting to think this may be our last chance to have a secure border — could be now, could be in the form of Donald Trump –if he doesn’t get in there, that border is going to be open for the rest of our lives and that’s can be the end of the deal.  But I wanted to ask you this, that your successor — a fellow named Mike Coffman — seems to have taken a disliking to Donald Trump, even going so far as to cutting an ad against Donald Trump. I’m not in the mood to hear this kind of thing, but I’m curious as to where you come down on that, Tom Tancredo. How does that strike you at this point in time?

TANCREDO:  Well, I wrote an article for Breitbart and I write a column for them every week, and the last one was on this issue – actually, at their request, as a matter of fact, because I had written a small little blurb and they picked it up and I got a call from them, saying, “Well, why don’t you do the article this week on this issue?”  So, I did.  And yeah, it’s infuriating.  It is the – Coffman’s actions culminate, I guess — to me anyway —  a series of transformations he has gone through that changed him dramatically from the guy that I knew, that I sent — when he won the election, I was of course a supporter and was happy about the fact that he would be succeeding me in that office because of what he promised me, because of our discussions about the issues, especially immigration. And of course all those things have gone by the wayside, and done so because he feels that he has to give up those principles — if he ever held them.  I don’t know if he has any real set of principles upon which — you know, that certain bedrock – I don’t know that they exist at all.

DUNN:  You know, that’s a question I keep asking myself.  You know?  And to hear you ask that, that’s significant, Tom Tancredo.

TANCREDO:  Well, it’s certainly – and again, it’s observable.  You can see what has happened to him over the last several years.  As his district changes, so does he.  He sort of morphs into a different person who no longer –.  Now, one of his best friends in Congress, somebody that touts that relationship, is a guy by the name of Luis Gutierrez, with whom I served.  And there is no more – there is no greater wacko, when it comes open borders!

DUNN:  [chuckles]  Agreed!

TANCREDO:  He is a separatist, in a way – I mean, he’ll talk about it that way – and he is absolutely committed to open borders and to a change in –.  He is committed to the same change of America that Obama has committed to.  And his best friend now is Mike Coffman.  And, you know, this latest thing about the attack on Trump – [inaudible].

DUNN:  Tell you what, can you hold that thought, Congressman Tancredo?


DUNN:  Can you hold that thought?

TANCREDO:  Sure, sure.

DUNN:  It looks like we’re up against a little bit of a break, here. […]  We’re talking about Tom Tancredo talking about Mike Coffman and some very unimpressive decisions he has been making lately.  Oh! Deeply disillusioning, here. Matt Dunn is in for Peter Boyles.  We’ll be right back with Tom Tancredo.

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DUNN:  […] We’re talking to Congressman Tom Tancredo.  And when I think of courage in a political figure, I think of Tom Tancredo.  This guy has been courageous going back a long time. Not that he’s an old guy or anything.  He’s still pretty chipper.  I mean, you’re – you know, you’re doing okay for yourself.

TANCREDO:  I still ride!  I still ride my Indian [motorcycle]!

DUNN:  I noticed you’re not in Sturgis right now, but that’s okay.

TANCREDO:  We both know [inaudible].

DUNN:  But, when I think of ‘courage’, I think Tom Tancredo.   Right now, when I think of courage – we’re talking about Mike Coffman slithering away from Donald Trump, right now.  It’s 2016.  For me, this is not the time to be doing this stuff.  Backbone Radio –, we gave him the Invertebrate of the Year award.

TANCREDO:  [laughs].

DUNN:  But, Tom Tancredo, is this the year to be playing games like this?

TANCREDO:  No, it’s not, and that’s the thing.  Look, you know, Mike suggests that the reason he is doing this because he’s putting country ahead of politics, or something.  But the reality is this:  if you really are concerned about the country, if that really is your – you know, putting everything else aside, we worry about America –everything else is secondary to the future of this nation and to this Republic — then you have to understand that that future will be largely and almost entirely –unfortunately, and I hate to say it – will be determined by what happened on the Supreme Court of the United States in the next 12 years, twenty years.  Who knows how long it will be in the hands of radical leftists if Hillary Clinton is elected.  And that is what will determine where America is, and where America goes, and if we exist anymore as we have in the past.  So, think about that, Mike — or anybody else who says, you know, “I just can’t do it!”  Okay.  If you really feel so bad about the possibility of a Trump presidency,  just — but you have greater concerns about this thing called America–  just shut up!  Right?  Just be quiet.  You know?  Because there is something far more important — far more important — than your personal feelings or even your status as a member of Congress.  It may end, but that is not the most important thing in the world.  This nation is.  This Republic has to survive!  And I’m telling you, it is in the balance! If Hillary Clinton is elected, no one – I don’t believe anyone – can think about America in the same way that we do now.  It will not be  –.  It will be thoroughly changed because she will have control of the Supreme Court.

DUNN:  The stakes are so high in 2016 that I am at zero tolerance for games like this from Mike Coffman.  And by the way, we’re talking about courage — there’s Mike Coffman hanging out with the globalist, open border Koch brothers not two weeks ago in Colorado Springs, and then couple days later he comes out the anti-Trump ad.

TANCREDO:  That’s right.  That’s right.  No coincidence [said sarcastically].

DUNN:  Could there be any connection?  I mean, how much courage – is this faux courage that we’re talking about, here?

TANCREDO:  You bet!

DUNN:  [Did] they give some assurances?

TANCREDO:  Sure!  And I’ll tell you this:  if Trump were polling well in his district, you would be hearing nothing but accolades from Mike Coffman about Donald Trump.  So, it isn’t – it doesn’t really have anything to do with Trump’s positions, his faux pas, his – whatever.  It’s got nothing to do with that. It’s got everything to do with Mike wanting to keep that little pin on his collar – I mean, on his lapel, on his suit, that indicates you’re a Member of Congress.  Because that’s more important to him than anything else.  And I’m just sick of this stuff!  I’m sick of it because it’s a seat we could still retain by somebody better.  And you know, you just think to yourself, “What a — what a waste!”  What a waste to have a member –.  In the history of this country, 12,000 people have served in that capacity.  Why would you spend one minute there without doing something you hope is, in fact, good for this country?  And I believe he is there for himself. That’s my opinion of Mike Coffman today, because of the actions I have now seen over a period of years.  This is not just – this Trump thing is not the last – I mean, it is not the first thing, but it is the last thing, for me. It was quiet up until this time – even through all the changes he has made about immigration.  But this is more important than anything.  It is the future the country.  So, like I say, if you just can’t bring yourself to extolling the virtues of Donald Trump, just shut up!

DUNN:  Well, I’ll tell you – I mean, I can’t tell you the flood of callers I’ve had saying about the same thing about Mike Coffman.  It has made a lot of people very upset, and I think this is backfiring on Mike Coffman, here.  I mean, I think that 2016 is not the year to pull these stunts.  And I think that’s my sense of it:  it’s serious business!  And I don’t know.  We’re about out of time, but, could this backfire, Tom Tancredo?

TANCREDO:  It could!  And he may lose his seat.  And you know what?  As a conservative – and I’m not a Republican anymore, so it’s not as if I’m doing this for the Party or something.  He could lose his seat, but I’m telling you as a conservative,  we would lose nothing.

DUNN:  That’s right! That’s right!  And that’s the way it is!  Congressman Tancredo, thank you for taking a little time for the Peter Boyles Show this morning and I’ll be staying in close touch with you, have you on Backbone Radio before too long.

TANCREDO:  You bet!  Thank you.

DUNN:  Thank you, Tom!  The legend, right there, was with us.