Peter Boyles Show, Tom Tancredo, May 14, 2014

Station:   KNUS, 710 AM

Show:      Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Tancredo


Date:       May 14, 2014

Topics:     Poison, Dick Wadhams, Dan Maes, American Constitution Party (ACP), Ryan Call, Recalls, Hudak, Eli Stokols, Lynn Bartels, The Denver Post,, Ross Kaminsky, Amnesty, Illegal Immigration, Policy, Bruce Benson, Coors Brothers, Republican Governors’ Association (RGA), United States Chamber of Commerce, Bob Beauprez, Scott McGinnis, Josh Penry, Grassroots, Cory Gardner, Abortion, Personhood, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, Catholic Church, Primary Election, Governor John Hickenlooper, Immigration Reform,

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[The following represents notes and transcribed portions from this interview.  All portions, except where identified as transcribed sections, are paraphrased from the questions and responses between the host and the guest.]

HOST PETER BOYLES [prior to the beginning of the Tancredo interview]:

  • Caller Doug: They say Gardner is too radical for CO… what do they think of Tancredo?  But that makes me like Tancredo more.  We need to fire up our base.  [Tancredo can do that] enough of the milquetoast candidates like McCain and Romney.  Tancredo has principle.
  • BOYLES:  Alinsky tactics – redefine words, make up words, (islamophobia)
  • BOYLES:  Hudak championed in the Denver Post—Eli had front line information from Hudak camp
    • The only candidate there was Tancredo
    • This Bartels piece
      • I like Ross Kaminsky –he’s a good guy – a Beauprez backer
      • The GOP poisoned themselves with Dan Maes – how is TT a poison pill?
      • Tom talked about the Catholic Church and illegal immigrants – that’s not a lie!
        • That’s true!
        • Scandals in the church – they lost membership
        • BOYLES:  Hispanics 9 out of ten illegals are Roman Catholics and 10 out of 10 will vote Democrat
        • BOYLES:  Citing Dick Wadhams!!!
          • Karl rove with hair
          • Wadhams hates/despises Tancredo
          • When he went 3rd party, he showed them how ineffective the GOP is
          • PB:  Bob Beauprez will lose to John Hickenlooper – write it down
            • they share too much
            • the Chamber of Commerce Republican party are for the illegals
            • this party got poisoned with Bill Owens!

[from the interview]


  • [Introducing Tancredo]  This guy gives me a radio show


  • forces of nature got me up
  • I’m walking by the phone and see that [Boyles’ producer] Casey is calling me – thought I better pick up
  • And that reminds me – where is Casey Kasem?


  • [Peter goes off on his name-dropping nostalgia trip of the old days in Denver media… and anecdotes about how short Casey Kasem was]
  • EMAIL:  “you’re not a war time counselor.  You’re a damn lay-down whiner.  Tom Tancredo is never going to win shit with you telling him it’s all over.  Don’t fight Both Ways.  Beauprez has already won.  Shut the fuck up, Pete, and go sit down.”
    • I think that same person has my email address too


  • I don’t know why people are angry
    • I thought about that many times in this whole thing
    •  People do seem to get angry just because I’m running
      • As if I don’t have the right to run ?
      • I could be beat, right?
      • I mean, that’s the whole idea of a race – you could lose
      • If it does, it does


  • Have you read Bartels’ piece yet this morning?
    • No
    • But I’ve been listening for about 15-20 minutes, so I kind of know


  • Reads the headline from the Bartels piece in The Denver Post.  He mentions the illegals that were contracted to remodel Tancredo basement.  Refers to Judith Martinez from the Bartels piece.  (Lovely lady, I love Lynn)
    • I do too.


  • How did Bartels find Judith Martinez?
    • I talked to Lynn yesterday.
    • She told me about [Martinez], and wanted my response
    • I told her to take the response of Hispanics that support me. Instead of my response
      • You actually know one
      • You took that picture of us for him
      • And she asked him if he was supporting Tancredo.  He said yes.  She asked why, he said, “because I’m a legal immigrant and all legal immigrants love him.”
      • And I told her, put that in as a response
        • She said it’s in there
        • Then she emails me last night to tell me that they cut that part out
        • And they put quotes from you in, instead


  • Winky winky
    • Why would Denver Post — they could go to and they could look at dozens and dozens of Hispanics who support me


  • Tommy, Tommy…. Tommy!  Tommy!  Come on.
    • They could have easily juxtaposed a Hispanic supporter with the lady they got
    • I wonder why


  • We’re way past the point to think that “the poor reporter soldiers on herself”.  I don’t buy it.  I’m sorry, Lynn.  You’re my friend, but….
    • I think the editor did cut it out – he did it on purpose
    • A true journalist would say, here’s a comment from this lady, and there are other Hispanics who feel differently
    • There are plenty of them!
      • Makes it sounds like every Hispanic is against me
      • Will go with pitchforks and knives and torches to the voting booth to stop my
  • The whole issue of immigration reform, for me, has nothing to do with race or ethnicity
    • It’s about economics and geography


  • Dick Wadhams, Karl Rove with hair.  Bartels goes to Ross Kaminsky as a source in her piece
    • Right he had me on his show
    • We had it out on his show
    • So I understand where he’s coming from


  • I like Ross
    • I do too
    • Smart guy
    • I’ve known him for a long time


  • Peter recounts all of the detractors of Tancredo in Bartels piece.  The conclusion is that you’re fighting a losing fight.  Mitt Romney is endorsing Bob Beauprez

[The following section is transcribed from Tancredo interview.]

BOYLES:   “Now, let’s you and I get into the ‘way-back’ machine.  When — First of all, when I was in Winter Park, and we had Dean Singleton and I had –my colleague Dan Caplis was back in the studio, and the first time that Bob Beauprez’s name came up, and I said, “He’s in the race!”  “Oh, no,” said Dean. “I don’t think so. He’s a fellow rancher.”  “Oh, no!” said Caplis, “I’m a good friend!” And I’m like the Little Red Hen. I’m going, “No! He’s in, because the sure– you know he’s in because he didn’t want to make—you know!  ‘Who will help me eat the bread?’ ‘I will! I will!’

TANCREDO:  [laughs]

BOYLES:  And I’m saying, “you guys!” the guy’s going like, “I got no comment.” I said, “He’s in!”  Now, he goes off to see the GOP governors, the Chamber of Commerce boys.  Tommy, what happens when you go to see those guys?

TANCREDO:  Well, I heard, and I think Bob even told me that it was —

BOYLES:  Since you’ve never done it!

TANCREDO:  [laughter]  Yeah!  I don’t know what happens.

BOYLES:  That’s right!  You have no idea

TANCREDO:  [laughter]  I can only assume what happens when you go see those guys. But, of course, Bob told me that they encouraged him –is I think the way he put it –they encouraged him to run.  They wanted him to run.  And he, you know – what’s he going to do?  You’ve got all these guys that are pushing him in this direction. And he’s a good guy.  I don’t want to say anything bad about Bob.  He’s a good guy.  You know, and I told him at the time, “Look,” –because he was saying, you know, “You get out of the race.  I’ll get in.”  And I said, “Bob, I have 7,000 contributors.”  You know what, Peter?  It’s now over 10,000 individual contributors to my campaign.  [Do] you know what the average is? Sixty-seven dollars.  God love these people.  I’ll take their endorsement any day over Mitt Romney’s.  I’ll tell you that right now.

BOYLES:  Sure. No, and I agree with you.  But with Mitt comes —

TANCREDO:  And you know, and I said, “I’m not going to – you can’t expect me to get out of this race, because –just because—why? We had coffee.  Just get in!” I told him. “Get in! Run! You might be the guy that knocks us all off of the block and you make it, and God bless you, and if you can beat Hickenlooper, hey, I’m with you, buddy!  But I don’t think you can.  I don’t think any of these other guys can either.”

BOYLES:  I don’t think he can, either.

TANCREDO:  I’m closer to Hickenlooper in the polls than any of them.

BOYLES:  I agree

TANCREDO:  And, I have more independent supporters than they do.  Now, Peter, if you want to run – win a race in Colorado, are you going to do it with a traditional Republican campaign, traditional Republican candidates?  Or are you going to do it with somebody that’s going to try to bring independents and unaffiliateds on board.

BOYLES:  No, I mean, I want

TANCREDO:  I think I can.

BOYLES:  […] [Peter cites Forrest Gump analogy –“Run, Forrest! Run!”– Tancredo is like Gump.] And I know, in my little black soul, that John Hickenlooper will kick Bob Beauprez’s can in a debate, and in money, and in everything else that comes his way.   These guys have learned nothing from the recalls, which of course, they were against.  This is where Ryan “Re”Call, and all these different characters –.  Tommy, it was won on the street.  It was won by street fighters [inaudible].

TANCREDO:  You bet! I remember!  I was there!

BOYLES:  I mean, yeah! You were there!  I was there!  And you know who was there?  The [inaudible—‘gut’??] fighters.

TANCREDO:  You abandoned me, though.  You take off.  I get into all these big troubles with some protestor.

BOYLES:  You know, and It is – it is my –that’s one of my great regrets — is I get on the motorcycle, “Take care, Tom!” “All right, Peter!  I’ll see you!”  Twenty minutes later, you’re in a –

TANCREDO:  Maybe I was waving to you.  I think I might have been just waving to you and they caught me on a side shot, or something.

BOYLES:  Yeah.  Yeah, I mean, and you take a hike on me.  But–.

TANCREDO:  [laughs]

BOYLES:  But, you know, my point is that you were on that corner.  I was on the corner.  You know, you walked with petitions.  I saw you do these things.  I didn’t see any of these jokers!  And that’s where this fight is going to be won.  And you know what?  The Coors brothers and Bruce Benson, and the power elite and the Chamber of Commerce –that’s not what they want.  They don’t want illegal immigration stopped.  They don’t want the kinds of things that you’re talking about.  Um–.

TANCREDO:  No, I actually think that there are some of these guys that would rather have a Democrat elected here

BOYLES:  Oh, than you.

TANCREDO:  I heard –I heard –and you know, I can’t—you know, this is like third hand – but, I’m told that the Republican Governors’ Association said they would not support me.  The — and that’s a lot of money, by the way.  It’s not just names.  With the RGA, usually, they will come in with money in races for governor. But they said they won’t.  I heard that they’re actually looking for money – trying to raise money for a 527 to attack me during the primary!

BOYLES:  Oh, I’m sure.    Oh, sure!

TANCREDO:  Yeah. Now, I mean, this is a Republican group.  Right?

BOYLES:  No, of course!

TANCREDO:  And you’ve got say to yourself – I don’t think that – I have never heard of this in my life!  I’ve never heard [of] that kind of thing happen[ing].

[Commercial break]

BOYLES:  With us now, absolutely my true favorite, gubernatorial hopeful Tom Tancredo, the target for The [Denver] Post, again this morning.  But he’s been the – I mean, like, you’ve been like the whipping boy for The Denver Post, for almost as long as I have known you.

TANCREDO:  That’s for sure.

BOYLES:  It’s nothing new about this, this morning.  But let’s go back to Dan Maes, Dick Wadhams, Frieda Poundstone, and that crazy morning on Brand X.

TANCREDO:  Oh, my goodness, yeah!

BOYLES:  And I think that was the time when you decided you were going to go third party. Um, talk about – and I love how Kaminsky says you would poison the GOP.  The GOP has been poisoned long before Tom Tancredo.

TANCREDO:  Well, um, the people — I still get people who – I’ll be speaking and they’ll say, “Well, you, you destroyed the Republican Party because of what you did last time, when you split off.”  And I say, “Look, I did not create Dan Maes.  I had nothing to do with his development as the candidate for the Republican Party.  That they did to themselves. And as a result, –yeah, I absolutely wanted to provide some sort of alternative to that.  I mean, I had met with the guy. I certainly became aware of what I consider to be fatal flaws – not just political flaws, where you say, “Well, he could never win.” But, other problems that I think we all became aware of later that would make it, “Well, he should never win.” So, um, that was that.  And of course, Dick Wadhams at the time – at the time that I did this, he and every other Republican vilified me for it. As – and on your show, I’ll never forget that – sitting on my patio, we were talking and he comes on, and I told him, I sai– you know –.  Oh!  I remember what it was.   It was his description of both Dan Maes and Scott McGinnis to us – me, and I know he said the same thing to you.  And I said,  you know, “I know what you’ve said about these people.  Now, don’t pretend all of a sudden they’re the greatest thing since apple butter.  And he’s, “Oh, I’ve never said a thing–.”  And I said, “You don’t really want to go there.” And that started it, because of course, you chimed in and said, “Well, yeah, you said those things.”

BOYLES:  You said them to me! Yeah, he said them to me!

TANCREDO:  You told – Yeah! He said that Maes is a joke, and—and so, later then, by the end, by the very end, he’s saying Maes was the worst person ever put up for election by the Republican Party, and that any  vote for him was a wasted vote.   That was from Dick Wadhams, the chairman of the Party!

BOYLES:  Yeah!

TANCREDO:  And then people were attacking me?  Because of what happened in the Republican Party? The chairman and every other elected Republican official came out in support of me over time –

BOYLES:  Sure.

TANCREDO:  It didn’t happen at once, but they did it over time because they saw the same thing I saw.  And that you saw. And so, now we are in – you know, I am running as a Republican.  I either win or lose! You know, this idea that this is somehow this is , what–subversive—for me to run?  Give me a break!  I have as much, I think, opportunity and chance of winning this race as anybody else.  Why shouldn’t I give it a shot?  Maybe they’re all right.  Maybe I can’t.  Maybe it’s all – all the stuff they say is true.  Well, then, if they believe that, there’s a way to handle that.  You can just vote for someone else.

BOYLES:  Sure.  […]  Back to the McGinnis story.  […] You said, “No, I’m stepping back for Scott McGinnis.”

TANCREDO:  That’s right!  I did! I was first supporting Josh Penry, he got [chuckle] a little problem, right?

BOYLES:  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  – with a bad zipper.  And so, he’s out.  Next thing, you know, so I said, “Okay, it’s Scotty.” And you know, it wasn’t my favorite.  It wasn’t my favorite.  It wasn’t my first pick.

BOYLES:  Yeah, yeah.  I understand.  I understand.

TANCREDO:  Better, I thought, than the alternative. And then Scotty implodes!  So, there you are!  And I said to both of them, “If you will just get out of the race, and let the party put somebody–” because is was too late then to—the primary, you know, was coming up. I said, “Just put – let the Party appoint somebody because this will be a disaster and –.  Or, I will get into this thing.  And, of course, they both chose to stay in.  So, I got in.

BOYLES:  [Frieda Poundstone nostalgia trip.]

TANCREDO:  Maes duped her.

BOYLES:  [Maes called in to the Sheik and started screaming, “I demand you get her off the air!”]

TANCREDO:  [insists, jokingly, that Peter prodded him to get into the race.]

BOYLES:  [TT almost set Mr. Kaminsky’s party, Mr. Wadhams Party back into third party status, or minority status.]

TANCREDO:  Yeah, one percent. They came within one percent of ending up as third party status.

  • [early voting contributed to the Republican vote tally]
  • [Rasmussen polls on election night predicted a Tancredo win]

BOYLES:  […] And so, and like I said, you and I are both fans of Kaminsky. I like Ross.

TANCREDO:  Oh, I do too.

BOYLES:  But for him to say that if you’re on the ticket, you will poison the entire Republican ticket–.

TANCREDO:  My God!  Look what they’re doing.  I mean, give me a break!  You cannot watch television without having some commercial on, attacking Cory Gardner on the abortion issue, and, uh–the same thing they did, of course, to Ken Buck.  And this will burn in!  If Cory doesn’t do something, if he doesn’t respond, this stuff burns in.

BOYLES:  Sure.

TANCREDO:  And pretty soon, you’ve – it’s hard to crawl out of there.  Now, I don’t know that I’ll ever have the money—I hope I’ll have the money when they’re doing it to me, to try.  But my point is, it’s happening now.  I’m not in the race.  It’s got nothing to do with me.  They’re going to beat the living tar out of him,–

BOYLES:  That’s right.

TANCREDO:  –and continue to do so on other issues.

BOYLES:  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  And then if he loses – and I swear to God I hope he does not, [I] hope he is successful and victorious.

BOYLES:  No, I’m with you. I’m with you.

TANCREDO:  But it will not have anything to do with me, is my point.

BOYLES:  No, but what I’m saying to you is this poison pill got swallowed by Bill Owens.  It got swallowed long ago with the Republican Party.  It got swallowed by Dan Maes.  It got swallowed by – you know, Dick Wadhams put it on a spoon and put it in their mouth. And now – and I love Kaminsky, and I’m going to, you know – he’s just a good guy.  But for him to say that – because he’s a Beauprez guy.  But he says that you – how, –.

TANCREDO:  Well, and also, you know, the immigration issue. Ross is a strict, hard Libertarian.  And he’s an open border guy, you know–.

BOYLES:  I know.  He’s a –.  I mean, he’s a great friend. I know he is. I know he is.

TANCREDO:  And so, he –.  I’m sorry.  Go ahead.

BOYLES:  No. No, we clash over that. But here, I mean, he’s a really, really, — you know, he’s just a good guy.  And, but, he picked this line, and of course Bartels, who I think is — knows what she’s writing.  And I — but I swear to God, going to Dick Wadhams for a quote on Tom Tancredo–.

TANCREDO:  Mmm, well–.

BOYLES:  Geez.

BOYLES:  [Discussion:  Pope Benedict quote from Tancredo.  Peter reads an email from a Catholic faithful who Peter feels misrepresented his views on Catholic voting block versus Hispanic voting bloc.  He repeats what he had said, that the Catholic Church wants illegals here because they’ve lost memebership.

TANCREDO:  The pope – he was attacking the U.S. immigration policy. […] saying it was immoral. I was responding to that.  […] I have great respect – especially for this Pope.  I think he’s fantastic […].  And he was attacking us. He said the United states is immoral because of its immigration policy.