Richard Randall Show, Darryl Glenn, April 20, 2016

Station: KVOR, 740 AM

Show:     Richard Randall Show

Guests:  Glenn


Date:      April 11, 2016

Topics:  Michael Bennet, Deciding Vote in Senate, Colorado Values, Iran Nuclear Deal, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Common Core, Circular Firing Squad, Supreme Court Nomination, Freedom, Senate Majority Leader, Constituents, National Security, Secure Borders, Visas, Projecting Force, Rules of Engagement, Military Leadership, Proper Training, Commitment to Veterans, Identify the Enemy, Boston Marathon, Terrorism, Safe, Leadership Void, Bad Actor, Evil in this World, Israel, Allies, Twenty-one Years in the Military, Acquisition and Logistics Background, Keyser, Campaigning, Bronze Star, Personal Benefit,

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HOST RICHARD RANDALL:  You look at people in Colorado who have held elected offices, whether it was on city council, whether it was on county commission, whether they were the police chief or the fire chief or the mayor, and you seed a broad range – or even the candidates who came within a couple of hundred votes, here – you see a broad range of conservatives and Republicans who are women, who are black, who are Hispanic, who are young, and all points in between.   And Darryl Glenn, I’ll tell you what, by every account – I have yet to hear from a person, either from the county or the state, who said anything other than you did it!  You were the one who brought it all. And yours – if they were going to listen to one speech, including Ted Cruz, — no offense – yours was the one to listen to.  There’s a lot of passion in you.  Where does the passion come from?

GOP CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE, CURRENT EL PASO COUNTY COMMISSIONER, AND FORMER CITY COUNCILMAN, DARRYL GLENN:  Well that wasn’t me.  That was the Holy Spirit coming through me, just speaking the truth.

RANDALL:  Seriously!?

GLENN:  Absolutely.

RANDALL:  You know what?

GLENN:  My campaign has always been about honoring and serving God and stepping up and doing the right thing.

RANDALL:  Then I gotta tell you what, it’s a powerful thing. I’ve always been baffled at how the Holy Spirit works.  Specifically, it’s always been, you know, one of the weaknesses that I have.  But if you are the conduit and that’s what is coming out of you, then it is a powerful, powerful thing.  What would your message be — you know, I’ve actually got more people here listening on the program than we’re at the World Arena and not everybody was able to get to the World Arena.  What would your message for them be this morning?

GLENN:  Well I just love to highlight the fact that you know this was a home playoff game. And I love football.  But it really was.  But you know I’m tired of listening to how Colorado Springs and El Paso County — how you know we’re just too conservative, you know we’re bible thumpers, and we’re everything that’s wrong when it comes to conservatism. And I am somebody that grew up here.  I am somebody that made his way through the system and this community has embraced me all the time.  And I remember all the time when I was on city council and I was meeting every single year with a black leadership forum, and they would always asking what are you doing to further the black cause?  And I would always challenge them and say, “Look, it’s not just about the black cause.  Are you telling me that black people don’t want jobs?  Are you telling me that black people don’t want law enforcement?”   You have got to get out of that mindset and realize this is about Americans working together.

RANDALL:  You know, it is, you know, interesting to me because people like you and Ben Carson and Leon Young before you and Ryan Frazier even years ago and still to an extent, you know, now –I don’t remember — and I am proud to tell you this, Darryl — I don’t remember ever hearing negative words about you.  The most negative word I ever heard was, “He may aspire to higher office.”  And you were so good at what you were doing I didn’t consider that to be a problem.  But beyond that, I never heard anybody saying “Oh yeah! We’ve got this token black guy who would be great if we could just have him run over here or there,” or “I voted for Darryl because he was black,” or “I voted for Lionel because he was Hispanic,” or whatever. Colorado Springs gets bashed so much and yet I don’t – I think it’s a merit-based deal here!  And, you know, what everybody says about Saturday — a couple of Saturdays ago — was based on merit. You were saying what people wanted to hear.

GLENN:  Well you know, and I tell people all the time, if conservatives can get the dialogue focused on issues, we win all the time.  We get so distracted by all the other stuff and we allow the Democrats to basically paint us into a corner. And I’m tired of it!  And I’m tired of hearing Republicans saying we need to reach across the aisle.  We need to step up and lead.  I grew up as a Reagan conservative.  And Ronald Reagan, when he inspired me, he was not talking about reaching across the aisle.  He was talking about standing up and representing America and if you doing the right thing, others will follow.