Richard Randall Show, Donald Trump, August 1, 2016

Station: KVOR, 740 AM

Show:     Richard Randall Show

Guests:  Trump


Date:      August 1, 2016


HOST RICHARD RANDALL:  We’ve got so many military here, and whatnot.  One day, you’re liable to be the Commander in Chief.  We’ve got a lot of active duty men and women Vets and military here.  We’ve got a lot of people who are retired military, and especially military families.  What would you say to those people, in terms of you being Commander in Chief looking out for them during the course of their service and afterward.

GOP NOMINEE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, DONALD TRUMP:  Well, I would say you have to vote for Donald Trump, because I am very much into the military.  The military has not been treated properly, with all the cuts.  Our military is depleted like it hasn’t been perhaps ever before — ever before!  When General Soriano left a year ago, I remember watching him in his interview saying our military is less prepared now than any time.  And I think he meant actually into the early 1900s.  I mean, he was talking about massive number of years.  I think that our military is – these are our finest people, and Donald Trump is going to take care of them.  We’re going to get rid of all the depletion, because it is totally depleted.  You look at even our fighter jets, where we are taking them out of graveyards – we’re bringing parts out of graveyards and out of museums.  So, yeah, the military is going to like me, and perhaps a big part of your question is also the vets.  And nobody has come up with policy like I have.  Nobody has taken care of the vets like I will.  The vets are very important to me.  We’ve had tremendous veteran support – I bet if it was polled, we’d have 90% or more. I have great policy on the vets.  The vets have not been taken care of properly.

RANDALL:  You used the term – and I loved it – “law and order”.  Seventy percent of Americans say that the country is in the wrong direction, but I think – they called it dark, dark, dark, you know, after your speech.  But it was realistic!  And the average American is concerned for their safety.  They’re concerned for their neighborhoods, their concerned — whether it’s terrorism, or riots, or violence, or rapists, or whatever.  What do you say in terms of you being law and order, and how badly does this country just need – I mean, your people are getting beat up coming out [of rally] in CA!  It’s astounding!

TRUMP:  They’re getting beat up.  And it’s – What is going on is incredible – the lawlessness.  Law and order was the term that I used — I revived — for this campaign.  And now, here, Hillary all of a sudden – you’ll see her do that, like when I came in with the trade deals.  We have to renegotiate new trade deals. She never even thought of it.  Now, yesterday, she said, “We’re going to start thinking about negotiating with new trade deals.”  She’s copied everything I’m saying!  She’s copying!  But law and order is something very important to me.  I would say I have close to 100% from the police – you know, support from the police.  And as you know, they didn’t have American flags out [at the Democratic National Convention].   I started tweeting about American flags, [and] all of a sudden they ran some flags up on the stage.  And then on the final day, they had so many flags they didn’t know what to do with them.  You know, the whole thing is ridiculous.  And — but law and order is so important from my standpoint.  When you look at Dallas, when you look — even this morning — in San Diego, where you had a cop – a policeman—killed.  You had two of them!  You had one killed, one very badly injured.  Law and order is very, very important to me.  Our police, our military, our vets –we’re going to take care of them.

RANDALL:  I want to ask you a personal question.  I don’t mean to scare you, but it concerns me.  I think you’re a brave man.  You could sit back, relax, and chill.  You’ve got the money.  You’ve got the fame.  You could live in a gated community and not have to worry.  And yet, you put yourself out there, a risk to yourself – perhaps, healthwise – your family, terror, assassination, all of those kinds of things. And some people say, “Oh!  It’s just about ego!”   Is it about ego? Or is it America?  Because you don’t have to do this!

TRUMP:  No. I know.  I don’t.  I had a nice easy life.   This is not easy!  I’ll do four stops today.  We’re doing two in Colorado that are packed already, we’ve got  –you know, they’re always sold out.  But I’ll tell you, the Secret Service folks are fantastic, right there.  I mean, you know, I rely on them.  They’re really amazing professionals.  And certainly, there is a threat.  And you have to meet the threat.  But it’s about making America great again.  Our country is going in the wrong direction. It’s, you know, a theme that I came up with a couple years ago.  I use it.  And I use it a lot.  And it’s –I’m adding to it:  “America first” is very important.  To me, that’s a very important theme.  And that was used many, many years ago, and it became controversial, because you’re not supposed to say, “America First”.  But I’m saying “America First.” And we put America First in trade deals.  And we don’t put America first on trade deals.  I mean, we want to take care of other countries that couldn’t care less about us before we take care of ourselves.  So It’s going to be “Make America Great Again.”  It’s going to be “Make America Safe Again”,  and it’s going to be “America First,”

MARK STEVENS (?) :  Building on “Make America Great Again.”    I’m in my 40s. My wife is in her 40s. We are struggling to make it – probably 25-30 grand a year– with a small child – both [of us are] college educated.  What is the Trump administration going to do to make our lives better?

Well, I’m going to bring back jobs.  Now, in your case, you’re a great professional.   You wouldn’t leave this if you could get –you love doing this!  If you could get 5 times the money [doing somewhere else], you probably wouldn’t leave.   So that’s your problem [laughs].  I mean, [to Richard Randall], you know, you too!  You love what you’re doing – you’re in a different kind of a business.  It’s entertainment.  It’s whatever it might be. But we’re going to bring jobs back. We have to bring jobs back.  You know, we – you said something amazing.   If you look, statistically, people are making less money today in real dollars than they made 18 years ago. That may be true for you.

PRODUCER MARK STEVENS [?]:   That is true for me.

TRUMP:  But people are making less money today than they made 18 years ago.

STEVENS:  Or at least the same.

TRUMP:  And one of the reasons that I have the kind of crowds – you can go over and see what’s happening over there [to Gallogly Events Center], I hear it’s bursting at the seams.  Every time!   We never have an empty seat, okay?  No matter where – it doesn’t just have to be in Colorado.   But it’s bursting at the seams And that’s a big factor Now, they want security.  They want the wall.  They want, you know, borders.  They want the things that I talk about.  But I’ll tell you, down deep, 18 years – they’re making less money now.  Now, many of them are working two jobs.   They’re working harder. They’re much older – they’re supposed to be working less.  And they’re working more.  And Obamacare causes the two jobs more than anything else, you know, because they’re all part-timers now.  And I’ll tell you what, a lot of – a lot of the success we’ve had – because it’s like a movement.  And now, you see I’m leading in the polls?


TRUMP:  But a lot of this has to do with your question, where people are making less money today than –literally – they’re making less money today than 18 years ago.  And these are great people.  These are smart people.  These are hardworking people.   And that has a big – I think it has a big impact on the success that we’ve had.

RANDALL:  Tell me this, they talk about DREAMers all the time. Democrats love DREAMers. I like the term “American Dreamers.”  Nobody talks about American Dreamers. And that is the American Dream.  Stats today said –since 1965, they’ve been keeping stats on homeownership–the lowest level now than ever before.  And you talked about it.   So many people — Obamacare, part time jobs now, they don’t have full-time benefits. What’s the American dream in Donald Trump’s vision, and how do you give it back to American Dreamers?

TRUMP:  You said something that I used to say, and I somehow have left it out of my various speeches because there’s so much say right now!  But you used the word DREAMer.  And “dreamer” is very important, because we’re always talking about DREAMer.  But they’re not from here.  They’re from other countries. And why can’t our kids be DREAMers, too?  Nobody ever talks about our kids being dreamers.  I used to use that all the time, and somehow –it’s very interesting – you’re the only one who has ever mentioned it.  That’s why you’re a professional, I guess.  But we want dreamers for our children, too!  People are talking about the DREAM Act, and the this, and the DREAMers.  “We want to –.”  Well, what about the children here?  And I used to do that all the time.  You know, one of the things – there are so many problems in our country that you can speak for two hours and you don’t cover the subject.  The other thing, and it just came out –you said that too – is home ownership.  It’s at the lowest in 58 years, I think.  Did they say 58?  Lowest home ownership – percentage-wise – that we’ve had in this country in 58 years.  The only thing we have, is we have a phony, artificial stock market.  So people think –But I’ll tell you what, nothing relates to the St—Even in New York, the Wall street stuff.  You know, people thing that Wall Street is so [inaudible – “wrong”???].  It’s a whole different world.  The stock market is a phony number, and it’s gotten there because nobody is paying any interest.  When interest rates go up a little bit, you’ll see some very bad and very interesting things happen.

RANDALL:  I used to be a trial attorney.  Final question for you, it’s simple:  is there a question that you wish that I or any of these other journalists had asked you, that nobody ever seems to get around to asking you, Mr. Trump?

TRUMP:  I seem – at one point or another –Like you bringing up the DREAMERS, okay?  It’s so amazing!  At one point or another, every single question is asked.  You guys have figured it out.  So –But I appreciate it very much.   It’s been a lot of fun.