Richard Randall Show, Doug Lamborn, January 13, 2015

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Show:      Richard Randall Show

Guests:    Lamborn


Date:       January 13, 2015


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HOST RICHARD RANDALL:  Welcome to the program, Congressman.  And talk to me a little bit about some legislation that you guys will be voting on on a little bit later today.

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE DOUG LAMBORN:   Richard, there’s so much we could talk about.  But let’s both focus and zero right in his illegal, unconstitutional executive orders, where he said, “We’re not going to prosecute people or consider them for deportation.  I’m just going to do my thing, regardless of the people’s representatives in Congress.”  And so, I’m really outraged about all that, Richard, but I’m happy and excited that we’re going to take action here in the House, send it over to the Senate– hopefully they can succeed and we get it to the President’s desk.  But, what we’re going to do in the House this week, is to defund his illegal and unconstitutional executive orders.  We’re going to take so much money away from these bureaucrats, if we have our way, Richard, that they won’t even be able to buy money to send memos to one another.

RANDALL:  Oh, my gosh!  And I know this sounds — I’ve been somebody who has been critical, for instance, of this administration for not providing our troops — not our troops– our guards.  I wish we had troops –our guards on the border with enough gas to even patrol their sectors and do that kind of thing.  But we’re talking about a President who ignores all of the rules as it is right now, and what else could you do if it weren’t something as dramatic as this?

LAMBORN:   Oh, man!  I’ll tell you, Richard.  You know, one of the outrageous things about his exeucutive orders is, because he can’t appropriate money, and he can’t create money out of thin air, he has to take it from somewhere.  Do you know where he’s taking the money from, Richard?  He’s taking the money for his executive orders from the people who are coming into this country legally.

RANDALL:  You’re kidding me. Oh, my gosh!

LAMBORN:   The people that are — No!  the people who are paying sometimes thousands of dollars, going through five, ten, or fifteen years to come to this country legally. And I applaud that — the people who want to pursue the American Dream and contribute and do it legally.  Yes! And I talk to people all the time in Colorado Springs who have done that.  But Richard, he is using their money to fund what he is trying to do.

RANDALL:  Well, you know, I have to say, and I don’t want to — we can spend a lot of time dwelling on it, that psychological component of ‘sticking it to somebody.’  But, that really — it does seem like that so many times, what this President, or Holder, or a lot of others in his administration do, really does seem to be not just the action, but a jab that goes with the action.  You know, I know this question is going to come up, Congressman, and let me — I’ve got a caller.  And I want to get this off the table real quickly, because I know it’s been on everybody’s mind since last week. So, Chuck, I need your question for the Congressman to be really quick and concise and then I’ll let him talk.

CALLER CHUCK:  […] Congressman, we know that John Boehner has probably been Obama’s biggest ally in pushing for amnesty.  You, last week — we sent you to Congress with a big mandate in this country.  And the Republicans is the only people I know that completely diss their base. You voted for Boehner.  I sat next to you and asked you not to do that, and you did that.  I want to know, do you have your resume ready for your next primary? Because you’re going to have a tough fight, brother!

RANDALL:  All right.  I appreciate the call, Chuck.  I’ll distill it down, and that is:  a lot of people would like an explanation of that vote, and whether there were any alternatives, why you ended up voting along with a lot of other Coloradoans for John Boehner?

LAMBORN:   Great question!  Great question, Richard and Chuck.  And I talked about this with Tron Simpson on this same station on Sunday.  Um, there was no serious opposition to John Boehner! It was a — it was tilting at windmills.  It was not serious.  Uh, if it had been a serious opposition effort, that would have been a different thing. Um, and I would have considered that.  But, the time to start that was when we had our secret vote back in November.  When you do a secret vote, Richard, you can maybe even get more support than, you know, a public vote.  That would have been a way to start and then maybe someone would have worked with the public to try and gin up public support around the country.  So, to Chuck, this was not a serious effort! It was — I have voted against John Boehner in the past.  My — one of my first votes, before I was ever sworn in, in 2006, Richard, was in conference and I supported Mike Pence as minority leader over John Boehner.  So, if it’s a serious effort, I’ll consider it.  But, it was not serious.

RANDALL:  Well, you know, and it did concern me that — you know, I was looking at some good names of people that, you know, I have followed on the news and I’ve seen them speak a lot.  Because one of the things I want from a Speaker [of the House] is not just somebody who knows all of the backroom ways that you can get this legislation here, and do this and that.  Sometimes it’s cooperation.  Sometimes it’s purely using the system to your advantage.  But I also want someone who’s a really, really good speaker to the American public.  And I thought guys like Jordan and Gaudy were really perfect for that kind of thing.  I was surprised that they’re down to, you know, single votes. And does that — is that something that those guys –.  I mean, did they ever campaign on it?  Did they ever have conversations with guys like you and others that, “Hey, if this thing comes up, you know, why don’t you vote for me?”  And I think most of us just done have a clue in the world [as to] how this thing works, Congressman.

LAMBORN:   No, the effort against John Boehner was in the last forty-eight hours.  A couple of people were talking behind the scenes before that.  But, as far as anything widespread, it was just in the last — truly, in the last two days, last forty-eight hours.  Richard, yes, Boehner has done things I don’t agree with. And I think the best way to hold his feet to the fire is at this point, to work within the conference and push for the conservative legislation that we, as a country, need. That’s why this immigration defunding of the President’s illegal executive orders is exactly the right way to go.  And so, we pushed — I pushed, from within, to make sure that John Boehner and the leadership brings the conservative legislation to the floor, that we as a country need.  And I am going to continue doing that.

RANDALL:  […] Because I want to be real clear, you know.  I would have preferred somebody like
Trey Gaudy or Jordan, but I don’t know all of the back- the background on the deals.  I don’t even if those guys wanted it.  Whatever.  Here’s what I do know.  Uh, I don’t think John Boehner is the perfect guy. But I don’t think he is the problem in Washington.  The problem in Washington is a lame duck President that is far from a lame duck, a person who’s got an agenda — whether it’s the Keystone Pipeline or anything else, and we have got to do everything that we can, pulling in the same direction to try to stop this guy, especially on something as important as immigration.  So, I don’t — you know, I don’t spend a lot of time sitting around being angry at John Boehner and that sort of thing.  One of the things that did, you know, you can maybe help us understand, I think, would be this:  this funding thing is exactly what some of you guys were talking about before. And when they were calling for you guys in the House, and didn’t have the Senate, at that point — to do something before Christmas, a lot of folks, including Boehner, were saying, “Look, we’re going to be in a much better position after the New year to do something about that.”  Explain to us how that works.

LAMBORN:   Okay. A lot of that discussion was a discussion over tactics and timing.  And the people who wanted to wait until after the first of the year, when we have more Republicans in both the House and the Senate, they won over the rest of us. I voted against CRomnibus, by the way. But that debate was settled.  That question was answered. Here we are today, and we are — at least this point, going forward, I believe, Richard, doing the right thing. This defunding bill is going to, at the same time, taking away the President’s ability to use any discretionary funds.  It’s going to pump up funding for e-verify.  It’s going to pump up– so that we have 21,000 border patrol agents.


LAMBORN:   So, we’re taking the money away from the bad things that shouldn’t be funded, and putting them where it needs to be funding.  So, that’s why this is great legislation.  And it’s the kind of think I’m going to push for, going forward.


So, I want to see people flooding Michael Bennet’s office with phone calls, saying he needs to support the House defunding.

RANDALL:  […]  I would like this guy to get the same message that Udall got.  And that is, it’s one thing for you not to be the same Party we are.  It’s another thing for you philosophically to be a liberal and for us to be conservative.  But when you so blatantly ignore the wishes of the people of Colorado, you’re going to be defunded and put out of a job, individually.  And I would hope that [Michael] Bennet would get that message, but I don’t know.  […]  Any final thoughts from you, Congressman Lamborn, before we let you go?

LAMBORN:   FRichard, we are going to — people — the Conservatives like me are going to go forward into the future, pushing for these conservative things and making sure that our Republican leadership is with us every step of the way. And we’re going to fight President Obama when he does these executive orders that are unconstitutional, when he tries to spend us into oblivion, when he ignores our national security and our borders.  We’re going to do the right thing.  We’re going to force our leadership to do the right thing. as well.

RANDALL:  All right.  God bless you!  Thanks so much for joining us.  Look forward to talking with you the next time.  That was Congressman Doug Lamborn.  […]