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Date:      May 16, 2017


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Weller next to Majorie election still little while away, but we know it’s going to be an open seat, John Hick and Looper will be term limited and not wanting again and therefore a lot of folks are thinking about whether they might want to be the next governor of Colorado and some of the folks who were thinking about it or are people who maybe don’t have the highest name recognition in the state, but I have a lot to offer this data and will certainly be known by the time the election comes around in one of those is my current guest Victor Mitchell of Victor, and I think almost exactly the same age victors and agenda Castle Rock a successful business and I was done a lot of things in his life and looking to do something. Something else to be governor, state of Colorado good morning Victor, thanks for being here, or good morning brought order be under so before we get into politics. Just give us very brief summary of who is Victor Mitchell and what have you done law. Thank you very much. On my Victor Mitchell. Governor I have an interesting story. Very humble beginnings of the greatest by mother’s mind wandered the product of a public school or working when I was 13 years old I started my first company when I was 21 article 6 companies over the last 30 years, mostly during Colorado (elected I was a former state legislator and South Douglas and Teller counties as well, but I’m also family manager Mary for 27 years to my college sweetheart. We have three amazing children and in a nutshell, that’s who I am and what’s your current business leads funding. I believe this is the name. What is lead funding do. My current company is very basically, a prescriptive private financing company that displaces banks. We we are close to $80 million on the street today. Coptic states we went to small developers basically displacing banks mostly for small commercial developers and before we get into the question of the governors race. You mentioned that you were a state rep and as I recall, you chose not to run for reelection. I think that might be an interesting story. Can you tell us where that what happened there. I did at all the time and it’s perfectly fair to request and out your eye. I believe that our founding fathers really never intended that people would open one elected position to another to another to another. And I felt like do Morley outside of government the government the more important question is what I do after I left the legislature after one term in the answers. I taught her to major state university management professor, I built one of the most supple small private companies in Colorado today. I hope my wife already. Three amazing kids. And also I was involved with a statewide apparatus statewide effort to do the Lord what would’ve been the largest tax increase in Colorado history been very reactive laughing years, but is not an elected position and just so you know which Victor and I think you and I know each other little bit from the leadership program the Rockies the you know what I want to ask you the question why Julie the legislature after 1/10. Probably a lot of folks ask you that like looking for a scandal are looking for a was the equator and butted in my mind like he realized were productive things really happen. And it’s not in government and I applaud you for that. So I’m not asking a question in a negative context, just so you’re aware, not at all and I’m not too many people are hypersensitive, so politically correct, you can feel free to ask me anything you can obviously tell, not a career politician on the businessman on the problem solver. That’s what the essence of somebody the should run for office all right solicited. Let’s get into this a little bit so you want to be governor of the state of Colorado. Why should Coloradans consider you think you’re running the biggest reason is because I can make people’s lives better. I’ve been I know how to look at problems differently and not get along with people. Current well and I know how or very big old different types of solutions generally are discussed because so many people are in the wee hyper- partisanship. We need to build a get Apart as part of an exit put forward big ideas what are some health services when getting rid of a great deal of the many regulations that we have in our state that are stifling innovation, hurting people, earning more money in a modern economy. Stem education is another one and you were not talking about the fact that only one. Importantly Colorado graduate with a stem degree with three times as many jobs available today is all I kids are graduating. We don’t encourage her to should be bigger than themselves. So let’s talk about an issue. One of the biggest issues in the past legislative session, something we talked about a lot on the show and in fact on your website which I’ll mention to listeners. Vic forgot VIC number four Geo Vic for The second issue on the page and it’s really the first issue because the previous little videos by your own experience is transportation. So we spent a lot of time talking about how we fix the roads in color in Colorado. My radio college on Caldera has a concept fix our damn roads, meaning you don’t get another penny of our money and go fix our roads with the money you’ve already got other folks including some Republicans have suggested substantial tax hikes and is probably something kind of in between. Now with this hospital provider fee shift. What is your view on the transportation space with a road situation in Colorado or Kroger Madison. No question about it. We have failure per structure. Whether it’s our roads or bridges or highways, but I can’t rightly disagree with my friends on Caldera. I don’t believe we should be getting the voters up for two and a half-million dollar tramp on or any type attack and creep up on my opponents of supporting the combination of Degreaser trance pop that doesn’t mean we don’t need more funding for roads. We will certainly do. One area that we could save money and reallocate money to roads without raising taxes or extreme violence. There is an obscure committee in the legislature and the general public or the legislative audit committee if we just change the mandate of that committee from financial to performance on meaning that Senators verify whether all will be assets and liabilities are counted for we actually bring in outsiders, experts or independent auditors who don’t work for government to come in and say you know we could say you could cubicle from hundred and close to 20 employees. If you develop this type of information systems and then we connected take apart is analogous to say just 3 1/2% by changing definition of that committee. If $1 billion a year to go to the roads and infrastructure without increasing taxes or incurring any new bond is one area with respect to transportation. I think we should have a 20 year plan would never had a plan like that in the history of Colorado. Richard work with local municipalities discover what they need over a long period of time thinking about our our problems in the right context. One third of C.current budget of roughly $500 million a year being wasted and going to general administrative expenses one and 1/2 billion dollars budget one third of the posterior G&A. That’s just too much that 3300 employees earn executive director is applied as a pop is basically a career bureaucratic never worked in the private sector. The exactly the wrong type of leadership is needed for roads. I think we need to fix the system more with glass and then we need to be looked at more money coming down the road as much wasting our current state government that we could do a lot more. If you have a question I would take maybe one or two listener questions for Victor Mitchell, candidate for governor last question 303-713-8255 713 talk Victor. Another issue regarding the state budget has to do with how much the Democrats and Janik and Looper have expanded Medicaid in the state of Colorado and if and when the federal government cuts back on their their match. This thing is going to blow up the state budget, but very few people have the courage to say we need to actually reduce the number of people on Medicaid. I’m calling for that, but I’m not running for anything. What’s your position that I could recruit more we notice your listeners fully understand the gravity of the situation since 2010 Medicaid expenditures is increasing Colorado by more than $600 million of the 643 million dollars in seven years I needed extraordinary explosion and Medicaid. By the way, is not reimbursable are not eligible for many people. Because what happens is that people go to a doctor they won’t accept Medicaid reimbursement. What we could do much more cost-effectively there something called out on diverse clinics, primary care clinic available all around the country today are providing extraordinarily diverse care nurse practitioners. Generally, NGOs are nonprofit and are able to provide very high quality care, most especially rural parts of our country without even the need for insurance that can be done much more cost-effectively. Much more with much higher quality care than Medicaid. We could use it. We could be using block grants from the state of Colorado to provide an open up these types of clinics. Yes, I believe we should pull out of the exchange. The exchange is been an abstract failure and this this Kierkegaard governor Nikki really has two legacy lots and lots of traffic and even more caught in active legacy we have a really been a failed governor and medications. One more example of that very quickly because I do think we got some folks on the line when ask you some questions. Another issue on your websites. You talk about marijuana tax revenues you just mentioned both marijuana and money away her quick thoughts on on marijuana tax revenue and if you have a broader thoughts on the expansion of the use of marijuana recreationally in the state of Colorado. I’d be interested in hearing that to talk about marijuana needed to talk about every superintendent in Colorado, every superintendent of the school district, Colorado. They’ll think things monies being ripped off. We don’t. We had we been promised a lot more money than Max’s coming in. I think person for most of the 30 days after arts whereon the Bible take the oath of office. We need to have a full website in real time. Every Colorado people and look at exactly what monies coming into the state for marijuana and where exactly is going up words exactly going and it should be done with accountability, public scrutiny and accountability first and foremost such job number one when it comes to marijuana. Number two is I think we need a lot more public awareness led by the Gov.’s office to talk about THC in the city of marijuana. I don’t. I didn’t approve of the amendment 64, but Coloradans did and I think we should uphold the law. You can the laws we don’t like such generally where I stand with marijuana. But first and foremost we need to get the money that’s being worked off into our schools and roads were right now. No one really knows what that money Scully’s. Let’s grab some listener calls will start with Bruce good morning Bruce, you’re on the show with Russ Kaminski and with gubernatorial candidate Victor Mitchell. What’s your question for Victor good morning. Thank you for the opportunity right now is move into it. They have to pay a water Fee, the capital cost for the expense that putting on. I think we should do the same. What I wrote Denver that 100,000 people, and not build 1 mile of road and to me there’s no purity of a question rather than a statement yet. Would you really want you supporting impact prion new residents in congested traffic areas, paper roads, make you Bruce. I have to think about that for probably not the but I appreciate the question, Lemme tell you about the gas that is one of the most progressive in Colorado. You driving at 150 and you live in Denver 11 o’clock on use that truck for work the policy to $300 a week and these taxes on the road unit What you live in wash Park. You pay nothing. I mean, it’s a terribly regressive structure. The way we currently fund the roads in the Taxes. Frankly, I think are bad for a bad idea. When you Google wave. Actually, with the gas that I go to something with radiofrequency technology were people odometer read in real time once a month that having any idea where they’re going where they stand. Everything like that to per fee per mile. That would be a much more equitable solution. The liberals go crazy over that require knowledge of truth another privacy and what have you, which is not true at all. Right now, so many people, especially wealthy liberals that are driving these note your battery fonts, funded cars are basely using a roach for story height. Let’s take another call. Let’s go to Steve good morning Steve you’re on the show. What’s your question for Victor Mitchell hi good morning. So my question is more about like criminal reform and any note that I know you know 90% of people you know there’s a lot of a lot of people think that criminals just they go to prison. They get out they commit more crimes and to an extent that’s true, but there is a big percentage of people that go to prison and actually change your life and try to do better. So what’s your class to my question is will you make to things more accessible percentage of people that is trying to change your life like for me. I was impregnating and I still won’t let you know like chattering an apartment. I get turned down. Just because I’m telling and it’s right. You basically stamp for life side stand see we get a very good suggestion. The interest of time, let let him think of the question, Stephen, Victor, what are your thoughts. I think this actually quite an interesting and important issue. I say so to thank you for sharing your story and the recidivism is an enormous problem because every time somebody that comes out of prison, we want to make sure that there were forms in such a way that there don’t have any perverse incentives where they could recommit and ultimately go back to prison obviously caught with the taxpayers a great deal of money to our house criminal. We want people that have made mistakes in their lives to become informed and enter back into society. We want to create mechanisms where it’s just impossible for them to get a job order be successful even though they’ve made previous mistakes. Most of the timebomb of the most successful outcomes of been for prisoners of new people through nonprofit, but generally fire them nonprofit, knowing full well that there they have criminal histories and try to go through certain types of training. Many prisoners rapidly write our stock and they can’t they can’t go back into society are very difficult for them to heart. Find find new jobs so that the difficult issue that I can’t quickly solve word know enough about today to give you a better answer than that should be taken very seriously, thank you very much for that question and let’s take one more listener question will make this from Mike morning Mike you’re on, what’s your quick question for Victor Mitchell transportation letter created a bill that raise our car registration a lot of body. That money was supposed to go to roads and bridges by question that has a bird that ever been audited as a going to be audited and that money going to the roads and bridges registration that raise dark rates tremendously than what are what is your plan to make sure that money is going to roads and bridges, but not be refunded back taxpayers. We get about 90 seconds for your answer Victor. Thanks. The question might think very much of me. I’m not familiar with whatever auditing those funds are not, but it certainly sounds like another bureaucratic deal that the that the government charges people refuse to look for extraordinary view got new user fees. All the spirit of more roads, more roads and many times just goes to public unions and waste and inefficiency. Yes, it should be audited. Yes, we should not only be looking at where the money goes, but how we can do more with less. Victor Mitchell, I thank you very much for your time this morning. I actually have one final question for you. So at this point, your name is not well known around the state of Colorado. How are you going to get your name well known around the state of Colorado. What when you will be up against some people probably know very theme. This candidates but some people better known than you know. Question, are you not out there where I have to be a pulpit Bush and around me and a trial order to win so it can be a daunting task but right now, where were working after 10 hours a day. We have over $3 million. We’ve already raised or contributed were doing QD3 event every day. We have over 12,000 followers and wife on Facebook far more than any other candidate were for, the campaign is both high-tech and grassroots in our message of actually doing more with less, getting regulation off the backs of small business owner creating more entrepreneurship seems to be really resonated, but there’s no question everything in my life is been difficult and I I I welcome at our local university and I welcome the challenge, but there seems to be a real appetite for some like myself as a proven entrepreneur and businessman outsider to come in and lead our next leader straightforward well to my listeners. If you’re interested in learning more about Victor’s website Vic for Dove soap VIC the number four Vicksburg I think your Twitter handles the same by Porter handled the same and you can go to my Facebook as well. Fiscal Victor Mitchell for governor defined the spirit well people like us and follow-up. We often broadcast on Facebook live so I really appreciate the opportunity to come in your show and I hope I’ll have another timing down the road as well as the campaign progressed. I’m sure we’ll talk again Victor thank you very much for your time this morning