Rush to Reason, Laurel Imer, July 7, 2016

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Show:     Rush to Reason

Guests:  Imer


Date:      July 7, 2016

Topics:   Public and Daily Displays of Support for Trump, Colorado Women for Trump, Trump Button, Jefferson County,





CO-HOST JOHN RUSH:  A special guest is in studio with us — in studio.  I say that because most folks call in.  So, Laurel, thank you for joining us –Laurel Imer.  Did I say that correctly?


RUSH:  All right, so I’ve got that right.  Jeffco County chair for the Trump campaign.

IMER: Correct.

RUSH:  Okay, make sure I’m getting all of this out correctly. Welcome!

IMER:  Thank you.

Thank you for joining us.

IMER:  No problem [inaudible]

At 5:30 we’re going to have the state rep for the Trump campaign on.

IMER:  Patrick Davis

Yeah, Patrick!  So it’s going to work out great!  We’ve got both of you on today.

IMER:  Yeah, it’s exciting.

So, what’s going on in Jeffco with the Trump campaign?

IMER:  Well, we’re just getting geared up. My appointment to that position just happened two days ago.


IMER:  And so I just wanted to get the information out to Jefferson County, as well as the state of Colorado and all of your listeners, that it’s time to get on the Trump train in Colorado and specifically in Jefferson County.

CO-HOST DAN MUERER:  Well, I think John’s the conductor of the Trump train.

RUSH:  Yeah, it’s where I live, so you know.  So, it makes it a little easier, you know, since she’s in my neck of the woods.  You know, it makes it a lot easier.

IMER:  Perfect!

RUSH:  Yeah. No, it is. So, granted, we still have to go through the convention to get the final, you know, stamp of approval.  But barring any really weird, nonsensical things that would go on there, I think it’s pretty much, you know, we know where we are going, here.

IMER:  Yeah, the campaign is confident that the Thursday night during the week of the convention that Donald Trump–.

RUSH: Is it two weeks from tonight?

IMER:  Yeah, two weeks from tonight–

RUSH:  Two weeks from tonight.

IMER:  –Donald Trump will recieive the nomination for the Republican–.

RUSH:  Okay.  So, there has been some folks calling in to our show on a pretty routine basis.  Correct, Dan?

MUERER:  This is correct.

RUSH:  Asking why you guys haven’t been around sooner than this.  Do you have any answers to that?

IMER:  I personally cannot answer that, because I was just appointed this two days ago.  So –.

RUSH:  We can’t blame it on you!

IMER:  No, you can’t blame it on me.  I mean, you can if you want.  I’m happy to take the blame, but I believe that it is simply that Colorado — even though historically we’ve always been a battleground state — not a lot of people have wanted to put in any time here, even if they thought it was important. And so I think—

RUSH:  Even if—well, and it’s important now!

IMER:  It’s really important now.  And I think the Trump campaign is realizing the importance of it, and we want to just focus on moving forward.  We want to eliminate all of the negativity that has gone on in Colorado.  We want to move beyond that.  We’re past that.  We’re focusing on November and beating Hillary Clinton, and that should be the focus of all Coloradans as well as it should be the focus of all Americans.

MUERER:  Absolutely!  Every red-blooded American should want to get rid of Hillary Clinton.

IMER:  Absolutely.

MUERER:  She should be off the political scene forever.

IMER:  Forever!  In jail, in an orange jumpsuit.

MUERER:  Thank you!

RUSH:  Yeah, hopefully [if] we can beat her in November, that would basically take place.

IMER:  Absolutely.  I feel confident.

RUSH:  It’s sort of her last hoorah, let’s face it.  This is it.

IMER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  If she doesn’t get this, you know, she can retire and hang it up.  You know, go be a – you know, she can be a – what will she do?

MEURER:  I think she better leave the country.

RUSH:  Play bridge? What will she do?

MUERER:  I think she better leave.

RUSH:  She won’t do that.  She thinks she’s still above the law, still.  That’s not going to change anything.
Even after she loses, she’s still going to think – you know.  Because she’s still a Clinton.  She’s going to feel like she’s still above the law.  That’s not going to change.

IMER:  Well, sure! But there’s going to be no home for her here in America anymore.

RUSH:  Not on the political scene.

IMER:  No, she’s going to have to find a new place to go, shack up with someone else.

RUSH:  She could work for her foundation.

IMER:  Yeah! Yeah, you know.

RUSH: Collect a few more dollars.

IMER:  Yeah, maybe they’ll welcome her

RUSH:  Collect a few more.

IMER:  Maybe a third world country will take her on, maybe.

MUERER:  I feel sorry for them.

RUSH:  Yeah, me too, because that would make them an even worse third world country that they are today.

MUERER:  Right, make them a fourth world country.

RUSH:  Okay, so you handed us a card that says, “Colorado Women for Trump”.  Explain this.

IMER:  Well, that’s my second hat that I wear.  Myself and a couple of ladies have founded that group just in the last month — Colorado Women for Trump.  And our intent and purpose is to rally all Colorado women to show their support publicly, every day, everywhere you go, for Donald Trump.  We need to come out of the shadows.  We need to not live in fear of intimidation and bullying and other tactics. We need to show that women are strong and we’re smart and we can still place a vote that matters.

RUSH:  Amen!  Preach it!

IMER:  Yes. So, what we want to do is, we rally people to wear a Trump button.  My idea is, if nothing else, grab your Trump button, put in the console of your car and every time you exit your vehicle put on your Trump button.  Wear it to the grocery store.  Wear it at the bank.  Wear it in line at the theater.  Wear it at your kid’s soccer game.  Wear it proudly.  You will be shocked at how many people will approach you and go, “Go, Trump!”

RUSH:  Really?

IMER:  Yeah, my son–.

RUSH  So, how long have you been wearing a Trump button?

IMER:  For a year –a year [from this] June 15.  On the day that he announced from the Trump tower, I had a T-shirt printed up that day that said, “Make America Great Again.  Trump for president.”

RUSH: Have you had any negatives, or is the majority been positives?

IMER:  It’s all positive.

RUSH: Really!

IMER:  Right, and I think that –.

RUSH:  So, the fear factor shouldn’t be there for folks.

IMER:  It shouldn’t.  I think that those people – when you come out in public – are scared to address you, because we wear it proudly, and we’re going to defend Donald Trump every day.  And so, those people I don’t think have the guts to approach us in the first place.  So we need to just axe that out of the communication zone, and be bold, be proud, be Americans, vote Donald Trump.  Wear it on your sleeve, everyday.

RUSH:  Okay, so if folks want to get more involved, and they – some may wait for a couple weeks.  I am not sure why, because I think to your point, things are just going to roll along, no matter what anyways.   The convention is, at this point – in my opinion anyway — a formality.  Some would argue with me with that.  Some very dear, close friends would argue with me on that.  Dan, I think you would agree.

MUERER:  Well, I– no, I–there’s still–I–.

IMER:  Yes, I have friends that argue that, too.

MUERER:  Well, there’s still some things going on.  I mean, you’ve still got to get through the rules committee.  There’s all sorts of things that can still happen. And so, a convention is never a sure thing.  And I don’t care who it is.  I don’t care if it’s Trump, I don’t care it was Romney – I don’t care who it is, the convention is never a sure thing. So, does it look like Trump is going to get it?  Yeah.  But is it an absolute sure thing?  No. There’s a lot of things that could happen.

RUSH:  Okay, I’ll give you that.  I’m not sure what, but I’ll give you that.

MUERER:  That’s – that’s – that’s just – that’s how it works.

IMER:  That’s a fine opinion.

MUERER:  Because you never know.

RUSH: I agree.  That’s the formality it has to go through.  I get that.

MUERER:  It’s not a coronation ceremony.

No, I can –

A convention never is.

I agree.


And so, it’s – there are things that can happen.

It – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It needs to go that way, I’m totally with it.  I agree.

And that – back to that point – that’s exactly why there has been kind of a lackluster approach, or a stall, if you would – in the opinions of a lot of people, especially some of your callers this week, that there hasn’t been a push or a play in Colorado for the Trump campaign.  And I think that they, too, understand that we have to go through this formality of the process.  It’s what has to take place, whether we like it or not—


–no matter how strongly we believe and know in our heart that this is going to happen, in two weeks, we still have to go through the process.  And so there is a lot of money and a lot of time and energy that goes into making an effective campaign anywhere.  And so, if we waste that money and that time and then, God forbid, something unforeseen happens then where are we left?

Great point!

So, [in] two weeks it’s where we need to be.  But our campaign is lasting all the way to November, because even after Thursday in two weeks we still have to be on board for Trump, every single day. We must defeat Hillary Clinton in November. That is the worst possible scenario for our country, and every voter in America must concentrate on that. There are Supreme Court nominations coming up over the next term — possibly two terms — that are vital to the existence of this country in the way that we want to continue to live in freedom every day.

That’s part of it, and then we just got done talking about energy a moment ago with our last guest.  Energy is a huge component of our – really, of our freedoms on a daily basis, and what it costs us to live on a day to day basis, also.

Especially in Colorado.  We are we are a battleground state in energy.  And so,  it’s really, really important that we step up to the plate.  And so people can get involved in a variety of ways.  If you’re a woman in Colorado and you want to get involved with Colorado Women for Trump, you can see us on Facebook.  We have a website. We have Twitter.  Contact us directly by email.  We are “CO Women for (the number) for Trump”– at all of those locations.  And secondarily to that, if you want to get involved in the campaign specifically, we are going through the Colorado GOP for that, using their opportunities that they have of networking and different things, so that we can make sure that were getting out the vote to the people in our community.  And so if you are interested in volunteering with that, you go to “”.  Fill in your information there, and there – they will contact you, they will put you in place with the proper people — within your community, within your district, within your county – so that you can volunteer to walk the streets to put up yard signs, to make phone calls.  One of the things that came about last night — we hosted a Colorado Women for Trump meeting at my home in Wheatridge last night, and Patrick Davis was there. We were so blessed to have his time.  And it speaks volumes to the character of him that he took time away from his busy schedule to come out and sit with a group of 12 ladies on my back patio and spend three hours with us.  That speaks volumes about where he stands, and I think it also speaks about Mr. Manafort and Mr. Trump and their trust in him.

Very good.  Let’s do this.  Westin, you’re up next on Rush to Reason.  What’s going on, sir?

Hello!  Uh, hi, Mom!

Oh, sorry!  I thought this was a ‘sir’!  “Westin” I just assumed was a man.  I’m sorry.

That’s my son!

It is!  It is.

Oh! It is?

Yes!  She’s– My mother is on.  Hi, Mommy!

You’re just young.  Okay, I get it now.  Sorry!  My bad!

No, it’s okay.  I get it a lot.

So, how old are you, Westin?

I am twelve and a half.

Right on!  Good for you!

I am the, uh, co-chair – she forgot to mention this, so that’s partially why I’m calling!


Good call, Westin!

All right!

Um, I am the co-chair for the Jefferson County Trump campaign, underneath her.  So, — yeah, she forgot to mention that.  So, I just thought I’d call in and [inaudible] on the radio.

–make sure Mom remembered.

And there’s something else, too, Westin.  What else do you want to announce.  You have a new program also.

Oh, yes!  I have a new program.  It is Colorado Kids for Trump.  It’s a Colorado-wide push for kids to come out, especially ones that are being bullied at school because their parents or somebody in their family supports Trump, and they like Trump as well.  And I know from past experience at my school, that I get bullied a lot because I support Donald Trump.  And so I formed this group, Colorado Kids for Trump.  We have a Facebook page, and it’s all separate words.  Every word starts with a capital except for “for”.

Got it.

And, um, “Trump” is in all capitals, on Facebook.  So, it’s “Colorado Kids for Trump”.  And so we just started last night. Our first post was last night at midnight, when I formed the group.

Right on!  Good for you!

And Patrick – Patrick –

You sound like a very sharp young man.

Yeah, he does.

Yeah, he was inspired by having Patrick Davis at our home, too.  That meant a lot to him.

Right on!

And Weston and I were privileged to be at the Western conservative Summit over the weekend and we had front row seats to see Sarah Palin and Mr. Trump speak.  And it was just invigorating and encouraging and inspiring for your patriotism to be there in that room and hear them.

Awesome!  Very good.

Weston, thank you for calling!  [We] really appreciate it!

All right!  Thank you! Bye, Mom!

You’re welcome. Any time you want, Weston, you call back and we’ll get you on air!

Absolutely! Make sure he calls in, anytime.

Anytime he wants to call in.

He would love to just come in and be on the air with you.

We can do that.

We’ll do that!  Absolutely!  We’ll get his schedule and –.

Dan will get that together and we’ll figure it out.  Yeah, that would be fun. I mean, anything that we can do to help kids grow, hey, I’m in.  So, that’s the way this works

Sounds like a good plan.

That’s how we keep this country on the right track.

Yeah, well, we have to.

It’s part of why we are where we’re at, because we haven’t done a very good job  of that.

Well, that’s right.  And that’s his stance, from Colorado Kids for Trump, is focusing on education issues:  local education control, school choice, abolishing Common Core, getting back to the basics, and allowing kids to learn what kids need to learn and bring patriotism back to America.  And quick the indoctrination of the left agenda in our school system.  And that’s exactly why we have to defeat Hillary Clinton –that’s why we have Hillary Clinton – in November!

All right.  Let’s do this, when we come right back, we’re going to talk more about not just Trump, but some of what’s been going on with Killary – with killary!  Yeah, that’s kind of right! Isn’t it?  That is kind of right

“Killary”  that sounds right!  Yeah, we should play that

“Hil-LIAR-y” is another good one.