Scooter McGee Show, Dudley Brown, February 19, 2013

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Show:        Scooter McGee Show

Guests:     Brown, Dudley


Date:         February 19, 2013

Topics:    Joe Neville, Gun Control Bills, Universal  Background Checks, Mailers, Lobbyists, Larry Pratt, Rocky  Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), Gun Owners of America (GOA), National Rifle Association (NRA), Scott Renfroe, John Morse, Recall, Petition, Social Media, Ad Buys, Brady Act, Supreme Court of the United States, MacDonald Case, Heller Case, Justice Samuel Alito, Majority Decision,

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS DUDLEY BROWN:  But most of the lobbying that is really done is in the state legislative fight and the federal fights is done by motivating the grassroots.  The best example I can get is –give you is, that’s recent is that, if you’re a member of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners you should have gotten a piece of mail.   The first series went out in mid-January.  I think they probably landed in mailboxes a few days– uh, the twentieth, maybe –

SCOOTER McGEE:  The orange post cards

DUDLEY BROWN:  Yeah, the orange post cards!  And there were, I believe in that one there were six postcards per mail piece. And then, we did a second mailing that had twelve postcards in every mail piece.  Those were pre-perforated, going to the governor, going to the majority leader and the president of the senate, the majority leader of the senate.  It’s what we call [inaudible] putting pressure on the politicians, and we subscribe to it but, what Everett Dirksen, longtime U.S. Senator many years ago said, when he feels the heat, he sees the light – applying pressure to them.   Does that mean it’s always going to work?  Heck no.  Uh, no, of course it doesn’t.  I’ve never seen too much pressure hurt, that’s for sure.  But does it always help? No.


DUDLEY BROWN:  And in the case of the Statehouse, with these four gun control bills, you know, we didn’t defeat them in the House.  In fact, when we counted votes on election night in November.  That’s what we do.  That’s what folks who really truly work in politics do, they count votes the night of the election.  That’s what we were looking at.  We knew we were in trouble, applying heat to the Statehouse.  And so, we knew we probably weren’t going to be at the Statehouse, and lo and behold, we didn’t.  I actually think we came closer than we expected.  We actually got a couple of the Dems on some of the votes.  Did it all mean for naught?  Um, well, we’ll see.  We’re—you know, they only passed one house, and now we’re working in the Senate.  Does that mean the process doesn’t work?  No.  Uh, no, it just means, we didn’t work hard enough in the election.  And I don’t plead mea culpa—uh, guilty, for not recruiting enough candidates in the districts.   Truthfully, in downtown Greeley, we had a horribly weak candidate run as the Republican against Dave Young.  Skip Carlson was a terrible candidate and everybody knew it!

SCOOTER McGEE:  What does Skip –

DUDLEY BROWN:  We couldn’t recruit a better candidate.

SCOOTER McGEE:  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I started this question, Dudley –

DUDLEY BROWN:  [inaudible]

SCOOTER McGEE:  Okay.  I started this question about the money and why The Denver Post would be reporting, etc.  Skip Carlson has nothing to do with this conversation.  Skip is not here to defend himself.


SCOOTER McGEE:   And in all fairness, we are way off the subject at hand, which is the argument that there are those, Dudley, who are suggesting that there is this fake fight being presented –

DUDLEY BROWN:  Oh, okay.

SCOOTER McGEE:  –okay, in which, we are just raising awareness and we’re raising money, but at the end of the day, we’re not doing anything.  And then you brought up the lobbyist – the comment, okay, and that we’re spending the money –you said his name is Mr. Neville?


SCOOTER McGEE:  Okay.  And you were touting and commending on what a great job he does?

DUDLEY BROWN:  Uh, within the current structure—

SCOOTER McGEE:  Okay.  And then–

DUDLEY BROWN:  [inaudible] did a darn good job, knowing he was the guy who was tossed out of –


DUDLEY BROWN:  –the Capitol on Friday because we had put so much pressure on one politician, they got upset. Um, uh, yes.  But I will say, and I said it off air to you, you know, there is only so much you can do as a lobbyist in that building!  Largely, you are just an observer, in many ways,– gathering intell, finding out if the pressure is working, working on amendments, seeing what amendments do, seeing whether you can oppose an amendment, whether you would support one.

SCOOTER McGEE:  All right.  Then having said that, Dudley, why are we not immediately demanding a recall of our politicians who are violating the Colorado Constitution when it comes to the unalienable right to keep and bear arms, whether it be for a tyrannical dictatorship, against each other, or hunting or sporting purposes?  Why is this madness –

DUDLEY BROWN:  Well, if you’re asking from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners standpoint, why we aren’t asking for a recall, is because one state representative, who is going to be up for re-election in 2014 anyway, you have to go out and gather petition signatures.  And you have to gather them based on the number of votes that they received in the last election.  It is a enormously expensive task.  And with all due respect, you don’t have that kind of money.  Neither does Rocky Mountain Gun Owners!  We don’t have that kind of money!  That would be inasmuch lying to people [inaudible] money for us to go out and make the effort to gather signatures of five or six or seven or eight Democrats in the statehouse.  That’s stupid! I might as well burn the dollars!

SCOOTER McGEE:  But, wait a minute!  But, wait a minute, Dudley!  Okay, but then, what do we need?  Because the argument of “keep raising money and we’ll fight” unfortunately, the fight is not working.  They are going to pass this.  Conservatives now are saying, “Well, even if it passes, it won’t work in the courts.”  Well, even if it goes to the courts, you know –

DUDLEY BROWN:  No, I disagree!  Look, I was quoted in the McDonald decision by the United States Supreme Court, directly quoted by Justice Alito in the majority decision.  And I will tell you, that Senators’ decisions, unfortunately, both Heller and McDonald, justify gun control.  You’ve been told a lie if you think that Heller or McDonald are going to overturn any of these bills. [inaudible] don’t believe they are!  Is it possible we could overturn the expansion of Brady in the universal background checks because of Article 2, Section 13 that says, “The right of no person to keep their arms shall be called in question?”  Well, I– we’re going to try.  But, it’s not going to repeal that bill.  It’s going to repeal the entire Colorado Brady Act, if it’s actually successful.  Because we don’t believe that we would be – that you should be required to go through a background check.  Now, the truth is the NRA isn’t going to support us in that.  They never have.  They’ve actually been in favor of Brady checks.  They expand Brady checks, including mental health provisions.  You know, here’s a newsflash to you, Scooter.  If they have mental health provisions, you’ll never be able to pass a Brady check.  Because they will call you crazy.

SCOOTER McGEE:  News to you, Dudley, —

DUDLEY BROWN:  [shouting]  So will they me!

SCOOTER McGEE:  They’re going to do the same thing –

DUDLEY BROWN:  So will they Kevin Blake, who is listening!  So will they most gun owners.

SCOOTER McGEE:  They’re going to do it to all of us.  And that is — that is ultimately the crux of this:  Us wasting time in-fighting.


SCOOTER McGEE:  If you need more money, I need to know –

DUDLEY BROWN:  I would encourage you this [?]

SCOOTER McGEE:  I need to know right now – the listeners may or may not be able to.  You never know who the next John Conner is,out there.  And we don’t know who the next Nelson Rockefeller is.

DUDLEY BROWN:  Oh, come on!

SCOOTER McGEE:  So, in the reality, Dudley, what does your organization need in order to defeat this legislation where it stands, get it into an infamous “kill committee”, get this either in front of the awareness of everyone to understand what tyranny looks like in the form of a $3,000 suit.


SCOOTER McGEE:  What do you need?

DUDLEY BROWN:  Okay.  Well, first of all, let me disavow you of some silly notions.  Recalling the governor takes 450,000 petition signatures.

SCOOTER McGEE:  Four hundred and fifty thous—

DUDLEY BROWN:  [enunciating emphatically] Four hundred and fifty thousand!  And to collect four hundred –.  You couldn’t possibly do that in this state.  It’s not even possible.

SCOOTER McGEE:  How – why is it not possible?

DUDLEY BROWN:  Well, ask the guys who put TABOR on the ballot – Douglas Bruce.  Ask, um, the people who got him the signatures.


DUDLEY BROWN:  Because they [inaudible] do it.  And they will tell you, it’s not possible to gather that many signatures.

SCOOTER McGEE:  All right.  Dudley, hold on a second.  I want to ask you one thing.  I’m going to keep you on one segment.  I want to thank the sponsors who are allowing this show, or this conversation to happen.  Of course, speaking with Dudley Brown, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  My question is very simple, what he needs.  And he just said he needs 450,000 signatures.  What are you doing,

DUDLEY BROWN:  Just for the governor.

SCOOTER McGEE:  Okay, well, we’re going to start there.  We’re going to come back with Dudley Brown, right now, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  […]