Scooter McGee Show, Cory Gardner, November 1, 2012

Station:      KFKA, 1310 AM

Show:        Scooter McGee Show

Guests:      Gardner


Date:         November 1, 2012

Topics:      National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, Weld County Board of County Commissioners, Civil Liberties, Writ of Habeas Corpus, Due Process, U.S. Representative Allen West (R-Fla), Brandon Shaffer, Second Amendment, Military, Defense Funding, Troops, Detention, U.S. Citizens, Sean Conway, Foreign Terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, House Resolution 1540 Section 1021/1022, Sean Conway, Repealing Regulations, Limited Government, Doublespeak, Farm Dust, United Nations Agenda 2

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HOST SCOOTER MCGEE:   So, Congressman, again, thank you very much for attending this show.


MCGEE:     So, I asked Brandon [Shaffer] last night.  I’m going to ask you the exact same thing.  Because Brandon wanted to point out how proud he was serving [in] the military:  And I asked him, “Oh, you carried a side arm?”  [Shaffer answered], “Well, sure!”  Congressman, Congressman Cory Gardner, representing the 4th Congressional District for Weld County and other parts, would you place your name to any legis– would you support, endorse, sign, co-sponsor,–if I’m missing a word, you know what I mean.  Right?  You’re nodding like Consieti, by the way.  Don’t do that.

[jeering sound effects]

You know what I’m trying to say, correct?  Support, endorse, sponsor, co-sign,whatever, — would you support, co-sign or sponsor any and/or legislation that would strip Americans, and in particular Coloradoans and Fourth’s district members, of their right to defend themselves, I mean, the 2nd amendment?

GARDNER:  Would I force them to strip–?  Absolutely not!  The Second Amendment is sacred – it’s in our Constitution.  It’s in our Bill of Rights.  And throughout my time in the state legislature, throughout my time in Congress I have worked to expand our Second Amendment Rights, to make sure [that] government is not interfering in any way whatsoever.

MCGEE:  What if, by accident, happenstance, or chance, they tack on some piece of legislation at the end that you didn’t get to read, and accidentally you voted ‘yea’?

GARDNER:  Well, first of all, you’d read the legislation.  But secondly, you’d vote against a bill that is against the second amendment.  Period.

MCGEE:  Fair enough.  You’ve answered the questions.