Wake Up with Randy Corporon, Mike McAlpine & Laura Woods, January 29, 2014

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Show:      Wake Up with Randy Corporon

Guests:    McAlpine, Woods

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Date:       January 29, 2014

Topics:    State Senate, Evie Hudak, Senate District 19, John Morse, Angela Giron, Republican Party,  Secretary of State, Jefferson County, Democrat of the Year, John Hickenlooper, Senator Pat Streadman, Rachel Zenzinger,

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HOST PETER BOYLES:     Let’s bring them up.  Please say good morning and welcome back to 710 KNUS.  I think they both hung the moon.  Mike McAlpine is with us, and Laura Woods is with us. And they were the honchos in the ‘Recall Evie Hudak’, and first of all, Laura, good morning!  Thank you for coming back up on the radio show and good morning.

CANDIDATE FOR SD-19 AND FORMER HUDAK RECALL ORGANIZER LAURA WOODS:  Good morning, Peter!  Thank you for having us.

BOYLES:  Me – and Mikey, good morning to you, buddy!


BOYLES:  For an old guy, pretty good.  All right, so, I’m told this, like Sunday afternoon.  A friend of mine calls me up and he says, “Hey, Peter!”  And I said, “Yeah, man.”  And he said, “Evie Hudak was the Democrat of the year.”  And I said, “Get out of here!  [inaudible] Get out of here!”

WOODS & McALPINE:  [Laughing]

BOYLES:  And he said, “No, man.  Go online.”  And believe it or not.  I feel like Ripley.  Remember “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”? Believe it or not, former senator Evie Hudak has received the Jefferson County “Democrat of the Year”.  Now, one more, and then I’ll turn it over to you guys.  So, I’m doing a search last night, and Evie – this is par for the course—former senator Evie Hudak tells the Colorado Reproductive Freedom Coalition on the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, she’s speechifying and says sexism got her.  And she said that it was sexism that got her, not recall because she tapped out.  And I thought to myself immediately, “I wonder if John Morse is thinking about this, saying, ‘And that was sexism that got me, too.  Thanks, Evie!’  I mean, this stuff is insanity.  So, I will begin – Laura, your thoughts?

WOODS:  [laughing] I’m a little bit dumbfounded.  I think the article should have read something like,  “Former disgraced senator, Evie Hudak.”  And it’s just the epitome of what’s wrong, I think, in the Democratic Party, if that’s the best they’ve got.  Really?  I’m just stunned. I really am stunned.

BOYLES:  And the award was delivered by Pat Stedman.

WOODS & McALPINE:  [laughter]

BOYLES:  Really?  We do this all the time — the kids and I do it.  […]  “Really, Dad?  Really?”  I’m going, like, “Really, Pat?  Really?”  Pat said, “ I was happy to be with the Jeffco Dems to honor Evie for her tireless public service.  She is one of the hardest working people in the state senate, and I haven’t adjusted to her noticeable absence.”  Evie!

MM:  Peter!  Peter, before you know it, you know, this is just going to spread uphill.  And you know, Obama will get the Nobel Peace Prize, or Clinton will get the Father of the Year Award.  I don’t know.  Where is this all going, I ask you.

BOYLES:  Titanic – Cruise Ship of the Year.

WOODS & McALPINE:  [laughing]

BOYLES:  Houstan Texans– NFL Team of the Year.  But you’re right, you know.  Bill Ritter – Faithful Father of the Year.  I mean, it just – the beat goes on.  Doesn’t it?

WOODS:  It indeed does.  And the rumor mill now, Peter, is alive with the rumor that she’s not only the Democrat of the Year, but she’s going to run again.

BOYLES:  I heard that.

WOODS:  She has not filed.  It’s not online that we can see, yet, but that’s the rumor out there, so.

BOYLES:  Well, here’s what I threw the BS flag at, was, in this piece where she blames sexism, how she was –how it said she said, “the level of viciousness, the horrible bad language they used against me.”

WOODS:  Huh.

BOYLES:  She said, “They said I was too ugly to be raped.  They said maybe my daughter should be raped.”  And I’m thinking to myself, “Show me those emails!  I want to see them.”  This is — Remember Bill Ritter and the “Romanian tried to kill me?” Remember that?  [laughs]

McALPINE:  [laughing]

BOYLES:  I’m from Missouri, Evie.  You’ve got to show me!


BOYLES:  Go ahead, Michael, I’m sorry.

McALPINE:  Oh, I’m just thinking, you know, with all these accusations from Evie, you know, as soon as we see those door hangers, you know,  accusing her of being too ugly to be raped or whatever –.

BOYLES:  That’s right.

McALPINE:  — then we’ll put some credence into it.

BOYLES:  I – I–.

McALPINE:  And if she can step forward before then, and talk about all the things she did or her minions,–

BOYLES:  Yeah, right.

McALPINE:  — you know, we’ll hold our breath until then.

BOYLES:  I think she’s lying about it, frankly.  I mean, I – I—

WOODS:  Of course, she is.

BOYLES:  Yeah, exactly!  It’s all – this is ‘agents provocateur’ and this is a game that’s been played so many times.  The Ritters were great at it. And, you know, remember – remember when somebody broke the window in the Democratic headquarters and they blamed Tea – remember?  And it turned out they did it.

McALPINE:  Yeah!  Yes!

WOODS:  Yeah! Yes!

BOYLES:  This is the same crap, but it’s just what it is.

WOODS:  It is what it is.

BOYLES:  Yeah, so–.

McALPINE:  And this is going to be a great year for it, because we’re taking off again.  I mean, Peter, you notice it on your show.  People are enraged over being ignored for so long.  This is going to be an exciting time.

BOYLES:  Yeah, and remember this is a woman who said they blamed her for sexism.  Remember when –what she did to that young woman who had been raped, and said she never–.

WOODS:  Oh! [incredulous]

BOYLES:  Remember that?  I mean, we can play that if we have to, but, –or review that.  Laura, tell folks about that story.

WOODS:  Amanda Collins was testifying on the Senate floor for her right to carry her weapon on campus because on a campus where she was a student and they had a No Gun Zone, she was raped.  And so she came forward to tell the Colorado Senate committee that story.  Senator Hudak looked at her and said something like, you know, “We’re really sorry what happened to you, but even if you had had your weapon, statistics say you wouldn’t have been able to defend yourself.” And basically, she was just raped a second time, right there on the Senate floor, by Senator Hudak and her callous remarks.  You know, she apologized later, behind– you know, in some private setting—not out in public, but it was too little too late as far as, you know, we were all concerned.

BOYLES:  Yeah, um, like I said, she danced the dance, she had the support of the mainstream press – certainly The Denver Post.  She had the support of the Republican Party, for all intents and purposes, and she got – when we — we’re talking about Evie Hudak who got to the point where she know she would be recalled and so she tapped out.  And they brought in the woman that we dubbed “Mini-Me.”

WOODS:  Mmm-hmm.

BOYLES:  And it was – you know, this was a woman who has identical politics to her.  And at the same time, the conclusion that was easy to draw, was the Democratic Party, it was not about her, as an individual.  It was about the Party.  The Party was first.   She taps out.  The replacement is the exactly the same politics that she has.  And the beat goes on.  And I expected Evie to really end up at some cushy job someplace – an appointment job from Hickenlooper.  But now it looks like she wants to get back in the swing. Right?

WOODS:    That’s what we’re hearing.  It hasn’t happened yet, but that’s what we’re hearing is coming.  And frankly, I think that would be – that would make the race really interesting!  You know, I think — voters in District 19 are not going to forget the horrible things she did, the person she is.  One session out of the legislature is not going to erase the memories out here in Arvada and Westminster and they are people who want to be heard and I think they are going to rally behind a conservative – constitutional conservative candidate, a liberty minded candidate who cares about freedom, and values, and liberty, and people.  So, –.

BOYLES:  One more time, you guys, what does this say about Democratic Party?

WOODS:  [laughs]

BOYLES:  Honest to God, — that Evie Hudak is named the Jefferson County Democrat of the Year.  Why do you – I mean,  I’ve got my own thoughts.  I’ll follow them up last.  But Mike, why do you think the party named her Democrat of the Year.

McALPINE: Well, Peter, nothing they do, is done without careful calculation.  I mean, anything that seems spontaneous on that end – you know, we know, for example, that she resigned only after three and a half weeks of careful machinations up on Capitol Hill, negotiating with committees over various postings and replacements.  This was not spontaneous.  And I agree with you.  Why did this happen? What are they working behind the scenes?  Do they want to seem as though they’re victims, you know, throwing out this “sexism”, and to paint themselves as targets of brutal outside forces?  Well, perhaps that’s it.  Or perhaps it’s as simple as they have decided that she is going to be the next one back on the roster and they are setting her up for a run again.  Could be either one of those or something else, and I would defer to you.

BOYLES:  Laura, what do you think she’s up to?  What do you think the Party was up to, naming her Democrat of the Year?

WOODS:  Oh, I agree with what Mike has said.  It feels like they’re setting the stage for her to come back intthe race. I don’t know what it says about her replacement, Rachel Zenzinger, who’s now in that spot and wanted that seat for a while, we understand.  And there’s other, you know, Democrats out from Jefferson County who have to be somewhat stunned by the whole thing.  But I– it just feels like it’s  setting a stage for a re-run by her, and we don’t know.  The other possibility, I suppose, is they made her promises about the cush job she could get and they didn’t fulfill them.  And she just may be –

BOYLES:  Yeah.  That’s –.  And this–.

WOODS:  –ticked off and running for that reason.

BOYLES:  Yeah, this is a ‘thank you’.

WOODS: Yeah.

BOYLES:  I mean, it’s no more than a thank you.  She — I don’t know if she wanted to fight the recall or not.  My best bet is she probably didn’t want to, but — because if she had been beaten –this way, she’s really undefeated.

WOODS:  Right.

BOYLES:  And you know, it’s like relinquishing the title before you have to defend it.  And, uh, that’s an old trick by some fighters, they just give up the belt and walk away.  And in some ways, I think she did this – and I think in some ways, you know, the Hickenloopers, and the power people, the Steadmans, and others, they said, “Well, let’s give her a– let’s give her – let’s throw her a bone.”  So they made her Democrat of the Year.   And I think they’re –probably like you think, or believe, they’re all considering what she can do. But, she’s damaged goods.  And, um, you know, they learned their lesson with Adlai Stevenson, when they ran him back to back.  I don’t think they’ll come back again with her.  But you know, like I said, I – it depends on what job –.  You know, there’s some rumors that Secretary of State. Have you guys heard that?



BOYLES:  I’ve heard Secretary of State.  I mean, you know, it’s like, “Talk is cheap and whiskey is expensive.” You know?  It’s like–.

WOODS:  Yeah, well, ‘Angie Baby’ [Giron] was told to step down and not run for the SOS, so perhaps they do have their sights –.