Weekend Talk with Tron Simpson, Darryl Glenn, October 2, 2016

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Date:      October 2, 2016



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HOST TRON SIMPSON:  He is running for Senate — U.S. Senate, Colorado. We need this gentleman in the U.S. Senate.  We need to replace Michael Bennet in such a big way folks really do Darryl Glenn joins us on 740 KVOR. Darryl, it’s great to have you on my show!

CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE FROM COLORADO, DARRYL GLENN:  Hey, it’s my pleasure.  Thanks for having me on.

SIMPSON:  It’s a pleasure!  How was yesterday?  I hear you had a big gig.

GLENN:  You know, it was fun.  I was so blessed to have so many people come out and support the campaign – the Tea Party Express, along with a bunch of other groups.  Everybody is fired up and ready to go!

SIMPSON:  That’s exactly right!  You know, and we’re seeing stories, Darryl, out there saying, “Well, it’s amazing how much farther Michael Bennet is ahead of Darryl Glenn.”  And then, the next day, you see a story:  “Wow!  It’s neck and neck!”  [laughs] You just can’t make it up.   I don’t even know.  Where is it, right now?  Do you know, Darrell?

GLENN:  You know, we’ve never believed in polls, this entire time, depending what you’re looking at –


GLENN:  –you know, it ranges from down seven to up two.

SIMPSON:  Mm-hmm.

GLENN:  What we know about, is we’re out there talking to people, and people are really upset that our Senator, Michael Bennet, was the deciding vote when you start thinking about the Iran Nuclear Deal, when you’re looking at insurance premiums going up,–


GLENN:  –with the Affordable Care Act. He was the one.  They’re very upset and he’s ready to get fired.

SIMPSON:  Oh, that’s exactly right!  And he has hurt a lot of people in the course of the time he’s been there, just like a gentleman we got rid of the other election. So here it is, Darryl Glenn, fighting — and by the way, you’re fighting a lot of liberals out there. These race hustlers are back, aren’t they?  — the Al Sharptons, and the Black Lives Matter, they’re all after you.

GLENN:  Well, you know, and I try to tell people that, you know, we’re more racially divided today than we before our president ran.

SIMPSON:  Yes, sir!

GLENN:  And you have those people when you can actually go in there and not talk about race, but really show a plan to unite the country.  The people that love and profit off of dividing this country get upset.

SIMPSON:  Exactly right.  We’re talking to Darryl Glenn.  He is running for U.S. Senate, Colorado – obviously.  And the election is just around the corner, as we all know.  And we want to make sure you know everything you can about the two candidates.  By now you should know who and what Michael Bennet is and is for.  The Iran deal is such a good example of really bad politics, and that’s saying it nicely.  You don’t work with — you don’t make deals with terrorist states, do you Darryl?

GLENN:  Absolutely not!  And even with all the information out there, I mean, we were at – we’ve had one debate where we were actually on the same stage at the same time, and that was Club 20.  And he doubled down that he would still support Iran nuclear deal, and would still support the Affordable Care Act, with all the information that’s out there.  And people need to know that. And that’s why, when I called him on it, he’s been hiding.

SIMPSON:  Yes, he has.

GLENN:  He’s been cancelling debates.  And it doesn’t matter.

SIMPSON:  And that really – that should be a pincher for a lot of people out there, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.  If these two people want to be your Representative, your Senator, we would like to see those two people on stage talking about the issues.  You can’t go run and hide.  That’s – and by the way, that doesn’t work with me in primaries, either.  If you go run and hide from your challenger, there’s something wrong there. I don’t know—it’s not cool!  It’s not cool.  So, that man absolutely should stand on the same stage with you again and let folks listen to what both of you have to say with questions given to you.

GLENN:  Well, and especially if he’s going to continue to support it, with all the information that’s out there.  I mean, I don’t know how you can still stand by the Iran nuclear deal –


GLENN:  –when you start thinking about the rampant payment –


GLENN:  –and giving that money back to the number one world sponsor of terror.  How do you look the men and women that serve this country in the eye and say that you still can support this deal?

SIMPSON:  Yeah, well, it’s not!  There’s absolutely no substance there.  There’s no logic in that.  By the way, Ted Cruz – Senator Ted Cruz – said of Darryl Glenn, “Darryl is a father, a small businessman, and a public servant, a retired Lt. Col. In the U.S. Air Force.  Darryl knows the value of freedom and will take the fight to Washington for policies that bring back economic growth and preserve our individual liberties.”  You see, what you want to do is you want to help everybody, don’t you?  That’s what conservatives do!  That’s the whole message of conservatism.  When everybody – when it’s applied, everybody rises.  Everybody does well, don’t they?

GLENN:  Absolutely.  And that’s what’s important.  And that’s what we’re trying to get out there and emphasize.  And whether Mr. Bennett wants to participate in the debate or not, we’re going to continue to hold him accountable. We’re going to continue to be out there publicly talking about his record.  We’re not paying attention to all the noise –

SIMPSON:  I understand.

GLENN:  –and name-calling that’s happening at the top of the ticket.  We’re focused on Michael Bennet.  We’re not going to let him off the mat.

SIMPSON:  No, and that’s the whole thing, we have got to keep the pressure on and keep the pressure on.  And when you become Sen. Darryl Glenn, Darryl, I understand you’re going to be working hard against radical Islamic terrorism.  You call it for what it is.  The Democrats won’t do that, correct, sir?

GLENN:  Absolutely.  We need a Commander-in-Chief to do that, but we also need a strong Congress that understands that they are a separate but equal branch of government.  They need to use the power of the purse and demand accountability, and we need to make sure that our men and women are properly trained [and] equipped to be able to do the job, have clear rules of engagement so that they can win, and we take care of them when they come home.

SIMPSON:  Now, what about sanctuary cities?  Of course, this is important.  A lot of people out there, they understand that this is where a lot of criminals — illegal aliens –are hiding and they are committing criminal acts, right?

GLENN:  We support following the law.

SIMPSON:  Right.

GLENN:  I mean, how about that?

SIMPSON:  I know!  What a novel idea!

GLENN:  I think it’s extremely important.  [laughs]  But I also think it’s extremely important to be able to – especially people that are on the fence, you know, whether you don’t like war or anything, and you don’t believe that there is a true threat.  You can even use it from an economics argument standpoint.  When you’re going into the inner cities and underserved neighborhoods, especially within the Denver Metro area, and you are already — like the black population, the brown population, on-in-five are unemployed or underemployed.   It doesn’t make sense to bring people into this country and into your community that are not the citizens to compete with you for jobs that you’re still struggling to get.

SIMPSON:  That’s exactly right.  And that is what’s going on.  We have many refugees coming in.  The numbers are unbelievable, and in some cases you might even say ‘exponential’.  We don’t even know, really, who’s coming in [and] who is here right now.  And by the way –that is the whole thing — we need you in the U.S. Senate so the conservatism stays strong and we can implement it.  And by the way, look, Michael Bennet, he doesn’t want to build a wall.  He doesn’t want to worry about borders.  The left wants the borders open for votes, for 30, 50, 60 years down the road!  And I think about the Supreme Court with Donald Trump, the up-ticket, the top-ticket, whatever, but it all matters!  Everything matters!  Politics is local but right now in Colorado we have a big opportunity to change things and get back to being a red state.  And again, that helps everybody!

GLENN:  Absolutely.  And I’m very optimistic. You know?

SIMPSON:  Me, too!

GLENN:   I tell people, don’t pay attention to what’s going and all the noise that your hearing at the national level.  All you have to do is walk around and talk to people–people that are looking at and receiving insurance quotes that are –.  I know one family that has gone from getting a quote, they started at $16,000 and now it’s going to balloon up to $50,000.


GLENN:  This is real!  Pain is real.  People are frustrated and they need to start holding people accountable, and that’s Michael Bennet and the President, Barack Obama’s administration.  And if Hillary Clinton is in there, she is going to do the same things. She is going to double- and triple-down on it.

SIMPSON:  Yes.  That’s exactly right.  We are talking to Darryl Glenn.  He is running for Colorado U.S. Senate. He is going against Michael Bennet.   Michael Bennet: he has voted for Obamacare.  He voted for Common Core.  He’s all for amnesty.  And he has got to be defeated on those points alone.  You’re against all of that. And by the way, immigration:   how would Darryl Glenn see to it that illegal immigrants are, well, kept out of the country? What do we do?

GLENN:  Well, you have got to stop taking the bait.  And we need to be firm and hold both Parties accountable on the fact that we must first secure the borders.  That is extremely important.  We must enforce all the laws that are on the books right now.

SIMPSON:  Uh-huh.

GLENN:  And we cannot compromise. That should be a bipartisan approach.

SIMPSON:  I agree with you.

GLENN:  And we can’t allow the other side to get away from that because both Republican and Democrat have been kicking the can down the road.


GLENN:  This is something that we should be able to do today.

SIMPSON:   Exactly right!  Now, Darry,l a lot of events you have coming up.  Hopefully, we will be able to add to that.  You know, a debate between you and Michael Bennet, that would be very refreshing to see this guy come out of hiding.  But I don’t know if that is going to happen.  Nevertheless, I want people to be able to help you out – yard signs, financial donations, phone calls, whatever you need. How do people help Darryl Glenn become elected?

GLENN:  Please, go to ElectDarrylGlenn.com.  That’s [spells out his name]  Jump on board!  I’m telling you, we are picking up so much momentum.

SIMPSON:   Yes, you are.

GLENN:  You are going to hear a lot of nice things.  There are going to be some people coming here to campaign with us. We’ll announce those once we get those firm.  But, we’re real excited.  We’re going to win this race!  And let’s change history!

SIMPSON:  By the way, great speech the at Colorado GOP convention.  I have got to tell you, that was just fantastic, man!

GLENN:  Well, all that was, was [getting] out there, talking to people.  And, you know, I always give the glory to God, and you know, he’s using me as a vehicle to deliver that frustration.

SIMPSON:  Yes, sir!

GLENN:  This is your country!  Let’s stand up and fight for it.

SIMPSON:  Exactly right!  One more time on the website, sir, please.

GLENN:  ElectDarrylGlenn.com.  Jump on board!  Let’s win this thing!  We’ve got to remove Bennet from the Senate.

SIMPSON:  That’s perfect!  Exactly right!  Darryl Glenn, thank you for coming on, on a Sunday afternoon, sir.  [I] appreciate it very much.  And keep up the fight, man!

GLENN:  All right.  Thank you so much.  We’ll talk to you later.

SIMPSON:  Always.  You betcha!  That’s Darryl Glenn.  That’s who you want to be your next Senator in Colorado.